A Guide to Purchasing the Best Brand for Dog-DNA Testing

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A Guide to Purchasing the Best Brand for Dog-DNA Testing March 7th, 2018

A Guide to Purchasing the Best Brand for Dog-DNA Testing

Dog DNA tests have been around for some time but have gained popularity quite recently. You probably haven’t given much thought to where your fluffy friend came from. For purebred dog owners, the thought of getting a DNA test may seem uncalled for. But, everyone one is getting their dogs DNA checked these days as a necessity or as a trend. Most rescue dog owners may not be able to put their finger on the exact breed or mixed breed their floof ball is; this is especially useful for them.

A DNA test will give you an insight into the genetic markers and parentage of your dog. For the mix, breed rescues it is common to be able to determine one of the breeds involved but pointing out the “other” breed and what comes with its genetics is quite difficult.

Purpose of the test

For purebred dog owners, it is easy to determine the genetic makeup of their furry friend. The diseases it is prone to, and its lifespan can be easily determined. But, what about those owners who have adopted an exotic new breed or own a rescue dog whose origins are unknown? A DNA test can give you so much insight into your dog’s genetic makeup and provide you the necessary information you need regarding its health. For some uncommon breeds, this may be a lifesaver.

canineOnce the parental breeds have been identified it is easier to determine the adult size, lifespan, and diet of the said dog. DNA testing can also be used by shelters to help with quicker adoptions, as most people prefer to know where their new friend is coming from and how to take care of their furry companion.

Amenities of a Dog DNA test kit

Most dog DNA test kits will include

  1. The step by step instructions
  2. 2 Cheek swabs that should be used for the same dog
  3. An insert that helps dry the swabs
  4. A box and shipping label that should be prepaid for. You can send your dogs samples in this

A comparison of Brands

There are several DNA test kits that you can choose from. The most popular ones include

  1. DNA my dog
  2. Embark Vet
  3. Wisdom panel

These products are significantly different from each other, and one may provide you with more information than the other.


  • DNA My Dog


If you are on a tight budget, this is the best option for you, at only $68.99 this does the trick. Their turnaround time is quick, and they will send your furry friend a certificate with its picture on it. This will give you an idea of what your dog is made of. Their database has up to 95 dog breeds and if your adopted puppy is any of those you will get a certification.


  • Embark Vet

embark vet dna test kitThis test is definitely on the pricier side coming in at $199. This is an inclusive DNA that has a database of 175 dog breeds and scans for over 160 genetic mutations. This provides a more extensive health screening based on the genetics of your dog. They take about a month or two to send you the results.


  • This Wisdom Panel

This brand has 4 types of kits, two of which are used the most by dog owners. The Wisdom Panel health kit which costs $149.99 and the Wisdom Panel 4.0 which costs $84. 99. The Wisdom Panel health kit does and extensive genetic screen for different mutations and has over 140 breeds in the database. The Wisdom Panel 4.0 tests for almost all breeds but only two genetic mutations.