About Therapy Pet

At Therapy Pet, we are a team of specialists working to provide you with the opportunity to obtain an emotional support declaration for your pet.

Therapy Pet was founded by a close-knit group of friends who care for the emotional health of people and also happen to be huge animal lovers. We understand that pets can be a huge factor in alleviating people from their emotional problems. Therefore, we decided to create a company to make it easier for people who are having trouble with their emotional health to be able to obtain the necessary paper work that would allow them to travel and live with their pet without having to face any discrimination. We make this process simple for you.

How so? We are a company who employs licensed therapists to provide quick and confidential assessments for you. These licensed therapists determine if you are in need of an emotional support animal. If they determine so, they provide you with a paper detailing that your pet is indeed an emotional support animal, which would allow you the luxury of having your pet in times of greatest need. That is it!

Our goal at Therapy Pet is to provide a means for you to live a more comfortable life. We understand that pets may be the key to unlocking this for you. With the emotional support animal declaration from us, you can always count on your animal to be by your side.