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Washable Dog Diapers

The Best Dog Diapers That Are Washable

Who said diapers are for babies only? There are many reasons why pet parents are now considering investing in dog diapers. Your dog’s illness may force you to look around for one. This can be for anything from urinary incontinence due to aging or bleeding by female dogs when on heat.

But not all reasons are this dire. Sometimes you just want to keep a clean house free from dog poop—and that’s wise living.

Whatever your reasons you want to pick a diaper that fits just right if it’s to serve a purpose. Only then are you guaranteed to keep those leakages at bay.Below we’ll show you all your options. You can even decide between using reusable or disposable diapers, depending on your dog’s needs. In today’s market, there’s an easy solution for your challenge.

Disposable vs. Washable Canine Diapers


We get it. Picking disposable diapers might seem like an obvious, hassle-free option. After all, tossing a dog soiled diaper into the trash seems like a much better idea than cleaning it, right? Unfortunately, in some cases, your dog might have to wear a diaper for the rest of its life or for an extended period.

In this instance, convenience falls away as you opt for a more practical solution. Because you’ll be using diapers for a long time, picking a washable one becomes an economical option, which may be at the top of your priority list.


Since the washable diapers are meant to be used for longer periods, they feature more durable fabric. Because they’re tougher they won’t rip or tear quickly compared to their disposable counterparts that usually aren’t heavy-duty types.

Environmentally Friendly

As you might be aware, not everyone discards their disposable diapers the right way. Because they’re not bio-degradable, they’re likely to end up in landfills. By picking washable diapers you don’t have to worry about that since cloth diapers are generally eco-friendly.


Are washable diapers a safer option? Absolutely! Unlike disposable diapers, which can contain potentially harmful chemicals, it isn’t the case with washable diapers. If your dog is prone to skin irritations, then you’ll appreciate the washable diapers which are free from these dangerous substances.

Bottom Line: It’s clear that washable diapers come with a lot of benefits. However, it would be false to assume there’s no downside at all to picking these. Cleaning them has to be probably one of the most tedious tasks. Of course, you can always toss a wet diaper into the washing machine but a soiled one will need more than that.

To make it as easy on yourself as possible, we’ll show you how to pick practical, high-end products.

Factors to Consider before Picking a Diaper


As mentioned before, the size of the diaper is extremely important to ensure a perfect fit, but it also determines your dog’s comfort levels. Picking one that’s too big will just result in it falling off. Going a size too small? You’ll have an unhappy and uncomfortable dog on your hands. Wondering how exactly you’ll get the right size? Consider the following.


The right diaper size will align with your dog’s weight and waist size. Therefore, you must weigh your dog to get the exact measurement before you buy the diapers. The larger dogs can be weighed on the walk on scales designed for dogs. These are normally found at the vet’s office.

For the smaller dogs, you can weigh them at home. And, yes, you can use the ordinary family scale. All you need to do is weigh yourself first and record the measurement. Then you can pick up the dog and weigh again. The difference between the two measurements is your dog’s weight.


Ideally, the diaper must fit snugly at the waist without any slipping or leakages. But don’t worry because getting the waist measurement is something you can do at home. All you need is a regular tape measure—and a helping hand if necessary. Ask someone to keep your dog still and in the right position.

The next step is to wrap the tape measure around your dog’s waist. Though it sounds simple enough, just ensure you don’t measure too close to its hindquarters. Measuring too close may result in the diaper not covering the urethral opening rendering it useless.Alternatively, you can use a piece of string to wrap around your dog’s waist then measure it against a straight ruler.


The sex of your dog is probably one of the first factors to consider before purchasing these diapers. And, yes, there are male and female washable dog diapers available. For the male diapers, you’ll need one with a wider base as well as a longer waist. This design will ensure the urethra is fully covered.

On the other hand, the female washable diapers don’t necessarily need as much length. Also, if you pick one specifically designed for the female dog, it increases comfort levels.


