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Carrying Your Dog Can Be Stylish and Easy, Too!

July 9th, 2018
Carrying Your Dog Can Be Stylish and Easy, Too!

How much does your furry friend mean to you? If you truly adore your pet, you want to go places with them, and so you need something to carry them in. Being able to bring your pooch to the grocery shop is exciting, and a dog backpack carrier makes your life so much easier. There are also moments your small dog isn’t feeling well or simply wants to stay by your side. A pet sling is an ideal solution in such situations. This accessory frees your hands and allows you to perform other tasks as your pup rests comfortably in it.

Benefits of a Dog Carrier Sling

A dog gets tired when forced to walk long distances, especially when it is a puppy. Some people can even step on them unintentionally and, in worst cases, kick them when they block the way. You should treat your pet dog like a baby and carry them when your attention is placed elsewhere. A pet sling contains a huge pocket and a shoulder strap. Once the animal is in the shoulder bag, they ride freely and safely, and you can go wherever you want with your dog or cat. Here are the reasons you should consider small dog carriers:

Durable and stable 

You can multitask without worrying about dropping your furry friend.

Easy to clean

They are machine washable so you can have them looking smelling fresh again after use.

Hands-free carriage 

You get more freedom to perform other chores as your pet stays safe in the sling.


Unlike typical dog strollers, slings are made out of light fabric which you can wear as you do with a scarf. You can keep them in your tote bags, and no one will notice.


You can adjust the fit as your canine grows old.


Slings are definitely cheaper than common carriers in the market.


They are not only functional but also super-stylish. You can choose from a variety of designs to complement your outfit or personal style. Most are made of cotton material hence the design possibilities are endless.


If your pet gets anxious in crowds, a pet sling is the best way to make your dog feel protected.

Convenient sizes

The pouch works well for all pets below 10 pounds. But the strap is adjustable in order to fit different shoulder sizes and position the pet as required. If your dog weighs more than 10 pounds, you might want to shop for a dog carrier backpack.


They distribute the load evenly across the body of the owner. It becomes easier to hold puppies for longer periods of time. The strap can even be switched from one shoulder to the other.

Note that most slings are made for very small dogs, who weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. If your dog is larger than this, you’ll probably want to look for a backpack-style carrier.

Important Things to Look For in a Pet Sling

Before you can select the best options on the market, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. So how do you choose a fondle pet sling?

  1. The material
    If you want your pets to ride comfortably for lengthier periods, you need a comfy backpack. The best options are cotton and fleece materials. Polyester is another cozy fabric to consider. A snug sling soothes your pet even when the weather is unfavorable.
  1. Collar clips
    These can be metallic or plastic clips designed to secure your puppy in the pouch. They prevent him from jumping out. But they are only meant for emergency backup. They are used in together with harnesses as opposed to dog collars thus preventing common neck injuries.
  1. Zippers and closures
    A safety clip is important, but you also want another closing mechanism for extra security and containment. Zippers close the bag while some slings incorporate snaps, Velcro, and buttons instead. With these closure systems, your small dog gets to stick out his head while you cinch a zipper behind him. However, there are particular zippers you should avoid if your pup has long hairs. You need something that won’t snag your pet.
  1. Straps
    High-quality slings come with adjustable straps to give the ultimate fit. These straps use buckles or metal rings to adjust the length. These features are extremely important for average-height pet owners.
  1. Comfort pads
    To help you feel comfortable, some slings incorporate a padded shoulder strap. And for the sake of your pup, some manufacturers incorporate thick pads and cushions at the bag bottom. The pads protect the pouch from the dog’s paws.
Jack Russell Terrier inside pet tote on green grass

What are the Best Dog Slings on the Market?

The bags we are about to unleash are top-rated. Their unique designs ensure that you get an impeccable service without a hassle. Besides carrying your puppies, you can use them to carry pet dolls.

Alfie Chico Reversible Sling

Are you looking for a dog carrier with the latest features? This product comes with a reversible sling, giving you the convenience and the style you just need. Alfie Chico Sling is 9 inches deep and can accommodate any dog that weighs 12 pounds and below. It is made up of cotton and fleece, so it is machine washable and cozy.

Even though there are two versions of the pouch, one with adjustable straps and another without, we recommend the adjustable strap design for the sake of comfort. This version uses a big metal ring which enables you to switch to a strap length of anywhere between 14″ and 35″. This should allow you to get a secure fit regardless of your body size. Additionally, there is a safety collar hook that protects your puppy in this machine washable pouch. The other thing you will love about this adjustable sling is the diversity of color patterns so you can go with the one that suits your preference.


