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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food

Ultimate Guide: Earthborn Holistic Canine Food

The Earthborn Holistic dog food brand offers a different marketing approach from its competitors in the industry. Their marketing slogan of loving your pet as you love your planet is backed with alliances and associations that live up to what the company says and believes in. How and why?

The company’s partnership with a program called UPCs for Trees has paved the way for trees to be planted every time a UPC code from the brand is returned. Recycling products to make them useful is another partnership formed by Earthborn with a program called TerraCycle. The company also practices what it teaches by manufacturing their dog food products using only various materials and methods that are friendly to the environment.

Only natural gas is used for all packaging products of Earthborn made in North America. The plastic end-product taken from the sugar ethanol from Brazil is used for packaging PlantBag of Earthborn’s Venture line. This means that the plastic bags used for dog food packaging is made up of more than 30% plastic that is naturally derived from a plant.

The company takes it one step further by using only 100% consumer content and soy ink in all their marketing shelf talkers, signs, and brochures.

About Earthborn 

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc is the main company behind Earthborn. The company also owns and processes Sportmix and ProPac pet foods. This family-owned company began its operations in 1926 and presently managed by the fourth generation of the family. Currently, their pet food processing facilities are located in Oklahoma, Illinois, New York, and Indiana.

Thailand makes the wet dog foods while the facilities in the United States manufacture all the dry dog food line. The wet dog food line of Earthborn has always been processed by US Pet Nutrition. US Pet Nutrition has moved their manufacturing processes to Thailand. This explains why the canned dog food line is made in Thailand.

2019 Earthborn Dog Food Coupons

Earthborn can be quite expensive compared to average dog foods currently available on the market. For instance, the Grain-free Holistic dog food line costs around $60 per bag while a Holistic Dry Food 28-pound bag has an average price of $55. Depending on the chosen recipe, Grain-free Holistic wet foods cost $5 for each tub. However, online pet stores and retailers often offer coupons to customers. Watch out for them to save money on the dog food line from Earthborn.

Review of Earthborn Holistic Ingredients and Types of Dog Foods

There are currently two formulas offered for the wet food, three formulas for the dry kibble, and a variety of treats.

All the wet/canned dog food line from Earthborn is guaranteed grain-free while the dry recipes offer both grain-inclusive and grain-free options. The formulas of all their dog food except the Primitive Natural Grain-free trademark are solely derived from plant products. This means that almost all dog food formulas of Earthborn are richly packed with nutritious vegetable and fruits.

However, the downside to the exclusive use of plant-based ingredients is because they won’t help to nourish your dog. The inclusion of ingredients such as tapioca, barley, and brown rice offers little nutritional value as well as pack in the carbohydrates.

Ingredients and Types of Dog Foods

The high-protein ingredients that are derived solely from plants are the big downside to the dog formula of Earthborn. These plant-based proteins are actually used as fillers by the other dog food brands. Dogs need meat for them to get the perfect protein requirements. Plant-sourced protein has an inferior quality compared to meat.

What your dog gets from every product from Earthborn are recipes that are free from meat by-products, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives, and corn. However, try as the company to avoid getting ingredients from China, it may inadvertently have because of the inclusion of certain vitamin subparts that may come from China.

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Earthborn Dry Food Formulas

Earthborn Dry Dog Food from the Holistic Line

The ingredients used for the Holistic line is focused on foods that provide the optimum nutrition for the dog’s growth and health. The recipes are loaded with grain products to include rye, barley, oatmeal, and brown rice.

  • Puppy Vantage
  • Adult Vantage
  • Small Breed
  • Paw
    Adult Vantage

Earthborn Dry Dog Food from the Venture Line

Grain-free recipes are what you get from all six formulas from the Venture line.

  • Chickpeas & Squid
  • Pumpkin & Alaska Pollock Meal
  • Butternut Squash & Turkey Meal
  • Paw
    Pumpkin & Duck Meal
  • Paw
    Butternut Squash & Pork Meal
  • Paw
    Pumpkin & Rabbit Meal

Dry Dog Food from the Grain-free Holistic Line

Overall health as well as meeting the demanding nutritional needs of canines is the main focus of the recipes found in this line. All these products are guaranteed grain-free.

