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Why You Should Get An ESA Letter

Having an official ESA letter allows you to roam free with your animal

Pet Restrictions become a thing of the past…

With very few exceptions, a Therapy Pet letter will allow your pet to live with you virtually anywhere. Some apartment complexes have a no pet policy, or breed and size restrictions…but with an official ESA letter from Therapy Pet, you and your pet would be allowed to bypass all of that.

You can no longer get charged more just for having your pet with you

An ESA letter from Therapy Pet is a sound investment, and it saves you money immediately. You will no longer be charged additional rent or a higher security deposit to live with your pet!

You will no longer have to pay extra fees from airlines…

With an official ESA letter from Therapy Pet, your pet can accompany you on planes to help ensure your comfort while flying.

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Happy Pet, Happy Owner

ESA Letters are around to help people feel better. Pets often play a KEY role in the happiness of their owners. Therapy Pet wants people to live their best lives, and we realize how important your animal can be to doing so. As long as you have a well behaved pet, there should be no problems living anywhere or traveling with the animal.

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New Frontiers

With an Official ESA Letter and a well behaved pet, doors will open everywhere. While public places such as restaurants, hotels, bars and grocery stores aren’t legally obligated to accept your pet through their doors, having official ESA credentials certainly helps. In most cases, when people find out your pet is an emotional support animal, they will allow your pet to be with you. An ESA letter is a great way to open doors for you and your pet!

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