The Ultimate Guide: Collies

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Collies

These moderate to large size dogs are actually just over 2 feet in height and tend to be quite strong. Like with working Border Collies, they’re well known for being heroes and well-loved companions in the movies and the reality definitely does live up to the hype. Seen in a rough or a smooth coat variety, the Collie is an extremely devoted and proud dog that will make a great addition to the family.

A Collie is actually a lithe dog and comes in colors of sable and white, blue merle, white or tricolor. Great with small children and ideal as a family pet these herding dogs are actually very athletic and love to have plenty of exercise. They also do great with training and can be extremely happy and intelligent dogs. Very loyal and strong in character, they’re a great all-around choice.

These dogs need a great deal of exercise, but you’re definitely going to have a lot of fun taking them outside and having some fun with them. There’s no reason to sit around the house with a Collie because they’re having the most fun when they get out and about and get to run, jump, and play.

Nutrition For Collies

Feeding this medium-sized dog breed with the best possible food is extremely important because they need great nutrients in order to get the healthy coat and skin that they are known for. A good diet also plays a role in their well-being, which means being careful about the ingredients that you give them. Avoiding corn and soy as well as large amounts of grain is a good idea while adding plenty of meat-based foods is an important aspect.

Make sure that you pay attention to the type and quantity of treats and human food that you give these hunting dogs and make sure that you talk with your vet to make sure you aren’t giving them too much. Keeping them from getting overweight or too obese is important and will require you to be careful about how they eat. Talk with your vet about the calorie requirements and the best feeding schedule to follow as well.

These dogs can develop bloat, which can cause a distended stomach and can be fatal. Feeding them twice or more per day with smaller amounts of food and avoiding extensive exercise around feeding time is an important aspect to avoid this condition. Added meat to food can also help to reduce the risk. All of this is important to keep your dog healthier and happier for a longer lifetime.


Collies with a smooth coat actually have a double coat, which means that they need to be groomed regularly. While this type of fur does not mat, it’s crucial that both coats be brushed regularly, especially during shedding season. A Collie with a rough coat actually has more chance of matting, especially around the ears and elbows. They also have an undercoat which can be very loose and may have even more shedding.

Brushing weekly will help to get rid of the excess fur and also makes sure their skin is healthier. Males tend to shed around once a year, near their birthday, while females that are spayed shed only once per year as well. Females that are not spayed will generally shed three months after the heat cycle, which means you will need extra grooming during this period. Make sure to pay attention to nails and bathing as well.

Best Exercise Habits For Collies

Collies Exercising

Plenty of exercise is important as these dogs require a great deal of activity. The ability to run and play outside is important, which is why they are great for families that are active and those with children who are willing to run and play with them. 

A fenced yard that they can run in and daily walks are important as is playing fetch and getting out to play.

They tend to bark if they get too bored, which is another reason to avoid this problem.


The Collie is actually very easy to train and does very well when put into any type of training and socialization classes. They actually love the process and will continue to do well when they are taught new things and encouraged to learn. Great as a companion and great at building relationships as a result of these types of learning.

They do best with positive methods of teaching and can do great with obedience, agility, and herding. They even enjoy activities such as barn hunting and lure coursing, which can mean a whole lot of ways for their owner to spend time with them and encourage plenty of activity.

Great Canine To Become an ESA Pet?

Extremely friendly and smart, these dogs are a great addition to your family in nearly every respect. They are loyal and can be great for different types of service. For those who need an emotional support dog, they can be great because of each of these aspects. They can be great for those with physical support needs, such as those with seizures, as well. This is because they have actually been recognized for detecting seizures before they happen and getting help when needed. Get your Collie registered as a legal emotional support dog by visiting this page on the website.


This medium-sized dog breed does sometimes have sensitivities to certain drugs and may have an eye anomaly, which is important to check for. A reputable breeder should get the dogs checked early on to make sure that they do not have any of a number of conditions and will also make sure they healthy in other respects. Some conditions to watch for are:

  • Collie eye anomaly
  • Drug sensitivity

Bottom Line

Overall, you’re going to have a wonderful dog here because they are extremely friendly and loving. They are active and energetic, which means they need a family that can keep up with their energy and their needs, but they are also a great deal of fun to have around. You’ll want to pay close attention to their energy needs and make sure they get the right type of food to keep them healthier.