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Family having fun outdoor with their Dog

Enjoy The Simple Things In Life!…Time With Your Dog!

A dog is not just a pet. He is a dependable friend with whom you can share your tears and joys. The friendly, faithful creature needs more than just a comfortable home. It needs your time and attention, along with exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and fit.

Doing fun activities with your dog calls for basic training. Remember that dogs are pack animals, which means they are leaders and have followers. The sooner you ascertain yourself as the leader, the happier your pet will be, because that is what he is trained to expect. When that is out of the way, you can proceed to doing the following fun activities with your canine friend:


Kayaking is a great way to have fun and simultaneously break a sweat. Besides getting a nice core, arm and back workout, you and your dog can enjoy the beautiful views of nature and water creatures. Your pet may be nervous initially, but that will wear off gradually when he learns to be the captain of the kayak in no time.

Attractive Young Woman Surfing with her Dog. Riding Wave TogetheSurfing

Although this will take some time before your dog finally gets the hang of it, surfing is nevertheless a great way to blast calories and relax.

Dog-Friendly Running Events

Leash up, lace up and hit the ground. You will be surprised to find countless dog-friendly events that cater all running levels. Dog-friendly races are also a great way to help socialize your dog, get a good workout and meet other new dog people.

Dog Shows

dog showMany people enjoy attending dog shows. You need not have a show winner for a dog to be able to compete. Fun and exemption dog shows have classes for all dogs and not just pedigrees.

Road Trips

Who doesn’t love road trips? You can now double the fun with your furry best friend by your side for a fun car trip. But before hitting the road, make sure the weather is nice and pleasant, and that all the dog safety equipment is in place. Additionally, make sure your dog is not in a bad or extra hyperactive mood as it can be dangerous for both you and the other passengers.

Weekend Courses

Go through dog magazines for details of a suitable weekend course that your dog can attend. Many places offer courses throughout the summer, and sometimes you can sign up for personalized courses. This can be a great new learning experience for your dog, where she can enjoy others’ company and make new friends.

Visiting Friends

If you have a well-behaved, sociable dog, it is probable that you will have friends who would be more than willing for her to visit with you. If you provide early socialization and training to your puppy, she will have no problem learning the rules of your friends’ houses.


Flyball is a relay race where a dog races over four obstacles, catches a tennis ball that was released from a launcher, and brings it back over the obstacles again. This game is usually played in teams of four. Any dog who enjoys chasing balls will definitely love flyball, and the sport is also a great way to help your dog burn calories.

Freestyle Musical Dance

This includes a choreographed set of dance moves, which dogs perform with their handlers. This is a great way for you and your dog to stay fit and also have fun in the process. It also teaches teamwork and coordination and is a great way for the owner and pet to bond.

So, try these fun activities with your dog and you will have a great time!

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