  • Durable and well-made design
  • It still works for dogs that exceed the weight capacity
  • Machine washable


  • The metal ring fastener can hurt your shoulder or neck

Lazy Legs Adjustable Pet Carrier

It is not easy to come by a great dog sling, but the Lazy Legs is one of a kind. You can carry your puppy with it while indoors or when taking a walk in the park. The strong 100% cotton material makes it easier to transport your animal in a clean pouch since it is machine washable. Cotton is one of the softest fabrics hence it is perfect for small pets that need extra care. Just make sure they are 30 pounds or less.


  • Has a padded shoulder strap for comfort
  • Made of sturdy 100% cotton canvas
  • Padded edges that soothe your pet
  • It can be washed in the machine
  • Incorporates a tether clip for added security
  • It distributes the weight of your dog or cat evenly
  • It has drawstrings for a snug fit


  • Cannot handle pets that weigh more than 30 pounds
  • The drawstring is not comfortable to use

FurryFido Pet Sling

FurryFido Pet Sling is designed for dogs that weigh up to 15 pounds. If you compare furryFido with other sling models in the market, its weight limits are more impressive. Even a 16-pound puppy can fit perfectly in this pouch, according to the manufacturer. It is made up of cotton and comes with a wider strap for maximum support. The wide straps mean that the weight of your furry friend is distributed evenly across your shoulders. It is a safe yet straightforward, making it easier for you to transport your pooch for extended periods without getting shoulder bruises. Since it has a reversible design, you can match it with your outfit color accordingly. You will find it helpful for a myriad of activities such as hiking, housework, shopping, and running errands.

FurryFido considers the quality of the material seriously before designing dog carriers. The sling is constructed of the softest cotton you will ever come across. So, it cannot agitate your pet even if they hang on to you for more extended periods of time. To add to the safety of your pet, furryFido includes a seatbelt featuring 2 latches to wrap around the dog.


  • It is made of high-quality jersey cotton
  • Has a reversible design for style versatility
  • It can be machine washed
  • It is comfortable for both pets and their owners


  • The strap length is not suitable for short people (under 5’4 ft.)

PYRUS Dog Sling

Here is another innovative small dog sling. It comes with top-notch features that work well for both pet owners and their animals. For instance, it has an extra pocket with a zipper where you can keep a kitty for your puppy or other items like keys, phones, or treats. Made of felt cotton, you are guaranteed of an easy clean-up time, whether with your hands or washing machine. Moreover, the material is ultra soft, cozy, durable, and soothing to your canine baby. In essence, it is the most practical pet carrier bag

Pyrus Dog Sling review would be incomplete without mentioning the ventilation window of the bag. It is a breathable mesh that helps to maintain a cool space when temperatures rise. Also, your puppy enjoys fresh air thanks to the openings that also help to prevent dampness. The pouch’s straps are adjustable so you can put it on at the right height for your size. At the bottom of the sling is a machine-washable removable fleece pad for optimal comfort of your little dog.


  • High-quality features for the comfort of both the pet and its owner
  • Extra pocket for holding other accessories
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • The bottom pad is a little flimsy, but a rigid platform can be inserted below the pad

Bro’Bear i’Pet

Are you dealing with a sick or anxious puppy? You don’t need to stress yourself about leaving it behind while you run your errands because a reversible Bro’Bear iPet dog carrier will be the best solution. With this pet bag, your pet will enjoy your cuddles while you do other things. The sling is designed for small dogs weighing at most 12 pounds. The smooth cotton-polyester material that makes up the bag comes with two distinct colors on both sides.

The best thing about the material is how easy it is to clean. You can dip the carrier in your washing machine and reuse it as soon as possible to ensure that your small animal rides in a clean material all the time. We are not talking about low-grade cheap polyester. It is high quality, thick, and sturdy polyester. To prolong the lifespan of the carrier, use cold water to clean it as hot water tends to resize it.


  • Soft fabric that offers the best comfort to your puppy
  • It can be reversed to suit your style
  • It comes with a safety color to keep your puppy from jumping out
  • It is machine washable


  • The shoulder straps don’t adjust

Timetuu BUY Dog Sling

Timetuu BUY is a top-notch puppy carrier which features everything pet owner dreams of. Its adjustable shoulder straps accommodate just any size of a body. Whether you are tall or short, Timetuu dog sling is designed for you and your pet. The carrier features a thick padding at the bottom plus sturdy buckles you can use to adjust the strap length. You don’t need to use ties or rings because it has all you need.

Timetuu is specifically designed to accommodate a small dog well, so you don’t need the leash when walking around. The attractive machine-washable dog sling has a spacious pocket where you can keep your wallet or keys, and the zipper will keep them from falling out. It is further secured with a collar clip to confine your pup.

