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2019 Thundershirt Reviews

Thinking About Purchasing A Thundershirt? Read This First.

Is it sad to see your dog becoming increasingly agitated during a thunderstorm? Maybe your furry friend gets extremely anxious or wary during travels or suffers from the constant pressure of knowing you have to go out every day? You may be familiar with any of these worrying scenarios. You may see that your dog has some problems that seem similar to such situations, then maybe you’ll need help. Dogs are very sensitive to their environment. Anxiety is just as easy for them as excitement when seeing their family come home. If they don’t get some relief from their anxiety, it would be the worst possible feeling. And that is why this Thundershirt review is a way to find an answer.

Background on Thundershirt

Thundershirt was an idea started by Phil Blizzard. His pet, Dosi, was dealing with extreme panic attacks throughout loud noises like fireworks, parties,and storms. Before he actually decided to delve into the next best solution for Dosi’s anxiety, Phil had consulted many different professionals and trainers. But none of them could help in the end. I’m sure you could sympathize—this is something very hard for any pet owner to deal with. It is especially hard for people who have to see their loved ones being tormented by anxiety constantly.

An acquaintance informed Phil regarding a comfy wrap that people use to calm anxious children. After getting it for Dosi, he saw that it worked really well. This helped Phil come up with the brilliant idea to make a similar item that was ideally for canines. Ideally, it would have the exact same results on them. Pushing through various designs, Phil finally came up with a product that was his own comfy wrap. He named it the Thundershirt.

The shirt is essentially a wrap that goes around any dog’s body to mimic a human’s hug. It helps relieve any existing stress the dog may be facing.That’s probably why you may come across plenty of Thundershirt reviews that claim the shirt can help with any and all dog stresses.Since we care for our pets dearly, we wanted to be sure those claims were really authentic. With this article, we’ll be able to get down to the truth with all Thundershirt reviews.

How to Tell if your Dog Is Stressed

You’d be surprised to know that about 29% of canines can suffer from panic attacks, stress, anxiety, and other related problems. Separation anxiety has the greatest prevalence in dogs, especially in little pups and dogs that are still developing. They require a lot of attention from their families and have to stay with them for as long as possible. That said, many other types of anxiety such as reactive anxiety also occur a lot in dogs.



So, how can you tell if your dog has stress that should be resolved using the Thundershirt? Well, there are some signs and symptoms that you can keep an eye out for. For one, you should seek help if your dog crouches behind you or other people a lot. Your dog may also start shaking a lot when new people come near it or start panicking and barking if loud noises scare it.

If you think any of these signs make up your dog’s everyday existence, then it’s pretty likely that your dog has an anxiety disorder. Don’t worry, though. The good thing is that get your dog help for an anxiety issue it isn’t going to be too heavy on your time or wallet.In fact, it only takes a few days or months to get the anxiety completely resolves.


Unfortunately, 75% of people don’t actually get their dogs treated. This can cause more difficulties for both the families and their dogs. A lot of poor pups get sent back to their pounds or shelters, while others even get sadly euthanized. All due to an absence of understanding on an extremely crucial topic that each dog owner should learn about before ever taking the responsibility of raising another living soul.

How Thundershirt Helps Your Dog?

Besides therapy, your pet may need some additional support at home—and that’s where these Thundershirt reviews come in. They explain the way the shirt works to help dogs with anxiety.All it does is apply tiny amounts of pressure over a dog's abdomen, which mimics a hug.A slim cloth goes around your pet’s back and stomach. The Velcroen closing the neck region allows the Thundershirt to stay on. As a result, it doesn’t fall off while your dog runs around the house or yard.

Using the Thundershirt for the first time can be slightly intimidating and hard to understand on the get-go. You can find tons of other Thundershirt reviews online that better explain its workings in a detailed, simple manner. This makes it easy for any dog owner.You can even search for various videos on YouTube to see the contraption’s workings to make things easier.

