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Natural Balance Dog Food

How Does Natural Balance Compare To Other Foods?

It was during the year 1989 when Dick Van Patten created the Natural Balance dog food products in Burbank, California. The purpose for the creation of the company was to provide pet food recipes that are made of high-quality ingredients to support their nutritional needs throughout their lifespan.

To achieve this, the company created formulas of products that are backed by science and nutrition, making the recipes safe, healthy, and nutritious. Their wide array of premium pet food recipes ensures healthy and delicious meals for all dog breeds, sizes, shapes, and life stages.

The use of only premium proteins and meat, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and carbs that are easily digested has made the brand one of the best in the world. The company firmly believes that pets deserve the highest priority when it comes to their nutritional needs.

2019 Money-saving Coupons from Natural Balance

A lot of online retailers, specialty pet stores, local chains, and major pet food chains carry the Natural Balance brand. The company has an official website and signing up for their Club NB is the smartest way to get coupons. All that is needed is an email address to become a member. Special offers, feeding tips, and product news are the rewards gained when you become an official member of the Club NB.

Dog Food Varieties Offered by Natural Balance

There is a wide range of dog food options offered by Natural Balance. There are six dog food classifications to include:

  • Vegetarian
  • Healthy digestion
  • Limited ingredients
  • Paw
    Healthy weight
  • Paw
  • Paw
    High protein

A variety of flavors are in store for your pet pooch that is available in dry, canned or wet, treats, and rolls. The selections offer to give pet parents a great way of providing their pet children delicious and nutritious food every single time.

Dry Dog Food Recipes

There are several recipes available with the dry dog food line. The Original Ultra recipes featuring main ingredients such as brown rice and chicken answers the needs of all dog breed sizes and life stages. When the option is grain-free and protein-rich, the Wild Pursuit recipes offer the best food choices. A sole-plant ingredient is used for the Vegetarian product. Dogs that are prone to various allergies can have their nutrition met with the Limited Ingredients Diets line.

Original Ultra Line

  • Duck Meal, Chicken Meal, & Chicken
  • Puppy Duck Meal, Brown Rice, & Chicken
  • Small Breed Duck Meal, Chicken, & Chicken Meal Bites
  • Paw
    Large Breed Duck Meal, Chicken, & Brown Rice Bites

Wild Pursuit Line

  • Lamb & Beef Meal
  • Quail, Chicken, & Turkey Meal
  • Tuna, Trout, & Salmon Meal

Other Dry varieties:

  • Low-calorie Fat Dogs
  • Synergy
  • Reduced Calorie
  • Paw

Limited Ingredients Line

  • Sweet Potato & Chicken
  • Small Breed Sweet Potato & Chicken Bites
  • Brown Rice & Lamb Meal
  • Paw
    Puppy Brown Rice & Lamb
  • Paw
    Large Breed Brown Rice & Lamb Meal Bites
  • Paw
    Small Breed Brown Rice & Lamb Meal Bites
  • Paw
    Duck Meal & Legumes
  • Paw
    Duck & Potato
  • Paw
    Puppy Duck & Potato
  • Paw
    Small Breed Duck & Potato Bites
  • Paw
    Bison & Sweet Potato
  • Paw
    Fish & Sweet Potato
  • Paw
    Small Breed Fish & Sweet Potato Bites
  • Paw
    Venison & Sweet Potato

Wet Dog Food Recipes

Wet Food recipes from Natural Balance are a bit limited compared to their dry food line. Delectable Delights and Limited Ingredient Diets are the two major components of the wet food variety.

Delectable Delights Line

  • Dog Stew of Catchin’s & Fetchin
  • Dog Stew of Cobbler Gobbler
  • Dog Stew of Pilaf Pawpaya
  • Paw
    Chow-down Chowder
  • Paw
  • Paw
    ChopLick’n Stew
  • Paw
  • Paw
    Bowl ‘O’ Barkgundy
  • Paw
    Surf’ N Turf

Rolls Line

Natural Balance offers four varied kinds of food rolls if you want fresh food given to your beloved pooch. The rolls are nutritionally balanced and complete and available in 1-pound, 3.5 pound, 4-ounce, and 2.25-pound sizes. The flavors offered range from chicken & lamb, chicken, turkey & duck, and beef. The rolls are so versatile they can be crumbled, grated or chopped for feeding.

