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Cute Walking Corgsky

The Attractive Mix: A combination of Husky and Corgi

The Dog Breed to Die For: Corgi Husky Mix

Whether you are a dog person or not, there will come a time when you will meet this fantastic bundle of personality and rethink your choices in life.

To explain it briefly this mix brings the characteristics of the Siberian husky and the cuteness of the corgi together in a compact package.

You can call this breed a corgsky, a horgi or siborgi, although our favorite is the corgsky.

This designer breed combines the most attractive features and characteristics of both breeds and presents to you a wonderful package of energy and joy.

The Appearance and Personality of A Corgsky

With most mix breeds the size, the height and the weight of the said dog will depend and vary according to its individual parents. If this mix grows to a medium size it is likely to grow anywhere from 13 to 15 inches and weigh around 20 to 50 pounds. But the short logs, you will spot them anywhere.

The striking markings of the husky, with a double coat colored grey and white, you will immediately come to the conclusion that this is a husky in a corgi’s body. While this mix maintains the signature corgi almond-shaped eyes and erect ears, it also keeps the short stout legs as a part of its appearance. Some may also carry the Auburn and fawn colors of the corgi breed.

This Doggo Is Fabulous

This dog breed is perfect for anyone, whether living in an apartment or with acres of land attached to their property. The corgi element makes it super easy for them to settle into a city lifestyle. Although they can get comfortable in a limited space they do not compromise on the amount of exercise they need.

This mix can adapt to its surroundings whether you raise them in a snow covered landscape or a sunny climate they will adapt. They are extremely sociable and intelligent; they train easy and will hardly give you any trouble. It is necessary to train them to be obedient and friendly when he is just a puppy.

Cold Weather

Both the breeds have thick fur coats. A husky usually has a double coat as its body is designed for colder environments. Even if your puppy is more of a corgi than a husky, it will still adapt to chilly climates like a pro.

Although they can survive in warmer climates, it is best to keep them in a place with moderate sunshine. They can be kept groomed and maintained to stay healthy in a warmer place, but their coat can cause overheating – which can lead to medical complications.

They require a fair amount of visits to the groomer as both these breeds shed quite heavily. They are not the best choice if you or your children suffer from respiratory issues or allergies such as asthma.

Husky Corgi Mix Dog Leaning on the Table

Their Lifespan

Corgskies are a healthy breed and will stay with you for 13 to 15 years. But there are a few health issues that can affect this breed. They are susceptible to skin and eye issues along with genetic conditions and congenital problems.

Their low-slung shape makes them vulnerable to hip dysplasia. Buying from a reputable breeder and weight maintenance along with a healthy diet can actually reduce the health risks significantly.

Their Attitude & Emotional Support Capabilities

These fun-sized huskies come with a tall personality. They are intelligent, playful and obedient creatures that fit right into a family with children. Training corgi mixes are relatively easy and they learn at a faster pace than other designer dogs. Because of their small size and intelligence, this dog breed is a great choice for those looking for an emotional support dog. This breed of K9 is a fan favorite for emotional support!​​

Some Pointers

Breeders for this mix may be difficult to come by, therefore do proper research and buy from an ethical breeder. Moreover, make sure to maintain their weight, diet and doctors visits throughout their lives.