Benefits of Thundershirt

So, now that the product is better understood, you may be wondering what the actual benefits are. As discussed before, the main purpose of the Thundershirt is dealing with stress and anxiety. But why this method over any other comforters?

1. Cozy Yet Breathable

Well, for one thing, it isn’t just a woolen cloth that your dog can snuggle into during the winters. Regardless of what season it is or where you are staying, the Thundershirt is cozy for any dog to wrap itself in during any climate.The product is made using a slim fabric that allows the skin to breathein hot summers. On the other hand, it makes it easy and comfortable to wear under sweaters during the winter season.

2. Easy Instructions

Also, with the instructions provided in the package, on the Thundershirt webpage and all over the Internet, there is no information shortage. All the details are available to you so that you can get the right understanding of the Thundershirt’s uses and directions.

3. Easy to Wash

Along with being simple to wear, the Thundershirt is also quite convenient to clean. All it needs is an easy wash, and the wrap is ready to wear once it is dry.

4. Quick Treatment

One of the most highlighted benefits you’ll find in most Thundershirt reviews is the immediate gratification. Buyer srepeatedly say that the Thundershirt is one of the quicker anti-anxiety treatments they’ve come across. In fact, it takes mere seconds for dogs to feel the comfort of the wrap and soon they’re back to being relaxed.

5. Natural and Medication-Free Treatment

The Thundershirt is actually a great idea for people who prefer the natural route when it comes to taking care of the family. Just think, can you find something more natural to help your dog stay calm than hugging it when needed?A lot of pet parents get very worried when thinking about medications and shots. Since most people don’t understand animal anatomy, the lack of knowledge can leave you feeling scared about the possible side effects of harmful chemicals in different drugs.

You wouldn’t have to worry with the Thundershirtthough since it leaves nothing on the skin or body that could harm your pet.

6. No Training Required

Another advantage is that there's hardly any training your dog needs when wearing the Thundershirt.The only thing that you need to do is to get your dog adjusted to its new comforter and soon it’ll handle the rest on its own.

Drawbacks of the Thundershirt

Even with all these great benefits, every product has its faults.

1. Not for Use for Long Periods of Time

One of the problems you may find with the Thundershirt when your dog starts wearing it is that keeping it on for long periods of time can be troublesome.It only makes sense though, seeing as no pet would want to keep a suit on the whole day.

All it is for is short-time use, to alleviate any current anxiety or stress immediately.If kept on for a prolonged period of time, your dog can experience chafing and rashes in the underarms and neck where the Velcro straps dig into the skin.There are also certain canines thatcan get too accustomed or frustrated with the product, enough to chew on it, which will only cause problems when the shirt gets ruined.

2. Sizing Issues

A lot of Thundershirt reviews also point out that it's slightly harder for pet owners to get the appropriate size of the Thundershirt for their petsince the manufacturers didn’t keep measurements in mind. They tailored the Thundershirt designs to dog weight instead.While some may think this isn’t that big an issue, it can be a huge problem for people with dogs of the same weight, since their measurements still can vary which can ruin the fit of the shirt for any of the dogs.

3. Not Intended for Dogs That Have Velcro Phobia

Also, while the Thundershirt is definitely an innovation in terms of overall dog comfort, the whole point of the shirt is gone if your dog has a phobia of Velcro. In such cases, the dogs can have their anxiety levels further raised after wearing the Thundershirt.It’s similar to when people feel like they’re getting sick when hearing the noise of Velcro straps.

Certain dogs may also dislike the sound of the straps opening or closing when their family members try to help them get in or out the Thundershirt. This specific anxiety is quite rare compared to other problems like separation anxiety, but for dogs who have it, the Thundershirt essentially becomes useless.

ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

We’ve all heard marketers and salespeople claim their products are 100% effective. But, we’re all smart enough to know that every product has its flaws—it’s only natural.

Not every product is for every person or pet, so with that in mind, you’ll have to pick the Thundershirt carefully for your pet.For some pets, the product may seem to be the ideal solution to their anxiety.

