The Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

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The Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support February 10th, 2018

The Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

The mental health benefits of having a pet are far more than any sacrifice or effort that we can make to provide them a safe and healthy environment. It is no mystery that dogs are considered the first choice for anyone suffering from depression and anxiety. Cats are also a good option, but they are, well, cats.

Animals, in general, are good to be around if you are suffering from anxiety or depression. The idea of therapy pets has recently gained a lot of popularity, as stress levels are increasing at a rapid pace even in children the companionship of animals is often seen as a healthy way of fighting off anxiety and depression.

Dogs are a good choice for anyone suffering from panic attacks or anxiety, but not all breeds are a perfect fit for the job. We have evaluated a few of the top breeds’ ideal to be emotional support animals.


  • Labrador Retrievers


labrador retriever puppyLabrador retrievers are happy little angles, although they love chewing on anything and everything. They are one of the most playful and active dog breeds and are suitable for homes with children. They are easy to train and very intelligent which is crucial for a dog that has an owner with depression or anxiety. They have high energy levels and need frequent walks which is very healthy for people who need the aid of an ESA.


  • Poodles


Poodles are in a league of their own, they are intelligent, sociable, and great with kids and their lifespan is longer than most other breeds. They have people-pleasing traits, and they are very easy to train. They have exceptional reflexes and are sure to react immediately if you need any assistance. However, they need a few more visits to the groomers than most dogs. If you do not mind the high maintenance, then poodles are the dog for you.


  • The Golden Retriever


golden retrieverThey can love and are the most devoted companions that you will ever encounter in your lifetime. They are exceptionally obedient digs and are less likely to act out or create difficult situations for you. This breed is playful, active and loves to swim. Even though you will be covered in dog hair, they are worth the minor inconvenience.


  • Viszlas


dog viszlasThis breed is nicknamed the Velcro dog as they are known for their extreme attachment to their owners. They love playing and spending more time in their owner’s company than anything else. This dog breed is unique as they love to keep themselves clean and are as obsessed with self-care as a cat is. They are smart or better yet; they are thought to be wise dogs with an iron-clad immune system. All these wonderful traits make them an ideal choice for anyone who needs support to tackle their depression.


  • Pugs


pugA calm temperament, a consistent nature, and a funny personality; pugs are one of the most suitable breeds for anyone suffering from depression. They are very patient dogs and understand situations quite well. They love to play and are considered a kind breed of dogs.  They are ideal for people living in milder temperatures as they do not adjust well to heat. They tend to shed quite a bit, but who can resist their adorable- concerned faces.


Choose a dog that is suitable for your lifestyle, and you can take care of it properly. You can always get a few recommendations from your psychologist as to which breed will be ideal for you. Adopting a pet, even as an emotional support animal requires whole-hearted commitment as you are taking responsibility for their physical and mental health.