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How Do You Get a Therapy Dog for Depression and Anxiety

How Do You Get a Therapy Dog for Depression and Anxiety?

Service psychiatric dogs for anxiety are recognized as such under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The tasks these dogs perform are tied to your disability. For example, service dogs for anxiety are trained to provide comfort and calm when you feel upset, anticipate your anxiety or panic attacks, remind you to take medication, and so on. These animals have access to public places so that they can go anywhere their handler goes.

To get a service dog for anxiety, you must obtain a letter from a licensed mental health professional (a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or social worker) confirming your anxiety prevents you from life tasks daily.

Also, you must be able to participate in the dog’s training and to command it independently. You need to provide for the dog’s care, and training as the cost of a service dog is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any private insurance company.

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