Healthiest Dog Breeds

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Healthiest Dog Breeds March 22nd, 2018

Healthiest Dog Breeds

If you are a dog person, then you know how saddening the thought of their lifespan can be. Your time with your furry friend can greatly be affected by the health conditions that a breed may suffer. If you are planning on adopting a dog, here are a few of the breeds that are healthier compared to other breeds.


  • The Beagle

beagleBeagles can live for almost 15 years if they are treated well. They are playful and intelligent dogs who love to play with children and curl up next to their humans.



  • The German shepherd

If there ever was a perfect dog a German shepherd would be it. They are excellent watchdogs that are very protective of their humans and their property. They have high energy levels and love to spend time playing with children and adults alike. Their lifespan can go from 11 to 12 years depending on their health and adequate care. A German shepherd certainly means fewer trips to the vet over the years.


  • The English Foxhoun

american foxhound beagle mixIf you are looking for the perfect “family dog” then get yourself an English foxhound. They are curious little creatures who love a little exploration here and there. They will stay with their owners for up to 13 years if you keep up with their health and feed them well. They are also very affectionate and love attention.



  • English springer spaniel

Talk about a wise dog with kind eyes. These beautiful dogs possess a kind temperament and would enjoy a playful afternoon with adults and children. They are very easy to train and will stay with you until 15 years. Also, they are excellent swimmers.

  • Chihuahua

chihuahuaThis skeptical looking breed has earned quite a negative reputation due to unethical and irresponsible breeders practicing inbreeding. However, if you get your little friend from a responsible source, you will be surprised as to how resilient these tiny creatures are. These perfect lap dogs will stay with you for almost twenty years and love you with their heart and soul.

  • Azawakhs

The name makes them sound like mythical beings, which they may be in disguise. They are the calmest breed of dogs that you will ever come across. They have an old man’s soul and do not appreciate rowdy kids or cats around them. They do not like barking without reason and like spending time indoors. These wonderful companions will stay with you for almost 11 years.

  • Greyhounds

They extremely healthy dogs who love to play and have fun. They do not do well in cold climates as they are very lean and do not have thick coats. They are intelligent creatures who love to learn and obey. A well-kept greyhound will stay with you for almost 13 years. They are affectionate and love children.

  • Basenjis

This wonderful breed is also referred to as the barkless dogs as they do not like to bark very often. They are very easy to train and low maintenance. They hardly shed, which means that everything they touch does not turn into the hair. They are playful creatures who will stay with you for almost 12 years.

  • Labradors

labradorIf you own one or know anyone who owns a Labrador, all you will ever hear about this breed is praise. They are exceptionally intelligent and warm up immediately to people and other pets. They love being around children and playing a few rounds of fetch will make them happy. If well cared for, this wonderful breed will stay by your side for 13 years.