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Canines Can Eat Organic, Too?!

Just like us, getting organic, chemically safe, and locally grown food for our enjoyment, dogs love eating such feasts the same way. And even if your dogs don’t share the same palate, at least you as a pet owner will be satisfied knowing your dog gets to eat abetter, healthier alternative with natural dog food that is organic.

Nowadays, most organic dog foods provide a balanced blend of flavor and nutrition. Even so, whether your dog prefers dry dog food or wet dog food, it can still be intimidating picking the right food choice for your canine friend. If you’re switching to organic, then choosing from the best organic dog food options is important. This article will help you choose the right high-quality dog food from some of the best picks of 2019.

Organic Dog Foods Rated

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best organic dog food reviews of 2019 for pet owners to look through.

Honest Kitchen Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen lives by its name by providing good, honest food for your dog companions. As one of the most loved dog food brands, the company’s manufacturers directly produce organic dog food for quality assurance.The grain-filled chicken formula is one of the best organic dog food products out there for dogs of all life stages. Its recipe consists of one-source meat and different organic ingredients, and the addition of fruits is also a unique twist.

The nutritional content of the high-quality dog food is admirable, with the protein to fat ratio being well-balanced to keep energy levels of the body in check. It also has a generous amount of fiber, vitamin,and minerals. This makes the food one of the most ideal food options in term of nutrition.

In addition, the kibble has a wonderful taste with chicken being its ingredient. The formula can help with improving metabolism since it contains the right fatty acids and fibers for dogs. If your pup has allergies or poor immunity, then this is the right pick.

In conclusion, Honest Kitchen’s whole-grain food is ideal for any dogs that don’t respond well to other packaged foods. Since this meal type includes high-quality organic ingredients as well as natural additives. It also meets the nutritional needs of about every canine regardless of age, size, or breed.


  • Affordable
  • check
    Moderate amount of protein
  • check
    Human-grade ingredients
  • check
    No recalls
  • check
    Great for a shiny coat
  • check
    Added fruits


  • Hard to digest

It’s hard to come by dog food that isn’t filled with useless grains or ingredients that add no flavor or nutrition to your dog’s meal. Merrick as a manufacturer sees this dilemma and offers a solution by providing a 100% grain-free option for any pups with allergies or higher protein needs.

This dog food has a whopping 70% real meat formula, with only 30% ingredients having plant-based origins. The remaining formula is fortified with added vitamins for better health as well as energy levels.The main source of the carbs relies on the use of sweet potatoes that are healthy as well as tasty. Meanwhile, the meat contains a mix of fresh meat and chicken meal.

Protein isn’t the only important nutrient in this mix. Furthermore, the dog food also has a ton of nutritious fats that dogs require to maintain their health and for.Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids make up the real bulk of the fat while chondroitin and glucosamine also ensure that your dog gets all the nutrients it needs. With such balance, Merrick ensures its place as one of the best organic dog food choices.


  • Works for all breeds of all sizes
  • check
    Grain-free formula is ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities
  • check
    High-quality ingredients
  • check
    Made in the USA
  • check
    Added vitamins and minerals


  • Not all ingredients are locally produced
  • ban
    A few dog owners complain of their pets having loose stools

Newman’s Own is known to be one of the best organic dog food brands out there.Its Adult Dog Formula continues the name by upholding quality and taste. It has a good balance of high-quality animal protein along with organic, fulfilling ingredients like grains, vegetables,and legumes.

One of the attractive features of the food is the absence of any antibiotics or other chemical additions in the kibble mix. The meal does not need to rely on artificial preservatives, or any added colors and taste. It also has no wheat, corn,or protein by-products, which is great for dogs with sensitivities. Instead, the mix contains added minerals and vitamins, giving dogs a nutritionally packed meal.

Furthermore, chicken is the main ingredient, after which you have whole grains like barley, brown rice, etc. All these ingredients are all-natural and highly nutritious, with quality guarantee. All in all, this adult dog formula boasts a good nutritious balance with 21% protein, which makes it the ideal option for dogs.


