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The Top Dog in Delivering Dog Treats

July 5th, 2018
The Top Dog in Delivering Dog Treats

Are you fraught and overwhelmed with basic everyday errands and not able to keep up with your doggy stuff? Dog subscription services come handy if you haven’t got enough time to stock your pup goodie stack.

Dog subscription box service is an increasing trend and may be your solution to having sufficient toys, dog treats and health materials handy for your doggy friend. Dog subscription boxes are a collection of dog treats, lush toys, grooming products, and other fun elements that would delight your furry friend!

If you have a canine friend, you’d always want to treat him with new toys and treats, but not just any type of dog product. Frequently, you don’t always find the best, premium-quality, all-natural products in the grocery shop in your locality.

Finding and purchasing dog treats and toys from a specialty shop may be a huge hassle. With dog subscription boxes delivered right to your doorstep frees up your time and makes it easier for you to offer fun and healthy dog treats to your doggy-friend.

--> BarkBox is currently the best and most popular monthly dog subscription. 

Many Barkbox reviews back this top monthly dog pack company for living up to the hype and this is not without reasons. BarkBox offers high-quality, reliable products that ensure you and your canine friends are satisfied. On top of their premium services, they are one of the least expensive dog subscription services available.

The company was launched in 2011, and after merely two years of being in business, it realizes over one million dollars in revenues every month. That’s a huge testimony of success and a sign of their quality services delivery.  In our Barkbox reviews, we will explain the features and services offered by backbox and why backbox is the best currently available dog subscription service.

What Is BarkBox?

Products of the BarkBox

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box with special toys and treats for your dog! Every box is designed to entertain and bring joy to your pup. With a new theme every month, BarkBox includes toys, treats, and chews. Select from our 12 months, six months or 1-month subscriptions with the option to cancel at any time

BarkBox is a dog monthly subscription box service with special toys and dog treats designed to excite your dog and make him joyful every month. Your backBox dog treats come natural dog treats, chews, and other many other original toys for your dog. Your box will be delivered right in front of your home each month. Every new month, BarkBox surprise you and your dog with a special theme that you and your dog would certainly appreciate.

After five years of launch, BackBox currently designs their own toys and create their own dog treats. This makes BarkBox able to answer with confidence what their treats taste like which we think is great.

The customer support includes a happy BarkBox team made up of a happy group of committed dog enthusiasts in the US. You can always get across to their team through various means including text, chat, email, phone, app, and smoke signal. They’re ever ready and happy to answer your questions and offer you professional tips. And if your dog doesn’t find your box content irresistible something, they are more than happy to replace it with the company’s Scout’s Honor guarantee.

The entire dog treats from BarkBox are produced in the USA and Canada, and all bites are free from wheat, corn, soy, and contain no fluffs or fillers. There are also absolutely no artificial flavors, man-made preservatives or unusual ingredients. All you get from the company are yummy snacks that are sure to make your dogs salivate.

Above all, all the dog treats shipped are play-tested with the company’s dog to ensure suitability, acceptance, safety, and maintenance of good health standard.

BarkBox standard subscription plans begin at $21 every month, and Super Chewer BarkBox for dogs that require additional challenge starts at $39.

BarkBox offers high-quality treats, chews, and original toys that are made with high regard to safety and health standards. They also have an amazing customer service team that can provide personalized attention to every customer.

Who’s BackBox for?

BarkBox subscription service is a great idea for dog owners who have active and humorous dogs. If your dog loves luxurious toys and treats but gets bored of them too fast, then BarkBox is just right for you.

How BarkBox Works?

How to Order BarkBox


How to Order BarkBox

Your Box Ships

How to Order BarkBox

Dog Party Begins

Barkbox subscription starts at $21 monthly payment with box pack of over $40 value. When you subscribe, your first box is shipped immediately while other boxes are sent on the 15th. The shipping is free in the US. The first shipping begins your dog’s monthly dog party. They’ll start to see a cardboard box differently after that first dog treats.

BarkBox ships to you a collection of dog treats, toys, and accessories every month to keep him delighted. The subscription process is simple. Choose the size of your dog, the subscription length, and phew your BarkBox arrives at your doorstep in a short while!

BarkBox tailor your box based on the size of your dog. Dogs are classified into three sizes for the subscription services:

  • Small BarkBox or “Small & Cute” box is meant for dogs from 0-10lbs
  • Medium BarkBox or “Just Right” box goes to dogs d 20-50lbs
  • Big BarkBox or “Big & Bold” is for dogs 50 lbs and above.

What is inside the box?

Small Dog with BarkBox
Big White Dog with BarkBox

When you subscribe for a Bark Box, every month you’ll get 4-6 items tailored for your furry friend. Every box comes with at least:

  • Two completely-Natural Healthy dog treats bags
  • Two new and great Fun Dog Toys
  • A dog chew

Apart from this formula, what comes inside your BarkBox every month is kept hidden from you to make it much more exciting and full of fun. Monthly BarkBoxes have fun unique themed collection each month which frequently coincide with the season. When it is the holiday season, you’ll get holiday-themed toys and dog treats for your pooch’s fun time.

