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Moving Should Be Exciting For Both You & Your Pet

Emotional support animals are the latest form of treatment for people suffering from anxiety or other mental disorders. This treatment is indeed very effective and has gained momentum over the past decade. These animals are specially trained to support people when they go through bouts of depression or anxiety. Moreover, your personal pets can also be trained for this job.

It is quite difficult to maintain independent living while suffering from mental health issues. This is the reason these animals are trained to act a certain way while dealing with your cognitive issues.

ESAs help their owners combat anxiety depression and loneliness and will help calm your nerves during a chaotic situation. ESAs become an essential part of an individual’s life, they are even allowed on flights to help their owners with anxiety. Many areas that do not allow pets are obligated by law to admit emotional support animals for the well being of the person.
If you have an emotional support animal, you are probably living in an ESA friendly house. It is necessary that your ESA is taken care of and is living in good conditions. Changing a living space can be stressful and you might not consider the living conditions of your ESA while selecting a new house. This can pose serious issues for your ESA and your own mental health. Make sure all your bases are covered when searching for a new house.

Here are a few conditions that you need to consider if you own an emotional support animal.

  • The law

There are housing societies that often prevent the owner from keeping a pet in their house due to a “no pets “policy. Landlords and property owners are often not aware of the need for an emotional support animal. Try and get an accommodation that allows pets to stay with you.

If you find a suitable location that is closer to your workplace or closer to your therapist and it has a no pet’s policy, you can always request a letter from your physician or therapist that emphasizes the importance of your ESA. Upon receiving the doctor’s note most landlords allow the emotional support animal to stay with you.

  • Be considerate

cute dogSome landlords or areas cannot accommodate a pet or any animal no matter what. There may be many constraints that compel the owners to do so.  Not all societies can bend their rules to allow your ESA to stay with you. Be considerate and move to another area that allows ESAs to stay with you. It is preferable that you choose a house that allows your companions to stay with you while at the same time you must also ensure that your pet does not bother anybody else.

  • Correct documentation

Doctors often provide you with the prescription that allows you to get an ESA. This is sometimes enough, but when changing your house or looking for a new one it is necessary that you have all the required documentation.

Bottom Line

While choosing a new place to live make sure that the living conditions are suitable for your ESA. If your ESA is a dog choose an area that has a dog park close by. Changing places can sometimes confuse or affect you ESA in a negative manner, make them feel safe.  An abrupt move can be detrimental, take them with you on your round to view houses.

A well-kept ESA will ensure a good support system for you. They need to be taken care of and provided with a healthy lifestyle. Animals can also be affected by anxiety and depression if treated badly.

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