Who Qualifies for an Emotional Support Animal?

Essentially anybody who feels that their pet is a key source of comfort and well-being can qualify for an emotional support animal. There may be certain levels of anxiety, depression and restlessness that are mitigated by the presence of a pet. Qualifying for an ESA essentially means that your pet helps you live a better life. Your pet improves your living situation and helps you travel more comfortably.

These conditions include:

  • ESA’s can help with serious mental issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as any form of mental disability such as anxiety, depression or even stress.
  • In many cases, pets help level their owners out. They give their owners a stronger sense of purpose and provide comfort and companionship in a way similar to a sibling, friend or loved one.
  • ESA’s aren’t a cure to one’s mental stresses and issues, but can certainly aid in treatment towards living a happier and more stress free life.
What Are the Qualifying Conditions?

Therapy Pet believes in the right to live and travel with your animal. We believe that people can feel better in the presence of their animals, and should not be forced to pay extra fees, or told they cannot live somewhere based on their animal. Nobody should have to choose between an apartment complex or living with their pet. Therapy Pet wants you to be happier, and we believe the presence of your animal can help.

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