Quality: Top Vendors, Top Ingredients

There are plenty of different monthly subscription boxes for dogs on the market, but BarkBox continues to be one of the most popular and highly-recommended dog boxes available.

The dog treats and toys delivered by BarkBox only come from trusted and reliable vendors who make use of premium quality ingredients.

BarkBox toys are tested by the BarkBox team’s own puppy squad, so your Barbox-delivered dog toys and treats are guaranteed to delight your four-legged pal.

BarkBox Subscriptions Prices

BarkBox prices differ depending on the length of time you subscribe for:

  • $21/BarkBox for 12 Months subscription plan saves you over 31%
  • $25/BarkBox for 6 Months subscription plan saves you over 13%
  • $29/BarkBox for1 Month subscription

To get the best value for your money, the 12 month Bark Box plan is the best option. But it means you have to pay the whole cost of $252 for the year upfront.

You need to fully understand how this works if you are registering for either the 6 month or the 12 months plan. You are committing to paying for the whole 12 months. There would be no discount when you sign up for a 6 or 12-month plan and afterward cancel.

Apart from the regular monthly subscription plan, if you want, you can order for additional premium toy into your box each month by paying 9 dollars or more. This option is excellent if you want additional toys.

The shipping cost is free except for people who live in Hawaii or Alaska who must pay 5 dollars shipping price. You need to know that subscription comes with auto-renewal except you cancel. You can cancel anytime and not just when the subscription is running out.

When you do that before the expiration, it means you are canceling auto renewal and not the present subscription. BarkBox processes subscriptions by the 3rd of every month. Therefore, ensure you cancel before that time if you don’t want to subscribe for the coming month.

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Pups with Allergies

BarkBox takes pups that suffer from allergies into consideration. They make it possible for all dogs including allergic dogs to have fun. All BarkBoxes does not include wheat, corn, and soy. This keeps your mind at rest, and there is no special effort you need to make if you have an allergic dog.

Also, dogs that are allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey, get the BarkBox special allergy-friendly option. This way BarkBox supplies your dogs with hypoallergenic dog treats and goodies! If you want an allergy-friendly box, you may need to speak directly with them.

Dog with Super Chewer

Options For Pups in Need of Tougher Toys

BarkBox offers two great options for dogs in need of more robust toys. Their original subscription can be updated to tailor-made boxes that come with tougher toys with reinforced seams and double-layered fabric. That would mean that some of the soft texture and fluffy feeling would be lost. However, the toys would be sturdier and last longer.

Alternatively, if you think that that option is not strong enough, you can go for Super Chewer subscription. Every Super Chewer box contains two chew toys manufactured from nylon, rubber, rope, and so on, two dog-treats bags, and two chews at a starting cost of $29/month.

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What Is Super Chewer?

Super Chewer BarkBox is a monthly subscription box created specifically for dogs who love to chew. Every Super Chewer box comes with two tough toys, two hearty chews, and two big bags of treats.

What makes the super toys different?

Every Super Chewer toy is structured by the company with the use of innovative technology to make it more durable and sturdy. They are made in a unique and interesting form that eliminates all forms of boredom from your doggy friend.

Also, all single chew and treat you’ll find in your pup’s Super Chewer box are made from natural products sourced and produced in the USA or Canada.

The cost depends on the number of boxes you subscribe. Thus, if you subscribe to more boxes, your cost would be minimized.

Super Chewer subscription plan prices are shown below:

  • A 1-month plan starts at $39/month
  • A 6-month plan starts at $34/month
  • A 12-month plan starts at $29/month

Deciding to go for Super Chewer or using a tailor-made BarkBox?

Although the regular BarkBox meets the needs of most pups and is made of the most popular products from the company, their smartness is not sufficient for dogs that super chewers.

This gives such pet owners two options to choose from to ensure that their dog-pet is satisfied. They can either customize their BarkBox to subscribe tougher plush toys or switch to Super Chewer.  What you choose depends on the chewing ability of your dog.

Choosing a custom BarkBox

If your dog is happy with plush toys but wants something tougher over softer toys and extra fluffy materials, then the free custom made option is all you need for your dog.

The tougher plush toys come with features like toughened stitching and two-layered material. Be aware, however, that the durability of these toys may differ depending on the month to month collection.

With this option, you’ll still be able to get two toys, two bags of dog treats, and one chew every month. You can also opt in or out of these tougher plush toys, but you must give prior information to the company when you want it.

Choosing Super Chewer

Super Chewer toys are produced from the toughest materials available, like natural rubber and nylon. The dog treats and chews that come in supper chewer box are still all-natural and 100 percent product of the United States and Canada.

Just like the standard monthly BarkBox, they come in different themes every month. Each super chewer box contains two tough toys, two heart-warming chews, and two large bags of dog treats.