  • Weight controll
  • Coastal Catch
  • Meadow Feast
  • Paw
    Great Plains Feast
  • Paw
    Primitive Natural
  • Paw
    Large Breed

Earthborn K95 Dog Canned/Wet Food 

The meat content percentage of each canned/wet dog food recipe from Earthborn is represented by the 95 number. This means that each canned recipe is made from protein-rich real meat. Minerals, nourishing vegetables, and vitamins are also added to the recipes to make each of them a meal packed with the right nutrition for canines.

  • K95 Turkey
  • K95 Beef
  • K95 Lamb
  • Paw
    K95 Chicken
  • Paw
    K95 Duck

Wet Dog Food from the Grain-free Holistic Line

Every recipe available on this line is packed in an 8 oz. resealable container. Ingredients used in this line include protein-rich meat, vegetables, and fruits to ensure optimal health for all canines.

  • Pepper’s Pot Roast Stew
  • Lily’s Gourmet Buffet in Sauce
  • Chip’s Chicken Casserole
  • Paw
    Toby’s Turkey Dinner in Gravy
  • Paw
    Duke’s Din-Din Stew

Dog Treats from Earthborn

The treats offered by Earthborn are grain-free. Each of the treats was created to match the taste and needs of every dog.

  • Cheese-Flavored EarthBites
  • Peanut-Flavored EarthBites
  • Moist Grain-Free
  • Paw
    Skin & Coat EarthBites
  • Paw
    Hip & Joint EarthBites
  • Paw
    Chicken Meal Recipe EarthBites
  • Paw
    Lamb Meal Recipe EarthBites
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This is probably the most popular dog food recipe from Earthborn. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is seen as a balanced, complete, and nutritious meal for all dogs regardless of life stages. This means that it is a safe dog food to feed seniors, adults, and puppies.

The recipe states a protein content of 34%. While this is a good number, knowing the source of the protein is more important.

The inclusion of bison meal as the first ingredient is a good one. Bison meal is a form of concentrated meat that provides more than 300% protein compared to fresh bison meat. Dogs are found to thrive well on an animal protein such as bison meal. The inclusion of lamb meal means that the recipe contains another concentrated meat form to provide dogs with proper nutrition. Another great addition is the egg, a highly digestible and protein-rich source that all canines need.

The third ingredient is pea protein, a plant-based protein. Occupying the third slot of ingredients in this particular recipe means that the larger percentage of protein comes from this source and not from the animal sources.

Pea protein and peas are the starch elements that bind the kibble. They may offer protein but their rich carbohydrate content makes them almost zero value when it comes to nutrition. Tapioca offers little to no nutrients as well while packing in the carbs.

The L-Carnitine ingredient is good as it helps canines to achieve lean muscles and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are invaluable for coat, fur, and skin.

Initial ingredients:

  • Dried Egg Product
  • Bison Meal
  • Pea Protein
  • Paw
  • Paw

The Final Verdict

While there are downsides to this formula, there are more upsides which can make us say that the product delivers on the claim. Customers have given this product great review for the delicious taste and the improved health of coat and skin. The best thing that probably worked for this formula is because it is soy-free, fish-free, corn-free, and wheat-free which are seen as chief causes for allergies and food sensitivities.

The Adult Vantage is a great choice to make when you want your adult dog to have the best nutrition. The focus of the recipe is on high-quality proteins along with other beneficial ingredients such as beta-carotene and L-Carnitine. The fact that it tastes so delicious is another plus factor for the recipe.

Chicken meal is the first listed ingredient and an excellent choice as this makes it the initial protein source. Chickenmeal contains more protein volume compared to fresh chicken products.

The inclusion of digestible carbs such as sweet potatoes, ground brown rice, oatmeal, rye flour, and ground barley are also good for they can provide your dog with dietary fiber that can help them achieve optimum digestion.

The fat sourced from chicken fat is a good addition than the ones sourced from flaxseed and canola. Animal-based products are always a better choice than plant-based ingredients when it comes to protein and fat. The controversy is with canola oil. It is because the oil can be sourced from rapeseed that has been genetically modified.