The suppliers of the Thundershirt themselves do not claim to have a complete success guarantee with their design, either, since they put a disclaimer that the product comes with an 80% success rate. This shows that 20% of dogs out there didn’t get the needed relief. Even so, an 80% success rate is still a miracle, and with such good odds, it only makes sense to give Thundershirt reviews a try.

Key Features:

  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight
  • Cozy & comfortable
  • Paw
    Easy to clean

When to Use the Thundershirt

So, when exactly should your dog wear its Thundershirt?

  • For one thing, New Year’s Eve and other such noisy events are a good start. Events that have fireworks planned will always be dreadful for dogs with anxiety. The loud bangs and noises can very seriously scare your canine friends, so the Thundershirt is the ideal solution for such situations.
  • Paw
    You just have to help your pet into it, and once it gets familiar with it, your dog will forget about its anxiety towards any fireworks and sounds without problems.
  • Paw
    Besides certain parties, storms can definitely be the next most likely trigger. The name “Thundershirt” certainly does give away the shirt’s purpose. It’s great for giving your dog comfort during aloud and scary thunderstorm. Keeping the shirt on during the storm helps the dog stay calm and relaxed without reacting to the thunder.
  • People who live in rainy climates can find the Thundershirt to be a lifesaver. All you’d have to do is look through the Thundershirt reviews to see which size would suit your dog, and soon the rainy season won’t ever leave your pet feeling scared or frightened again.
  • Paw
    New things scare dogs. Fresh faces, new houses, different smells,and locations—these can be very overwhelming for any pet. A lot of pet owners love to take their canine friends with them on long and tedious road trips. The moving cars and views can bring about panic attacks during the trip, so it’s best to keep the Thundershirt and proper medication with you during the road trip to help your dog cope with the stress. In the same way, moving houses can be just as scary or intimidating.
  • Paw
    To help your pet adjust, keep the Thundershirt on during the first few days in the new home to make sure it feels comfortable. Most importantly, you don’t want your friend getting anxious with any visitors. It can be scary for your dog. Having the Thundershirt on during any dinner parties or house barbecues can be the best way to help your pet keep calm.
  • Paw
    Sometimes, dogs aren’t dealing with cases of anxiety. Any dog owner knows that dogs are filled with energy, regardless of breed or size. Andcertain others can be even more difficult to handle with their overflowing excitement. Not being able to manage your dog in such conditions can be a handful.
  • Paw
    A lot of dogs can also get extremelyhyperactive when having fun with interesting toys or little children. Other more extroverted dogs can be just as hyper meeting new people at the front door. Whatever the case, there's a fine line between a sweet and friendly dog that just wants some harmless playtime, and a hyperactiveone that isn’t in your control and starts to become a threat to itself and others.

With such difficult situations, the Thundershirt definitely acts as a convenient solution. In some cases, it will slightly tame your pet enough to help manage it better.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you have a dog that has anxiety disorders, then the Thundershirt is worth a shot.Whether your canine deals with daily separation anxiety or justgets anxious during storms or fireworks, the Thundershirt is a good option—especially considering its initial low cost of $39.99.Different Thundershirt reviews show that it is a reliable and easy alternative option.Medicine or complicated training can have greatercomplications on both your pet’s health and your own.

Obviously, the success rate is going to differ with each dog, since the Thundershirt does not offer or claim. They do not claim to provide any consistent results with each canine.When it does provide results, however, they’re almost always pretty good. It might feel that the Thundershirt does not seem to be working for your dog. In this case,all you have to do is make use of the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.

 While trying out the Thundershirt, if it doesn’t offer the desired results, you’ll realize that it’ll cost a lot more. However, if you take the plunge and invest in the Thundershirt from the very beginning, you’ll find yourself saving up on copious amounts of money and time helping your dog. In the end, you’ll just have to research different Thundershirt reviews to get the answer you’re looking for. Hopefully, your dog’s health doesn’t suffer or worsen in the process. Simply put, give the Thundershirt a try as a first and last resort

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