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Dental Treats and Chews Every Dog Will Bark For

When you have a dog in the family acting just like a family member, you have to be careful about its activities and habits as well. As a pet owner it is in your hands to make your dog’s life boring or interesting. Your dog likes treats just like you do but you have to understand what type of treat will make your dog really happy. There is more fitting to busy your dog than a chew or dental treat. There are an overwhelming number of dog treats and chews on the market. Here are the ones that your dog will love the most.


Yak Milk Chews

Prepared from Yak milk, these chews are often made in a very hard form. They are available in many sizes so you can buy them for different breeds of dogs. The odor is very unnoticeable but the most interesting thing about this treat is that you can microwave it to make it a completely different treat for your dog. This technique is often used by dog owners whose dogs don’t like to chew on hard things.

yak milk chew


This is a very popular type of dog chew available in varying thicknesses and sizes. In most cases, one rawhide chew for your dog should keep him/her busy for at least half an hour. However, it is important that you look for chews that are small in size and thickness because large chunks of these chews might not get digested by your dog properly. If they swallow big chunks and it clogs their digestive system, your dog will have to have a surgery to get rid of the problem.

rawhide dog chew bones

Raw Bones

Who does not know how much dogs love raw bones. However, just like humans, dogs can also have flavor preferences. They will not go all that crazy for every raw bone you throw at them. An important suggestion here is to pick bones that have not gone through cooking or baking. Cooked bones can crack easily and shards of the bones can be swallowed by the dog. When looking for raw bones, you will come across bleached bones. Some dogs like bleached bones others will not even come close to them. You can also pick marrow bones because most dogs seem to love them. However, their interest level stays up for only as long as there is marrow in the bone.


Dogs love antlers and they can enjoy different flavors when it comes to antlers. When you go shopping for antlers, you will come across elk, deer and moose antlers the most. You will have to do some trials to find out which ones are the favorite of your dog. Antlers might seem hard but they are not as hard as bones. If you are a dog owner who seriously cares about dental injuries to your dog, you should prefer antlers over bones. Pit bulls seem to love antlers more than other breeds of dogs. It is best that you offer small antlers to small sized dogs to keep their interest in them.

elk antler for dog


Bully Sticks

While humans will react in all sorts of funny ways when you tell them what bully sticks are made of, your dog will not flinch for a second before he/she digs into this treat. For your information, bully sticks are prepared from the bull penis, and dogs seem to love them. They are one of the treats with an odor but it is this odor that really attracts dogs toward bully sticks. When left in open air, bully sticks become stiff and hard. To keep your dogs chewing on them, you might want to give bully sticks a 10-minute bath in water before you offer them to your dogs.

bully sticks

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