Yet, it has also been cited that essential omega-6 and omega-3 are derived from canola oil. However, plan-based sourced products are inferior compared to products that are sourced from animals. On the other hand, the inclusion of canola oil will not likely create a big controversy with this particular recipe.

What about tomato pomace? Some say that it is an ingredient that provides high nutrient and fiber content while others say it is a form of cheap fillers. Whatever the issue is, the small amounts of tomato pomace added to the ingredients may not make that much difference.


  • Total protein content, 32%
  • Total fat content, 13%
  • Total fiber content, 8%
  • Paw
    Total moisture content, 10%
  • Paw
    Total zinc content, 150mg/kg
  • Paw
    Total selenium content, 0.3mg/kg
  • Paw
    Total vitamin E content, 150IU/kg
  • Paw
    Total taurine content, 0.10%
  • Paw
    Total L-Carnitine content, 30mg/kg
  • Paw
    Total omega-6 fatty acids content, 2.4%
  • Paw
    Total omega-3 fatty acids content, 0.4%
  • Paw
    Total calories, 313kcal per cup serving

The Final Verdict

Overall, this recipe seems to provide all the nutritional needs of not only adult dogs but all life stages as well. The holistic approach of the company makes us see that they use only premium quality ingredients for their dog food products.

This conforms to the company’s belief that we should value our pets as much as we value our planet.

However, it must be remembered that dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies must not be given products such as this. This is why Earthborn also has a line of grain-free formulas that specifically answer the needs of dogs prone to stomach sensitivities and allergies.

Consumer Reviews

For a company that has been around for almost a century, having customer reviews is both a blessing and a curse. While it is possible to weed through older comments and to find ones that are recent, you will always have a lingering feeling that you may be reading about a product sold in the fifties. That is why it is important to compare the ingredients the company is listing with customer reviews, and then further compare these reviews with your specific situation.

Finally, Earthbound dog food is not the same food as it was half a century ago, as they are mixing new technologies and new knowledge about canine physiology with their ever-increasing experience. The final result is a very good product that is adequate for most dogs regardless of size or breed. Most online reviews focus mostly on the positives, with only a couple complaining about the Earthbound simplistic formula maybe being too simplistic.

The Good

While the company history might be the most interesting fact for an outside observer, it is not as important for pet owners. Most people are unaware of how long Earthbound is on the market and only know that they have been using them for a very long time. This is actually a good thing as it shows that customers are not biased to tradition, as well as that the company doesn't compromise with their products when the times get though.

The biggest selling point for Earthbound is their simple and ingenious formula that takes only the best ingredients and makes simple yet effective dog food. Having only a few ingredients has multiple benefits, main of which is that you will always know how much food to give to your furry friend. This scalability means that Earthbound is as good for toy breeds as it is for very large dogs.

The Bad

It is possible that many dogs became used to food that is tainted with human misconceptions. One of these misconceptions is the amount of dietary fiber anyone should consume, which is way less than advertised. Earthbound doesn't have as much fiber as other brands, nor does it try to have it. While this would be better for the metabolism of dogs that have only ever eaten this brand, switching from other brands may cause some issues. Many people reported mild diarrhea and gasses once they have turned to Earthbound from other brands.

Reports suggest that this can be resolved by adding some carrots or other fiber sources to the mix, solving all issues while still having the energy efficiency Earthbound is known for.

What to Look after?

Buying Earthbound is very simple, and there are no red flags in customer reports that should concern pet owners. The ingredients are all of good quality and have no artificial dyes and colors. The only thing you should check is if your dog has any allergies caused by specific animal protein and then avoids the formula that has that protein.

Finally, if you are able to gather coupons or buy in bulk, you should always take that chance. Premium dog food is the best thing you can give to your pet, but it can also get quite expensive, and it is best to take care of your budget as to ensure that you will always be able to treat your four-legged friend with the best meal available.

The Bottom Line

It has always been the goal of reviewers like this site to provide an unbiased review of products. However, we can only base our views and analysis based on the information we get from the dog food manufacturers. This makes it crucial for us to have reader feedback on any product reviewed. All we can say that everything we’ve written and analyzed here is based on good faith and as a way to help you determine the best dog food to feed your dog.

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