Treats Line

Everyone loves treats and your dog is no exception. The treats are things that bond you more to your pet child. Treats are also handy and effective rewards for a job well done by the pooch.

  • Belly Bites
  • Dental Chews
  • Meatballs
  • Paw
    Limited Ingredient Treats LIT
  • Paw
    Mini Rewards
  • Paw
    Jumpin’ Stix
  • Paw
    Tender Cuts
  • Paw
    Jerky Bark

Reviews of the Popular Dog Food Products from Natural Balance

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Surprisingly, there are dogs that don’t like meat. There are dogs that may like meat but their digestive system won’t allow them to eat meat. If your dog falls into one or both categories, then the vegetarian formula from Natural Balance is the perfect food option.

The inclusion of both EPA and DHA ingredients make up for the meat-free vegetarian formula. These ingredients ensure that Fido gets a healthy boost as well as proper digestion with the inclusion of oat fiber, spinach, dried blueberries, and cranberries.

Dog owners have nothing but praise for the product for the help given by the formula to improve tummy sensitivities, hair, and fur.

There are a lot of people suffering from digestive problems and allergies. Dogs are prone to them too. The limited ingredients line from Natural Balance guarantees that only the necessary nutrients are processed in this recipe for dogs to enjoy a healthier and longer lifespan.

The limited amounts of carbohydrates and being grain-free as well live up to expectations about a stomach-sensitive diet. The energy source provided by potatoes is easily digested by all dog breeds.

The usual customer complaint about the Limited Ingredient Diets line is the taste of the newly-released formula.


  • Nutritional fulfillment and optimum health for dogs are the ultimate benefits gained from the premium ingredients used in the formula
  • The absence of ingredients that may trigger sensitive stomach issues and allergies
  • Very popular dog food choice for pet parents
  • Adult and small dogs alike benefit with the decent bite sizes


  • The use of premium-quality ingredients also makes the product expensive
  • The updated change of the formula has created health problems for some dog breeds

Customers seem to love this particular line, making it one of the most popular among the dog food products from Natural Balance. It seems that dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and life stages love the taste of the food. The increased energy levels are a welcome bonus.

The probiotics ingredient added to the synergy recipe boosts up the immune system as well as support healthy digestion. The stool volume is also reduced by a complex fiber ingredient. This means less cleaning up work for pet parents which are a big plus. Coats and skin shining with health are provided by the inclusion of omega fatty acids.

Pet parents with picky eaters have found their meal problems resolved with this product. It is because of the great-tasting formula even with the reduction of calories. Health issues of certain pets that need weight maintenance also found the much-needed answers with this particular food line.

The dogs have been found to feel full for longer periods of time which prevents them from overeating. If your furry child is overweight or needs to maintain optimum weight, this formula provides timely resolution in a delicious and filling way.

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Putting on weight does not only happen to humans,but dogs are also prone too. Extra rolls of fat are not just unsightly, they are unhealthy as well. Trimming off unwanted pounds needs a formula that helps your pet pooch to reduce their eating.

The ingredients of essential fatty acids, chicken, oatmeal, lamb meal, fresh potatoes, oatmeal, and carrots found in this product pack in the elements but reduce the calorie amount. Losing the pounds away makes for a great-looking dog with the shiniest and healthiest coat and fur.

The key nutrients formulated in this product are a high-quality animal protein that dogs can easily digest. The fat source comes from omega fatty acids and the chicken fat which are very nutritious and healthy. The inclusion of the pea protein ingredient to provide the carbs content is the only thing that is questionable. However, no negative effects have been recorded for this particular ingredient.

The absence of artificial additives, wheat, soy products, and corn gives a positive note to the formula. The initial ingredients of turkey meal and fresh chicken are the outstanding feature of the product. Your dog is most likely to benefit with a load of essential amino acids found in these natural animal-based ingredients. However, the cooking time done on the fresh chicken to remove the moisture significantly lowers the protein value.