These washable diapers are also available in different fabrics. The fabric you decide on will have an effect on your dog’s comfort levels. However, regardless of the fabric make sure it also features the following:

Soft microfibers for increased comfort

  • Absorbent liner to absorb urine effectively
  • The outer shell is made of waterproof PUL to ensure your carpets and furniture are kept dry


Not only is gender a contributing factor but the breed as well. Some diapers will either come with or without a tail hole. Some breeds don’t necessarily have long tails, for instance, French bulldogs and Boston terriers. So, these can easily fit into a diaper without a tail hole or else it’ll just leak.

It goes without saying: if your dog has a long tail, then it’ll need the diaper with a tail hole. The only thing you need to make sure of is a snug and comfortable fit.

There is, however, a third option that caters for dogs that are amputated. If your pet has had both legs amputated you can opt for an amputee diaper with no leg openings.

Styles of Washable Diapers

Styles of Diapers

These diapers are available in different styles so you’re bound to find one in line with your dog’s needs. The two main types are:

Full diapers: These resemble human baby diapers. The only difference is they may have holes for tails. Generally, the female dogs will require a full diaper especially if they suffer from urinary or fecal incontinence.

Belly band: This is a relatively modern type of diaper which features a lightweight shell that goes around the dog’s midsection. This is best suited for male dogs that are suffering from only urine incontinence—not fecal. If you want a diaper for potty training then this is your best bet.

A Few Handy Tips

For diapers that you’ll be using repeatedly, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • When washing them, make sure you use natural laundry detergents which are non-toxic. This will avoid any potential skin irritations.
  • You might want to change them as frequently as possible to avoid the occurrence of any rashes or urinary tract infections.
  • Make sure you wash your dog’s hind area and genitals at least three times a day—especially after he has pooped. Alternatively, you can clean with baby wipes. This will keep the area sanitary and healthy.
  • Paw
    You can make use of Velcro straps to make the waistband tighter for a more secure fit. You can also use white plastic snaps to cinch up the diaper where necessary. Just make sure it’s not too tight as it’ll just cause great discomfort.
  • Paw
    If, by any chance, you’ll be traveling all day, you can make use of additional dog diaper pads to effectively wick away moisture.
  • Paw
    It’s in your best interest to wear gloves when changing the diaper so you don’t come into contact with any urine or feces.

Washable Dog Diaper Reviews

Bramton Simple Solution Washable Diaper

Here we have a product designed to effectively keep all those unwanted leakages at bay. This is thanks to the core which has been improved to feature advanced absorption properties. It comes in two colors: black and blue. Simply pick the one that appeals to you (or your dog) more. Even dogs are allowed some personal style, right?

It’s large in size and will fit a dog that weighs anything between 35 and 55lbs. Also, it’s ideally suited for the Basset Hound and Terrier breeds.

It’s made with lightweight fabric for a more comfortable fit. The fabric comprises:

  • 50% polyester mesh
  • 33%polyester
  • 17% cotton

This fabric, coupled with the adjustable closures,will also ensure the diaper is secure. If your dog has a long tail, then you need to pick this one which comes with a tail hole. The elastic around the tail and leg hole will also make for a better fit.

This washable diaper is best suited for dogs that suffer from incontinence or general excitable urination. It’ll also work great for the menstruating dog.

You’ll appreciate that these are machine-washable items, which makes for easycleanup. Just make sure you wash it separately in warm water and hang it on the line to dry.


  • Don’t leave legs raw or sore
  • check
    Fit well
  • check
    Easy toclean


  • Doesn’t hold a full pee
  • ban
    Velcro strips not always long enough
Bramton Simple Solution Washable Diaper Size (Medium)

Looking for a middle-sized diaper for your dog? Then this might be a good place to start. It fits a dog with a waist that ranges between 15cm and 23cm. If your dog weighs between 15 and can also try this one. However, you might want to go one size up as these Simple Solution diapers generally run small.

Like all Simple Solution diapers, it also features a new and improved absorption system. The moisture wicking liner on the diaper will absorb all the moisture from your dog’s body to protect the skin & coat. This liner together with the microfiber pad will ensure no leaks penetrate through the diaper. However, note that,for added protection, you can always purchase more liners.