While Timetuu comes in one size, you can choose from 3 different colors combinations i.e. white/ /orange/ brown; ruby/orange; and grey/white/blue. Even though the manufacturer doesn’t specify the weight limit, the sling accommodates well small pooches of up to 12 pounds.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to attain a good fit with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Excellent customer service from the brand


  • Minor concerns about the size

Inviktus Oxford Cloth Dog Cat Carrier

The Inviktus cat carrier is a breathable pet bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. A strong pinch clip is located at the bottom so it cannot hurt your shoulders unlike most sling buckles can hurt your chest or shoulders. To keep your pet locked out completely, the sling comes with a 7” zipper for a firm grip. Luckily, you don’t have to complain about the same old size or color because the Inviktus Oxford Cloth Cat Carrier offers three sizes and two colors so you can choose your preferential design.

The biggest size dog carriers can accommodate 13-pound pets. You will be particularly happy with the sling if you own a smaller dog breed even as small as a 5-pound pup. It will keep your small dog warm and soothed thanks to the wool interior. Also, there is a small pocket on the side in which you can keep small items. Since the sling is not bulky, you can even wear it under your coat. It works so well for transporting pets, but it is also a wonderful bag for running errands.


  • Constructed in a robust Oxford fabric
  • It has a 7” zipper
  • Comes with adjustable strap
  • Holds pets of up to 13 pounds


  • You must check the measurement before ordering lest you get the wrong one

HITOP Pet Sling Carrier

This is a small dog sling carrier measuring 9″ deep, 15″ wide and 23 long. This high-quality pet bag, made of cotton-polyester ensures long-lasting comfort, and you can take your furry friend for a walk without any worries. According to the manufacturer, its capacity is 12 pounds of weight. As far as the color is concerned, you can choose between pink, black, and blue while the plaid matches the opposite color. Customers who have used the sling say that it is not only practical but very safe for taking pets in public places. HITOP carrier will protect your pet from being hit accidentally by ruthless pedestrians thereby giving you peace of mind.


  • It is reversible
  • Ample storage space for 12-pound dogs (9 inches by 15 inches)
  • Soft material
  • Features a safety collar
  • Machine washable


  • It is not thick enough for dogs over 12 pounds’
  • There is no way to adjust shoulder straps

Safety Tips for Carrying Your Pets Around

Taking your pup with you to a shopping center should not be a risky activity. There are some safety guidelines you must follow, however, to ensure maximum safety. In case the dog suffers a minor injury as you carry him, he cannot feel safe in the bag. So, here is what you should do.

Use the collar clip all the time: if you don’t want the pup jumping and running out of the bag, make sure that he is secured with the collar clip. Instead of using a dog collar, use a harness to secure your pet. That way, there are low chances of injuries.

Zip the zippers and snap the snaps before putting the sling in the washing machine: this will prevent breakages while the bag is in the washer or dryer.

Inspect the sling for weak areas: look out for any signs of wear especially at the bottom where the puppy puts his claws. Check the sling properly during cleaning.

Clean your dog: you cannot maintain a clean sling if you never wash the dog. You must bathe the pooch regularly so that a wet dog smell doesn’t develop in the sling.

Buy the most suitable size: your dog carrier must not hamper your walking ability. It would be embarrassing if you trip or fall. So, make sure that you can stay upright when wearing it and while your dog is inside. It is important that you and the dog stay comfortable. Note that the main idea of the sling is to free your arms. Your legs should move freely as well.

Keep your dog in sight: you should position the sling in such a way that you can see your pet. Dogs are very mischievous, and you want to know what’s going on to avoid surprises. It is best to have the dog riding on your stomach or hip instead of your back.

Use a pee pad: some puppies have incontinence issues, and you want to maintain hygiene at the bottom of the pouch. Feminine hygiene products or another absorbent material comes in handy.

Add cardboard at the bottom: if your pup has sharp claws, the cardboard will keep it from tearing the soft material of the sling. The cardboard also helps to add some shape to the carrier. Also, trim your pup’s claws regularly to protect the soft fabric.

Check the temperature: specific sling materials make the dog sweat a lot. If you see the dog panting at a faster rate and sweating on his paws, you should consider giving him a break to cool off.

Take good care of the carrier: if you want it to last, you have to care for it accordingly. Wash it and repair damaged parts for it to look as good as brand new. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the material requires cold washing, don’t try hot water on it because it will deteriorate soon.

Wrap up

We highly recommend the PYRUS Dog Sling because it is one of the most innovative dog carriers with the most positive reviews on Amazon. It is hard to come by some of its exclusive features such as a breathable mesh and a pocket on the strap. It is also our best sling for budget and value for money. You can never go wrong with one of the eight slings. Just be sure to get one that best suits your needs.