Emotional Support Animal For PTSD

For people who have been veterans or have children who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), there is a new solution to their issues. Veterinary science is offering unique animals to help them through the process. The animals used in this therapy are called the Emotional Support Animal for PTSD.

What an ESA does is bring comfort and calmness to the patient while they go through the painful process of PTSD. This healing pet is a great therapy pet any kind of disorder.

Guy Holding Therapy Animal

There are many situations where an emotional support animal would be most appropriate. If a child was abused or witness to an act of violence, the dog or cat may be able to help the child feel better. If someone has been the victim of a DUI or have been the victim of domestic violence a therapy pet would be the best choice. ESAs for PTSD can offer the patient a friend to talk to, comfort, and to teach them that life is not always bad.

How An ESA Will Help You

Animals are the most appropriate to offer emotional support to people who have been traumatized. This is because no two people are alike and there are so many different types of mental health conditions or traumas that can happen.

An emotional support animal gives the patient comfort and teaches them how to deal with the situation at hand. Some pets that are used for these services are therapy pets, therapy dogs, sighthounds, therapy cats, and therapy horses. The states are responsible for licensing these animals and it is illegal to provide a service animal to someone if their license is revoked.

An emotional support animal should have certain qualities that make them a good choice. They must be house trained, have good manners, have no aggressive tendencies, and be calm. The paperwork for obtaining an emotional support animal should include the patient’s name, address, phone number, veterinarian information, and a written statement from the patient stating that they require an emotional support animal.

The best time to find out if a patient needs this type of service is when they are in the process of getting a divorce and are worried that they may lose their four legged friend. Pets can bring a great amount of happiness and joy to any home.

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If the patient is unable to find an emotional support pet that is right for them, then they may want to consider getting a recommendation for a PTSD animal. There is a lot of information on how to apply for an emotional support animal letter. The most important thing is that the patient tells the truth about their diagnosis and what they need. They don’t have to lie, but they do have to be brief.

Filling up a twenty-four-page ESA application with false details will not be approved.

Amazing Support From ESAs

If someone in your life has recently been in a terrible situation, and is feeling the effects of it every day, they may benefit from having an emotional support animal. The benefits of having a support animal for someone with post-traumatic stress disorder are endless.

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They help reduce feelings of isolation and depression and improve moods and behaviors. When deciding if an emotional support animal is right for you or your loved one, talk with your local vet for more information on support animals and how to create the right one for your specific needs.