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Common Question: How Will An Emotional Support Animal Help Me?

An emotional support animal serves to lessen or mitigate the psychological or emotional symptoms associated with the handler’s disorders or conditions.

Animals are a lot smarter than you think and can provide their owners emotional support when they are depressed or feeling low. They also act as a constant companion and friend. 

Here are a few ways an ESA can change your life if you are suffering from a mental disorder or are feeling low:

ESA’s Help Battle Depression

Ever watched a colorful fish swim around in an aquarium? It’s soothing too, isn’t it? ESAs are stress busters and can cheer you up in no time. This why people who are overcome by feelings of stress, anxiety and depression are likely to benefit from ESAs.

Studies have shown that folks who own pets or ESAs are less likely to be overwhelmed by negative emotions and suicidal thoughts. Spending time with a furry canine or a kitty can calm the nerves of people who mentally unwell.

Not to mention taking care of a pet creates sense of responsibility. Feeding, washing and taking care of a pet helps patients feel valued. This boosts self-esteem and gives one a sense of purpose.

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Increases Activity

Taking care of any kind of pet means you constantly have to be on your toes, it’s the same with having an ESA. Cats and dogs need to be fed several times a day. Not to mention, dogs like going out for long walks and cats too, enjoy being pampered with lots of attention. An ESA will push you to get out of the house and fight lethargy. This will help you adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Improves Health

Caring for a pet associated with a number of health benefits. These benefits are not only restricted to emotional health, but can also improve one’s physical health. Adopting a dog or a cat reduces the chances of strokes and cardiovascular problems. ESA can also speed recovery among people who have recently undergone an accident or suffered from an illness. Pets help folks retain a physically active routine that will also stimulate your mind.

Reduces Anxiety

ESA offer emotional support to people suffering from emotional disorders including depression, anxiety and post traumatic disorder. These pets spend the entire day with their owners are thus present when their owner becomes emotionally distressed. Having an ESA has helped thousands of people around the world overcome anxiety by providing them someone to lean on to in a stressful situation.

Other Benefits of getting an ESA:

  • Boosts self confidence
  • Paw
    May encourage you to make more friends while you are walking your pet or taking them to the vet
  • Paw
    Improved mood
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How do I get an ESA?

If you’re emotionally distressed and believed you could benefit from an ESA, your first step should be to visit a mental health expert. If the professional diagnoses you with a debilitating mental illness, you can get yourself an ESA of your choice. Ask your certified therapist, psychologist or physicist. Once you get an ESA, ensure your mental health professional has presented you with official documentation that you can use present to your airline or landlord.

You can also reach out to Emotional Support Animal Co. if you’re in need of an official letter that will permit your ESA to accompany you to public places. All you have to do is fill out a form and you’ll be offered a free ESA assessment. Our certified team of mental health experts will take care of all the formalities after wards. This way, your furry friend will be able to spend more quality time with you, contributing to better mental health.

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