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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog Alone at Home?

Dogs are social animals, and they would want nothing more than to be by their owner’s side 24/7.

However, of course, that is rarely possible considering we as humans have to deal with a number of things, and that may entail us leaving the house and our dogs home alone.

However, here are top 5 reasons you should not allow your dog to be on his own frequently or for long periods of time:

Separation Anxiety and Loneliness

Dog playing with ball

While we are away, we might imagine our dogs comfortably napping away or keeping themselves busy, but the more likely scenario is the dog may be experiencing some kind of separation anxiety, which stems from being away from their owners. When left on its own, your dog may become more upset than you realize. Remember, Fluffy doesn’t know when or even if you will ever come back. When you leave the house, make sure to leave behind some fun activities for him, like interactive toys, and a good long walk, so he will be ready for a nap. Turn on some fine tunes that will add to the relaxation.

Lack of Stimulation

Couple Strolling with their Dog

Dogs that lack social interaction with other dogs or people aren’t living or learning. They are simply vegetating. Think about it this way: when you are out of the house, you get to experience a number of new and exciting things. However, your pooch is alone in a bland and static environment. So, if you must leave your dog home alone for long hours, make sure you provide her with some kind of simulation when you get back home, such as a game of fetch, a nice long walk, hide and seek, or trip to the dog park.

Continuous Boredom Can Spark Bad Behavior

Lonely dogs, not so surprisingly, get bored, and a bored dog is a “naughty” dog. To keep themselves entertained, these solitary dogs will find something to do on their own, and you will most likely not like their choices. They may start incessant barking, chewing your belongings, or defecating in the house. So, try your best to not leave them on their own too much. Keep them busy with a toy or tasty treats, so they don’t end up destroying the place simply because they have nothing better to do.

Health Issues and Dangers

Accidents, poisoning, fires, sudden illness, thunderstorms, and urinary tract complications from trying too hard to “hold it in” for long, are all serious hazards your dog might encounter if you are not careful. To minimize risk of poisoning, make sure to keep potentially harmful foods and prescription drugs or other similar substances away from them. To avoid accidental strangulation, use a breakaway collar when indoors and regular collar outdoors.

Life Is Just Too Short

Dog playing in the garden

Someday, when Fido is old and the time has come to say goodbye, you shouldn’t have to look back and regret all the days you left him alone and say “if only I had spent just a little more time with him!”. Life is too short for regrets, so make sure you spend most of your time with your little friend and don’t neglect him. Remember to never take your dog for granted.

So, the next time you leave your dog alone for an extended period, think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t or make proper arrangements to prevent them from becoming destructive, or even sick.

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