Yorkshire Terriers

The Ultimate Guide: Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers looking at you

Whether you want this dainty-feathered coat dog for pampering or you like its vigorous terrier, the delicate dog will not disappoint you.  The inquisitive and lively nature of Yorkshire keeps it trotting around things. Viewed as a delicacy by larger dogs, Yorkshire has to be kept leashed or fence protected.

The breed has a compact size and weighs no more than 8 pounds, but has a divine crowning glory. The rich, golden, and silky coat is one of the distinctive features of this beautiful dog.  It is not only the royal appearance that sets Yorkshire apart from other breeds but its brave, tenacious and bossy personality.


Yorkshire terrier is a miniature and relatively requires few calories in a day. However, it is essential that those few calories must contain the needed proteins the dog needs. Yorkshire needs sufficient minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates to maintain optimum energy.

An adult Yorkshire needs at least three meals per day.  A well-balanced meal is what keeps this dog growing and glowing.   If your pet develops some nutritional deficiencies, it would be difficult for you to make up for them later on.  Adding some dog vitamin supplements to your dog’s diet is beneficial to avoid this situation.

Often Used As An ESA Dog

Yorkshire Terriers are often used as emotional support animal dogs because of their small build. They make great support pets for many reasons (not just because they are cute!). You can learn more about making your dog and emotional support animal in this article ( Once your pet is classified as a legal ESA, you'll then be able to travel on airlines with your Yorkshire Terrier without having to pay an additional fee. 


Yorkshire’s long elegant coat is very much similar to woman hair and requires almost the same care.  The textured, wavy, and smooth coats are of different types. They can be silky, furry, straight, wavy, and glossy. Every type requires careful grooming.

Once you discovered the coat type of your pet, you need to inspect your pet’s coat if there is any mat.  Remember that these coats need daily brushing with a quality metal brush. Gently trim the hair covering the upper part to prevent eye irritation.  Pulling this hair into a topknot is another suitable way to avoid this. Moreover, weekly bathing is important for Yorkshire. You should perform regular checks on ears for signs of allergies and infections.


Two Yorkshire Terriers playing together

Despite its small size, Yorkshire requires exercise to maintain good health both physically and mentally.

The good thing about these dogs is some moderate exercises like small walk twice a day are enough to keep them healthy.

However, if you like to play with your pet, occasional small activities like ball chasing, running in the backyard are ideal.

Your pet can also participate in dog sports like agility and obedience to burn off the pent-up energy.


Yorkshire is its owner's pet. What this means is that its endearing love for its owner is appreciable, and it shows in its subservience. The breed always follows commands and exhibits an excellent learning willingness.  You can offer effusive praise and occasional treats to train it.

Yorkshire may get stubborn if you treat them harshly while training them. It is better to expose a pup too early socialization sessions to make it familiar with different atmospheres.  


Screening plays a crucial role in identifying health problems in Yorkshire. The health conditions like luxating patella, and eye anomalies and trick knee- dislocated kneecap are common in Yorkshire terriers.  

To avoid these symptoms, you must visit your veterinarian at least once a month.  Plus, watch your tiny dogs for long jumping from dangerous height especially if you own a Yorkshire pup.

Following are the recommended tests for Yorkshire Terriers:

  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Patella Evaluation

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Yorkshire has the big-town attitude that makes it a popular breed in America. The dog is hypoallergenic and usually lives long. It requires high-maintenance, but if you know how to do it, you do need a professional groomer. It loves close companionship with its owner and makes a good little watch dog. Adopt one of these lovable dogs today!