  • Total Calories, 360 kcal per cup serving
  • Overall protein content, 35%
  • Overall fat content, 15%
  • Paw
    Overall fiber content, 4.5%
  • Paw
    Overall moisture content, 10%
  • Paw
    Overall omega-3 fatty acids content, 3.0%
  • Paw
    Overall omega-6 fatty acids content, 0.45%

The formula needs a bit of improvement even when it is considered a high-quality product. The initial protein sources given by lamb and tuna are great. However, the reason for including pea protein is unclear. The plant product does not seem to offer significant help. Animal fat should have been the better choice for the main fat source instead of canola oil. What can be said about this particular recipe? We can say that the formula can reasonably meet the nutritional needs of the dog because the ingredients listed have not been known to be unhealthy for dogs.


  • Total calories, 268 kcal per cup serving
  • Overall protein content, 12%
  • Overall fat content, 5%
  • Paw
    Overall fiber content, 1.5%
  • Paw
    Overall moisture content, 78%
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Consumer Reviews of Natural Balance Dog Food Products

In the three decades, Natural Balance is on the market they have made several adjustments to their formula. Thankfully, they were one of the first companies to switch to the new manufacturing process that doesn't use any wheat, soy, or corn, that have all been found out to be harmful to dogs.

Even though online reviews are known to be slightly biased towards negative reviews, Natural Balance doesn’t have many of those, with most people reporting good experiences and high-quality products.

While Natural Balance is not the cheapest product around, even when compared only to high-quality dog food brands, if you are using coupons, buying in bulk, or searching for good deals, you will be more than able to balance your canine’s nutrition with your home budget.

The Good

Natural Balance prides itself in having simple formulas in their products. An average type of dog food only has about five nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. This simplicity means that it is unlikely that any unknown filler or similar substance would upset your dog’s digestive system, or induce any kind of allergies.

The fact that even the ingredients that we would usually dub as fillers are such high-quality that humans can also consume them mean that most dogs will consider Natural Balance a real treat. Many customers report that they can use their canned Natural Balance food both as the dog's regular diet and as treats.

Finally, judging by the reviews, Natural Balance dog food is used by a wide range of dogs. This is important both for new buyers as well as those who have multiple dogs. If you are buying in bulk and you have multiple dogs, this may drive the price of good nutrition per dog quite low.

The Bad

There is always a risk when using any food, and the simple formula used by Natural Balance has a very important downside. The same way as your dog is quickly getting healthy with good nutrition, and it will quickly become ill if it develops allergies or some other issue that may be intensified by the selected dog food.

To lower the possibility of something like this happening, pay close attention to your dog and consult with your vet as soon as something strange starts showing, even if it is just low energy. Costumers report that dogs who have developed allergies have reacted very quickly to Natural Balance, as well as that their health returned quickly after switching to a novel protein.

What to Look after?

When buying Natural Balance, you can be relaxed as there are no strange ingredients in the packaging that you have no idea how will impact your furry friend. Because of this, you can focus completely on the products that are listed and determine how will they influence your dog.

Additionally, as there aren’t as many supplemental nutrients in Natural Balance, you should consult with your vet if you may need to add something to help your dog’s health or medical issues.

Finally, when buying in bulk from a pet store, always inspect if the cans and packages are undamaged, as Natural Balance products are slightly more perishable than their competitors. You should just turn around all cans and see if there are any dents or cuts. If you do this, you will be able to guarantee your dog's good nutrition without compromising your home budget.

In Closing

Based on the reviews from customers we can confirm that Natural Balance is indeed a high-quality dog food that many dogs have cheerfully eaten for most of their lives. On the other hand, the complex formula from Natural Balance may be hard for already adult dogs to get used to. As always, you should consult with your vet if you need to look out for any allergies or other issues that your dog might have, but aside from that you can be certain that Natural Balance will give your dog all of the required nutrients that it needs.

Finally, always consider the possibility that a manufacturer would tweak the formula every now and then which may have some impact on your furry friend, and if you see any symptoms visit your vet and determine if it is the food or some other reason why your pet is feeling bad. Natural Balance has many options underneath the brand, so you can always stick to the brand you trust but change the ingredients that your dog is taking.

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