  • Moderate protein content
  • check
    Well-balanced diet
  • check
    Added vitamins and minerals


  • Comparatively less moisture

TruDog is a company that promises true meat sources and protein ingredients, a quality not found in many dog food producers. The fiber intake with its meal is much better than that with average products. This makes it great for dogs in all stages of life.The company also boasts the absence of any synthetic or artificial grains, so as not to corrupt the nutritional content of the meal.

The real meat formula also contains plenty of fats to provide energy that most dogs will enjoy. Even so, it is much better suited for dogs that are comparatively more active. The percentage of healthy fat is very important for active canines that need more energy rather than pups that don’t take part in any activity at all.

Moreover, the meal looks to provide a good deal of protein and minimal carbs to add to its nutritional value. In comparison, it has a higher level of fat in the formula than other organic dog foods which may be bad for some dogs.Even so, the protein level pretty much makes up for this one small nutritional defect.

What’s great about this dog food is the taste that dogs seem to thoroughly enjoy.Young, hyper, and active pups can definitely gain from this nutritious meal. Since most dog owners tend to have such pooches, it’s no wonder a lot of them consider TruDog to be one of the best organic dog food brands.


  • Low carb content
  • check
    High-quality meat
  • check
    Popular with pet owners
  • check
    Moderate levels of protein


  • Recalled once for salmonella infections
  • ban
  • ban
    High-fat content
  • ban
    Not useful for large or old dogs

Nowadays, a lot of pet owners wonder why is pet food no longer simpler like it used to be.Newman’s Own makes sure to keep providing simple and healthy meals for dogs. This second meal option does just the trick. The Dinner for Dogs is one of the best wet food options. The delicious chicken as well as the brown rice flavor can be given to pooches of all ages and sizes.

One of the best things about the meal is that all the profits are actually given to charity. So, when you get Dinner for Dogs by Newman’s Own, not only does your dog get to enjoy a yummy and healthy meal, but you also get to help others in need get the same nutritious meals.

Some people find that the meal has sometimes shown inconsistency, which can cause problems if your dog has become attached to any previous recipes that have the original flavor. Also, the company tends to have some problems with packaging and shipping which results in cans being dented. As a result, this makes the food comparatively expensive when some of the products come out defective.

Even with such inconsistencies, the flavor and nutritional value more than makeup for them. In the end, your pup gets to enjoy one of the best organic dog food options on the market. If you’re looking for a good organic food alternative, this one’s a good bet.


  • High protein content
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Great for dogs of all ages


  • Formula has inconsistencies
  • ban
    Occasionally out of stock

Why Go Organic

Now that organic dog foods are becoming more popular, dog owners are starting to consider their benefits. Are organic diets really better for pets? We all wish for healthy, content dogs, but is spending more money on food worth it? Here are the reasons to consider going organic:

1. Prevention of skin diseases and allergies. Organic ingredients can give your dogs the best defense against infections and skin diseases in the long run.

2. Higher nutritional value. Organic dog food has a higher quality of both proteins and grains, using better food sources for the food. This boosts your pet’s immune system to help keep your dog healthier.

3. Fewer digestive disorders. Better sources of fiber and grains with an absence of chemicals and artificial additives make the food easy to digest.

How to Pick the Best Organic Dog Food

Certain features will catch your eye when you search through different organic foods for your dog.You may prefer the texture of the food or be attracted by the tagline. You need to be wary of such marketing strategies and find the ideal choice that suits you and your dog. That’s why you need to consider certain factors when finding the best organic dog food.

What to Look for in Organic Food

1. Nutrients

Nutritional value is the most crucial feature to consider when choosing any organic food for dogs. Dog food containing high-quality ingredients will always fulfill the appetite and needs of your dog.The necessary nutrients include proteins, carbs, minerals, vitamins, as well as fatty acids. All these nutrients are needed in a different, balanced amount. The right nutritional balance is what you should look for.