Opening Barkbox

BarkBox Logo

When your dogs get their BarkBoxes, it becomes an inspirational and uplifting experience of excitement for the both of you! The opening of the box, the fun play time, tricks for dog treats and so on all add to the fun memories and experiences you share with your doggy friends.

Your first bark box normally comes with instructions on how to allow your dog to open it, and this is a great idea! Barkbox not only take care of your furry friends, they as well have fun activities for the pet lovers! Every month come with a different theme with differing activities, toys, and treats bases on the season, Thanksgiving, mother’s day, Halloween, Christmas. You name it!

Some months come with a comic strip, a treasure hunt, or a fill in the blank activity that you can take a shot of your dog with and share on social media. The option of being able to connect and meet new friends with the use of special hashtags every month is great. You’ll have so much fun with other pet parents showing off their pups and monthly goodies!

What makes BarkBox the best dog subscription service?

There are a lot of features that make Barkbox the best dog subscription service currently available. We are going to discuss a few of the most significant ones.

Value for Cost

In the determination of the quality of a dog monthly subscription boxes, the value of what you get is a very vital factor to consider. It is essential because you want to ensure that what you are getting is worth the money. This is particularly significant because if it is not a good value, you could as well visit the local toy shop and buy the items that come in your subscription box.

A look through the value of what you get in the Barkbox subscription boxes reveals that it is well worth a try. Also, the BarkBox proved to be the most cost-effective option compared to other subscription services when comparing the price of items that come inside the box with their in-store cost.

Apart from this, the excitement on your face and your doggy friend each month as you receive the BarkBox delivery is amazing. Also, the joy you’ll have watching your dog open the package is priceless!

The box contains only healthy treats and chews made in the United States and Canada with just high-quality ingredients. All the ingredients are free from wheat, corn, and soy. On top of that, you have the option of allergy-friendly boxes when you order for them. Just the low cost makes Barkbox worth it and a great idea. You positively get more than the worth of your money in your monthly BarkBox with some bonus toys included. You get hidden balls or smaller toys inside the toy as soon as the original toy is destroyed.

The Barkbox App as well makes reordering very handy. If your dogs fell in love with a particular toy that is no longer good, you can reference the month it was sent and click reorder! This option is also available for things like toys, treats, chew sticks, etc.

Apart from gifting Barkboxes, users can also earn free Barkboxes by referring friends. You can always donate the BarkBox to shelter dogs if you don’t need the free BarkBox you get when your referred friend signs up.

There are no serious flaws in the company’s services apart from the fact that, currently, it is not possible to customize a multi-pet box. Also, the company doesn’t yet have a Meowbox monthly subscription box just yet. Again, the subscription auto-renews so it is essential to cancel when you no longer want the services and on time. Failure to do this auto-renews your subscription.

To conclude, Barkbox is a good value for the price. In fact, in our opinion, the dog subscription company is more than worth it. Regarding the cost, BarkBox is an attractive, great value. When you add up the cost of all the dog treats and toys you receive, you’ll find that you’d normally pay more if you decide to buy the items one by one.

If you constantly buy your dog treats and toys, BarkBox is likely going to be a good value and worth your sign up. On the other hand, if you only need to buy treats for your dogs infrequently, then $20 to $30/month on dog treats and toys, with BarkBox subscription may not be a great idea.

Customer Service

For a subscription service to receive a top rating, the company must have a reliable customer service. A thorough examination of the customer services of the currently available subscription box companies would instantly reveal that BarkBox customer services are unequaled.

The works of the customer service team include subscription cancellation, subscription management and attending to any question or questions that customers have.

Barkbox customer service teams are exceptional. The customer service teams are friendly, supportive, and well-informed. They have a genuine concern for your doggy friends. Their response rate is also very fast.

Wrapping up

Are your dogs bored? Are finding it difficult to keep up with all you require to make your dog happier each month? BarkBox comes to your assistance and lifts your pooch out of boredom. With a Barkbox subscription, you give your doggy companion a surprise treats every month. You can expect excitement, happiness, and fulfillment from your pup with new toys, healthy treats, and collections of different grooming products every month.

Barkbox saves you all the hassle and time of shopping around to find different types of quality toys and all-natural treats to keep your dog happy and healthy. The services of Barkbox are far more superior to dozens of other dog subscription boxes out there.

BarkBox delivers remarkable customer service. Your canine friend is sure to delight in his monthly surprise gifts. All the BarkBox toys are durable. Your dogs will take delight in various dog treats including the snacks and bones. What you get from the company are quality toys and treats all geared to create fun moments for you and your doggy friend.

BarkBox, not only make a great option for ensuring that your dog gets the regular treat it deserves, the company’s customer service is extraordinary. Their website contains a very handy chat element that lets you chat away even on your mobile device. They also have an astonishing blog, the BarkPost, which is filled with unlimited canine cuteness!

BarkBox truly cares about their customers and ensure their utmost satisfaction. They are more than happy to hear from you concerning any issue you may have. You have an option of free replacement if your dog is not pleased with any content of the box. On top of that, BarkBox let users offer a gift of BarkBox to other doggy friends.