Which Dog Breed Will Suit You Best

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Which Dog Breed Will Suit You Best March 17th, 2017

Which Dog Breed Will Suit You Best

Dogs can satisfy our needs for love, affection and companionship as they are considered the best possible substitutes of a human best friend. Dogs share a unique bond with humans and are ideal for keeping their owners happy and emotionally stable during tough times. Dogs can actually do more than just help relieve the loneliness that people experience when they are having trouble expressing their emotions.

Almost all breeds of dogs are considered good for becoming emotional support animals, provided there is an appropriate daily routine designed for them to provide good emotional support. However, there are certain dog breeds that make better ESAs than others. Different breeds have distinctive characteristics and that’s why each breed has its own personality traits. Care must be taken while selecting a dog if you are choosing one to help you deal with your emotional disabilities rather than physical shortcomings.

There are certain dogs that have an incredible temperament which makes them good companions. Knowing this information helps you know which dog breed will suit you the best. Since dogs need a lot of interaction and playtime to behave well, short-tempered dogs may be emotionally taxing on you. In extreme cases, aggression may even lead to an injury or emergency.

The right way to choose a dog breed that will suit you best for overcoming your emotional issues is to go for a breed that is playful but not overly energetic. Emotional support animals should love but also independent and low maintenance. Here are different kinds of dog breeds which offer great support and companionship to their handlers.

Labrador Retriever

Pros: Active, easily trained and loyal

Cons: Need space and can suffer from joint and hip problems

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pros: Great for apartments and affectionate

Cons: Although they are easy to train, they require extensive grooming and can succumb to heart issues.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pros: This breed is playful, easily maintained and good with children. So, if you have a big family, this breed can be a nice addition to your home.

Cons: Their fighting ancestry may require significant management from the owner.


Pros: Pugs are portable, adaptable and have a positive temperament

Cons: They can suffer from breathing issues and are not good in heat.

Golden Retriever

Pros: This breed loves to swim and is athletic

Cons: They require grooming and are good for apartments.


Pros: Loving, clean, athletic and affectionate.

Cons: Requires space and are not well with small children


Pros: Poodles make great family dogs as they are adaptable and have a long life-span.

Cons: They may require professional grooming


Dog sitters walking their customersSince dogs have a positive and warm personality, they support the well-being of people who are not emotionally well. Dogs are also great for helping people who have physical disabilities as certain dogs are trained to make 911 calls, switch off lights and fetch belongings. Even though individuals greatly benefit from the dogs they keep, they must not forget the needs of their animals. Some individuals suffering from an emotional crisis can tend to neglect the needs of their pets and emotional support animals. Dogs must be provided adequate food and should be kept hydrated at all times.

Dogs of all breeds are capable of not only warming hearts but can sense when their owners are going through times of depressions and sadness. This is why dogs offer great support to people who consider themselves emotionally normal and fit. From accommodating people with physical disabilities to providing comfort to individuals going through times of emotional distress, dogs prove that no matter what happens, they will always be man’s greatest friend.