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Simple Anxiety Reduction Tricks That Work

Simple Anxiety Reduction Tricks That Work

Doubt, worry, disappointment, fear, loneliness, uncertainty and numerous other emotions are the result of the world’s most common, most misunderstood, debilitating, and serious condition: a state of anxiety. If you experience anxiety episodes, you know it’s frustrating, debilitating and unwanted symptoms. From physical dysfunction to emotional turmoil to bad mood, anxiety can greatly affect the quality of our life, health, mindset, and so on.

To reduce those anxiety spells, there are a number of things you can do. The important thing to keep in mind is to actually put your energy into things that matter. Here we will discuss 4 simple ways you can combat anxiety in your daily life and reduce it altogether in a matter of 30 days.

1.    Bring Home an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are any domesticated animals (mostly dogs and cats but can include other species like hamsters, fish, birds, etc) that bring therapeutic benefits to their owners by providing love and companionship.

An increasing number of mental health professionals and online services are prescribing ESAs to their patients because these animals help relieve stress, promote activity, provide distraction and offer nothing but unconditional support and constant companionship. They won’t judge when you get anxious nor will they walk out on you when things start to get dull. You best believe they will stick by you and always have to cuddle and goof around.

2.    Find an Activity

Engaging in any physical can be relaxing. Exercising is seen as an effective way to ward off anxiety, so at times when you feel anxious, get up and start moving. Exercising will calm your muscles and release stress built up in your body. It also helps with the production of endorphins, a feel-good chemical that triggers a feeling of positivity in your body. Walking is an easy form of exercise so try walking around your neighborhood every day. You can also indulge in yoga, and other fun activities, like dancing and trekking.

3.    Equip Yourself with Healthy Snacks

As per a survey by the American Psychological Association, many anxious people turn to comfort foods, like cookies and ice cream, to relieve anxiety. This can later prove more stressful, especially if you are watching your weight. The guilt and regret that follow these impulsive munching sessions can add to the stress and deteriorate your health. It is therefore advised you keep a pack of healthy snacks so you don’t have to face the music later. Snacks like unsalted almonds, string cheese, blueberries, and dark chocolate will keep you from being carried away while also providing you with much-needed flavor.

4.    Eliminate Stimulants

Stimulants, like nicotine and coffee can worsen your anxiety. If you are a coffee-addict or a smoker, you really need to make some effort to get rid of your caffeine and nicotine intake. As a coffee person, try to limit your intake to no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day. This translates to 8-ounce coffee cups. You can also try switching to decaf.

Similarly, if you down a pack of cigarettes every day, reduce the number of cigs you smoke or quit altogether. Keep in mind that smoking not only worsens anxiety but can also contributes to a number of other serious health issues, such as stroke, cancer, heart attack, and emphysema. Whenever you get a craving to smoke, pop in a chewing gum or quickly distract yourself with something engaging.

Following these steps may be a little difficult, but they will surely reduce your anxiety and push you towards a healthier lifestyle.

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