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norwegian cat resting

The Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat

Although referred to as a forest cat, this is a domestic breed that can easily be kept as a house pet. These magnificent cats belong to the Scandinavian region of northern Europe and have adapted quite well to the climate of that region.

The Norwegian cat

The creatures are absolutely stunning – if you had to define this breed in a single word. These gorgeous animals have a long glossy and water resistant coat of fur. But this is just the top layer; this feline’s fur has multiple layers that resonate with its native climate. The top layer has a smoother texture compared to a more wooly texture of the inner layer which mainly serves the purpose of keeping the cat insulated during harsh winters.

This cat is one of the larger breeds closely resembling the size of a Maine coon cat with a strong and sturdy body structure.

How large does it get?


norwegian forest catThere are stories about these gorgeous creatures being the companion of choice for Vikings. They used to adopt these wonderful creatures and keep them on board their ships to rid the ships of any rodents or mice that dared to roam a Viking ship.

Their size in comparison

A Norwegian forest cat can be well compared to many dog breeds such as pugs, dachshunds or Boston terriers. There are hardly any cat breeds besides the Maine coon cat that can be compared to the size of this cat. All domestic cat breeds are significantly smaller than this breed.

The Kittens

norweigan forest catIf you are planning to adopt a Norwegian forest cat than get a tiny kitten. They are the fluffiest little playful beans ever. A kitten from this species is no larger than that of a common domestic cat. They also do not mature as quickly as their counterparts and stay a playful fun loving cat for longer. Their true size can only be felt when they start maturing into adult- judgmental cats that we all know and love.

Their lifespan

This gorgeous breed will stay with you for almost fifteen years if taken care of properly. In their younger years, the kittens are more susceptible it heart health issues and kidney diseases than any other cat breed. Some irresponsible breeders may also practice inbreeding which leads to a condition known as Glycogen branching enzyme that leads to multiple health problems in this cat. The correct way to make sure that this condition does not occur; owners should get a DNA before breeding. Due to their large size, they even suffer from joint pains and other bone densities relate issues as they grow up.

As a pet

This wonderful cat is gentle and loving. They love attention from their owners and may even act out a little to get your attention. They are an excellent choice for families living in colder climates as they are wired for such an extreme weather. They will need quite a few trips to the groomers and you need to brush their furry coats almost every day.

They are fun-loving cats who love to sit on higher shelves because they also love their independence as much as they love all the attention. If you are planning to adopt one be sure that you are ready to commit to their care. The need to buy from a responsible breeder cannot be stressed enough in this case.


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