How To Get An Emotional Support Animal – Doctor Prescription

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How To Get An Emotional Support Animal – Doctor Prescription February 12th, 2017

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal – Doctor Prescription

Are you stressing out about asking your doctor for an emotional support animal letter? Asking your family doctor about this is often very awkward, to say the least…

If you’d like to skip the hassle of going to the doctors office and asking that awkward question there is a very simple solution of how to get an emotional support animal. Obtaining a 100% legal emotional support animal letter takes less than 72 hours, and you can speak to a therapist directly over the phone right now. Start the process by taking the free ESA Assessment below, and have your certified ESA letter sent to you in the mail within 72 hours time.

The letter can be used for both housing and flying!

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An emotional support animal is a companion that brings therapeutic benefits, like mitigating or alleviating some symptoms of a disability, to an individual with a psychiatric or mental issue. ESAs are normally cats and dogs, but may also include cats and other common domesticated animals, like hamsters, hedgehogs, goats, rats, birds and teacup pigs.


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If you are experiencing a disability, which involves psychological pain or illness symptoms, you should have any problem getting a doctor to sign a letter prescribing an ESA for you. You can select one of two options. The first one is rather time consuming and involves your personal doctor or practitioner. If you don’t have a personal doctor or for some reason your doctor refuses to prescribe you an ESA, you can very easily see if you qualify for a letter by using the form to the right or clicking on the the green “Free ESA Assessment” button. If you qualify, you could get your letter in less than 24 hours.

By receiving a prescription from a doctor or licensed therapist for an Emotional Support Animal, you will not have to compromise where you travel or where you live again. After you receive your official letter of ESA prescription, you will soon be on your way to living a happy, stress free life with your emotional support animal.

What Is An ESA Letter?

You need a prescription letter from a licensed doctor or therapist to be able to legally categorize your pet as an emotional support animal. The letter should provide documentary evidence that you are indeed suffering from a mental or emotional health issue and that having a pet as a companion will provide therapeutic benefits. However, with this letter you will be able to take your dog on airplanes without any extra fees and live in any apartment or home you want without having to pay any pet fees.

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What the Doctor Needs: How to Get An Emotional Support Dog Letter

If you stressing about how qualifying for an ESA, the following requirements will help you understand the procedure better. If you, like a large percentage of the population of the US, are having a tough time dealing with daily activities, there is a high chance you will have no problem being approved. Typically, certain experiences and events in life can result in a decline in an individual’s mental or emotional stability, which in turn affects their everyday life. These mental disabilities include, but are not restricted to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Personality Disorder

Listed below are some of the examples of various symptoms related to different emotional/mental disabilities:

  • Experiencing difficulty in maintaining relationships with people
  • Feeling continuously anxious or depressed for a couple of days or more
  • Developing paranoia and other irrational fears linked with otherwise normal life situations or problems
  • Difficulty or inability in interacting with others in public or private settings

If any of these mentioned conditions apply to you, you will easily be able to qualify for an ESA after filling out our free assessment form.

girl with pet puppy dogIf you need an emotional support animal to help you through your symptoms of mental disability, the first thing you need to do is decided if you want to get your letter online easily or spend your day in the doctors office. Most people choose to go the easier route by getting it online, but there are certainly some individuals how would rather go into their doctors office and that’s certainly fine too.

The choice is yours – just know that either way, if you are qualified, you’ll be on your way to getting a legally enforced emotional support animal letter!

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