2. Allergies

Every pup does not react in the same way when eating the same meals. Some pooches can be allergic to things like whole grains, chicken, beef, and dairy, etc. As a dog owner, you need to be aware of these allergies.Dogs can eat almost anything that you feed them, which makes it your duty to find the ideal dog food for your pet to ensure no allergies hurt him.

3. Preference

All dog foods will not always be to your dog’s liking. Canines, like all other animals, have their own preferences. Some dogs enjoy the softness of wet food, while others prefer the taste of dry food. You need to see what food types your dog enjoys. Also, keep an eye on texture, moisture, flavor, and kibble size.

4. Brand

When you come across any organic dog food that seems to be ideal to you but gets fewer buyers or has manufacturing inconsistencies, then it’s best to avoid that product. Read through other best organic dog food reviews to see the different brands available to you, and find the ones best rated for use.

5. Budget

Pet food can become expensive. Feeding your canine family member every month will definitely add to your grocery costs. If you have to work around your budget, it’s important to find the right option. Don’t be fooled by marketing. You can just as easily get high-quality food for the right cost. You just have to find it.

With all that said. affordable brands that also provide the right level of nutrition can be hard to find on the market. You shouldn’t skimp on good dog food just to save a few extra bucks. Make sure to compare different rates and brands to find the right one for you.

Things to Avoid in Organic Dog Food

1. Meat By-Products

Meat products that are infected can make dogs sick. Poultry, for example, can potentially carry salmonella or bird flu. This is easily avoided by going for foods that contain fresh meat types or real meat products, instead of those that have artificial or potentially harmful meat by-products.

2. Manufacturing Date

Find yourself a fresh pack from the counter in any store, as there may be a packet that has an expired manufacturing date on it. Stocking these packets in large numbers is why people come across expired foods on the rack. Getting an older manufactured packet adds the greater risk of the meal tasting bad or uninteresting to your dog.

3. Holes in the Packaging

While transporting and storing in different warehouses, some packs are spoiled, ruined, or damaged during the process. In such situations, bugs, dirt or other contaminants can get in the bags and ruin the meals. So, make sure to avoid all packs that have holes, even if they seem small enough to ignore. Don’t take any chances.

4. Marketing

We’ve already discussed the problems with brand marketing. Companies offering their meals know how to gain the interest of pet owners. In addition, they advertise their foods by claiming their organic ingredients are real and natural.

You won’t find out the truth until you try the meals out yourself. But exaggerated advertisements can confuse certain pet parents when they’re choosing the right product for themselves. If you want to find the best organic dog food product for yourself, make sure to get reviews and ratings.

5. Unknown Ingredients

When choosing your dog food, you have to learn and comprehend the ingredients list and guarantees placed on the back of the foods. Any ingredients in the list that are artificial or unknown can be additives, preservatives, or chemicals that add nothing to the nutritional value and only cause more harm to your dogs.

6. Low Fiber

Fiber is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. It helps boost metabolism and keep the dog’s bowels healthy and working.Also, it makes digestion and bowel movements easier and healthier. A large amount of fiber also helps keep skin healthy, so dogs can avoid any skin diseases or disorders.

In a lot of dog food, fiber from cheap food sources like peas will not help improve the nutritional importance of the food while the food quality is reduced as well. So, just because dog food has fiber in it doesn’t mean it’s the right one. Be sure to avoid such low-fiber packets.

7. Cheap Protein Ingredients

Animal protein is always considered superior to plant proteins for canines. While they are nutritionally important, plant proteins can’t provide the same repair, healing, or muscle buildup compared to animal protein sources. If you see that food packets how higher plant protein amounts than animal protein ones, it’s best to avoid such foods.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the products we’ve mentioned can fulfill any dog’s needs. That being said, you’ll have to do the research to see which one is the best organic dog food for your pup. After comparing and contrasting the different dog foods listed above, we concluded that the Honest Kitchen Dog Food is the best option.

Honest Kitchen offers the ideal protein-carb ratio, plenty of fats, vitamins, and other nutrients, and has no previous history of any recalls. It comes at a reasonable price, and suits dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. We hope our recommendations help you and your pup stay happier and healthier.

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