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Travel Planning Tips To Ensure Your Pet Doesn’t Drive You Insane

Pets are amazing, they add so much to the experience of life. They make excellent companions and emotional support animals get you through your tough times. But are they good travel companions? The answer is strictly relative, if you are well prepared, then yes otherwise your trip can easily turn into a nightmare. Between preparation, actually going on a trip and dealing with the aftermath, there are a lot of things that can make the trip with your fuzzy friend a nightmare.

Here’s what you need to do before you go on a trip with your pet:


  • Carrier training


If you have a pet cat then you need to start training it to sit on its carrier. You have to train your cat or dog to eat in the carrier as well – as it is just for the duration of the travel. Cats do not like traveling or carriers, so you need to get them accustomed to the carrier they will be in when you travel. On the other hand, your dog also needs to be trained. Trying to make them sit in the carrier in the corner of the house or in your car when you go grocery shopping is a good idea.


  • Supplements


Travelling may get confusing for your fuzzy friend and they can act out or get anxious. Dogs are generally calm animals, but cats can act up even in the calmest situations. You should get a list of supplements from your vet to help your pet stay calm. There are animal-friendly sprays that help immediately calm dogs, cats or whichever pet you are traveling with. Be prepared to deal with your furry friend’s anxiety before you hit the road.


  • Maintain consistency


You probably feed your pet a certain type of diet without making many changes. This can be a problem when traveling, to tackle any digestion issues try to pack the same food that you feed your pet. Also, medication is necessary to treat them incase they get sticken with allergies, have stomach issues or anything else. Visit your vet for recommendations and advice.


  • Flying solutions


airline travel for petsBefore booking a flight, tell the airlines that you will be bringing your pet along or if they have any special arrangements for travelling pets. Cats are generally allowed to travel with you in the cabin and so are smaller dogs. Make sure that the airline allows you to keep the carrier under the seat. If you have a larger dog it may have to fly with the cargo.


  • Clean up Kit


Your pet is your responsibility; you need to pack for accidents that may occur. A stressed-out pet can act out or get scared, which can lead to accidents. This is quite normal, all you have to do is pack right, create an emergency clean up kit.  


  • Do not neglect hydration


Keeping your pet hydrated is necessary, do not leave them panting. If your dog is travelling in the cargo section make sure there are means to get it water. If you are travelling by road make sure to stop every few hours to give your pet a drink. Another great way is to freeze some ice cubes in the cooler when on a road trip; you can easily keep dispensing pieces to your pet for staying hydrated.


Travelling is not something that pets understand; they are bound to get a little overwhelmed.  As a pet owner you should understand their reaction to being displaced and prepare for any contingencies beforehand.


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