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dog enjoying on the beach

Summer Can Be A Fun Time of Year For Dogs & Owners Alike

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to go outside with your ESA dog to make the most of it. However, you may be scratching your head, wondering what fun stuff you can do together, but without much luck. However, not to worry because we have here a list of refreshing summer activities that are sure going to help you stock up on your memory bank. So, let’s get started.

1.Go For a Dip: Summer is incomplete without a little splash and water games. If you don’t have a pool at home, look out for any local dog-friendly swim areas and beaches, where you can let your dog off the hook and see as his eyes light up with excitement. It is recommended that you take your dog early in the morning or late afternoon to prevent him from getting a heat stroke or becoming overheated.

2.Run through Sprinklers: If swimming is not your dog’s cup of tea or there’s no pool or lake close to you, a sprinkler is the next best thing. So, turn on the sprinklers and show your dog how it’s done.

3.Prepare Some Frozen Treats: Dogs love to eat, and a little creativity on your side this summer will definitely be noticed. Freeze your dog’s regular treats and then allow him to take his time with the cool, yummy things. You can also make popsicles out of dog-friendly fruits, such as bananas and blueberries, which are full of vitamins, antioxidants and all that good stuff.

frozen dog treats

4. Take a Class Together: You can take a socialization class, a training class or even a yoga class, with your dog. Any type of class where you can bond with your dog is a great idea. Don’t forget to scour your local dog park or business for details or flyers about cool classes in your neighborhood.

training class


5. Head to the Beach: The beach is the perfect destination for dogs, with the sparkling blue waters, wide open spaces, sand, and plenty of sport and games. Just make sure you are aware of how deep your dog is swimming, which you can easily do with the help of a leash. Dog vests are also a great idea for beginner swimmers. If your dog is not much of a swimmer, bring along a Frisbee or a ball to play fetch. Also, make sure he stays hydrated and put sunscreen on his coat to protect him from the harsh rays of the sun.


6. Picnic Time: There’s no better way to celebrate summer than an old-fashioned picnic. The next time you go the park, pack a basket full of your little friend’s favorite treats and toys. Parks are a great place for dogs to have a good time: running, walking, rolling around in the grass, playing fetch, and checking out all the other dogs.

picnic with dog

7.Camp Out: Grilling, bonfires, ghost stories and the raw wilderness… there’s no comparison to the experience of camping. The next time you plan a camping trip, bring your pup along as he’ll love the outdoors as much as you do. Just be careful about the ticks. Take your pup to the vet for getting the Lyme disease vaccine just before the trip, and be particular about checking his fur for ticks while you are out camping.

8. Go For A Hike: hiking is a great way to have fun and at the same time burn off some rigid pounds. In addition, it is a perfect form of entertainment for your dog and an opportunity for him to experience nature.

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