This diaper is pretty easy to wear. With the liner in place, you simply slip your dog’s tail through the hole, then position it between the legs. Adjust it until it fits snugly against the underbelly. You also have the option of replacing the disposable liners as you see fit.

Though the diaper is generally long lasting the same can’t be said about the Velcro strips. They might wear out very quickly.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • check
    Offers long lasting protection
  • check
    Comes in an attractive design


  • May work best for smaller dogs
  • ban
    Quality of Velcro questionable
Bramton Simple Solution Original Training Pads

Thinking of potty training your dog? Then you can consider these specifically designed to make training quick and easy. The total potty-training period is drastically reduced if you consider this option which is designed to encourage instinctive elimination.

These are great additions to a diaper as they’ll greatly reduce any form of leaking. The core works by absorbing the urine to prevent any messy tracking.

This is definitely an economical option because each packet contains 100 pads. These pads have been modified to make them 100% more absorbent. This means they now hold up to 10 times more liquid than the average standard pad.

With a five-layer construction, you can tell that it’ll effectively trap any urine. For this reason, you can use it repeatedly—even for the larger breeds.


  • Very thick
  • check
    Extremely absorbent
  • check
    Impressive quality
  • check
    Reasonably priced


  • Unattractive design
  • ban
    No odor control
Bramton Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap

Looking to protect your home from dog pee? You can consider this washable male wrap specifically designed for the male dog. It will help clear up any messes caused by incontinence or male marking. You can also use these if you want to travel with your dog.

The combination of the leak-proof barrier together with the superabsorbent core will ensure your dog is kept bone dry at all times.

These wraps are known for providing a soft feel against your dog’s body. Your dog will appreciate the fur-friendly fasteners, which are not only adjustable but repositionable to allow for a comfortable fit. Because they’re adjustable, your dog is guaranteed a more secure fit, too. And the best part is they areleak-proof to prevent those unwanted leaks.

Have a wiggly dog? Regardless of how lively your dog is, this wrap offers leg lifting comfort thanks to the unique stretchy material.


  • Comfortable fit
  • check
    Keeps dog clean and dry
  • check
    Allows for a custom fit
  • check
    Hold a lot of urine


  • Quality of Velcro questionable
  • ban
    Belly band might bunch up causing leakage
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Four Paws Super Absorbent Wee Wee Pads

These super absorbent pads were made with the adult dog in mind. This brand of pads ticks all the right boxes where absorption and comfort are concerned. They are made with a 5-ply leakproof system known as the floor armor. This quilted top layer will lock in moisture while neutralizing those offensive odors.

You can rest easy knowing your carpets are kept dry, thanks to the leakproof liner. No urine will be escaping these pads which have maximum absorption power. They feature two moisture-locking layers for double protection. In addition, the top layer has quick drying properties to prevent tracking.

These pads come in varying styles and sizes so you’re bound to find one that fits your dog. Whether you have a dog that hasn’t yet been housetrained or is disabled, these pads are your go to. Owners of incontinent dogs or those in the season will also find these pretty useful. They’re able to withstand hundreds of washes which make them a very economical and long-lasting option.

These pads have a built-in attractant that attracts the dog when nature calls.


  • Controls odor
  • check
    Built-in attractant
  • check
    Gigantic size
  • check
  • check
    Holds a considerable amount of liquid


  • Can’t distinguish the top from the bottom
  • ban
    Tracking when there’s a large amount of urine

Final Thoughts

Whether you are house training your dog or it has a temporary disability after surgery,a dog diaper is your solution to keep urine leaks from your floors. And now you know how to pick the perfect fit to make sure your best friend feels comfortable wearing one.

Whatever diaper you pick, being easily adjustable is a must to ensure long-term comfort and use. Also, remember your responsibility to keep your dog clean at all times. Never let your dog sit in a dirty or wet diaper all day as this will just cause skin irritations or inflammations.

Important: Make sure you check with a vet first if your already house trained dog starts having frequent urine “accidents.”You need to rule out any illnesses or kidney problems.

Now, are you ready to help your dog enjoy new found comfort in life? If you have any questions, just leave your comments below.

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