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pretty girl in Halloween Costume

Halloween Should Be A Fun Time For All – Including Your Pet!

Halloween over the years has transitioned from a day of the dead to a festival of parties, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. Halloween may be fun for children and adults, but can be harmful and a rather un-enjoyable affair for your ESA. The candies, trick o treating costumes, lights may be a little overwhelming for your ESA. ESAs can be pretty disturbed by these events and not be able to provide you the emotional support they normally would.

To take care of your ESA in such circumstances is necessary. In general, pets need to be protected from the many dangers that Halloween proposes for them, such as eating chocolates which have adverse effects on your cats or dogs. The glowing objects and scary noises from the Halloween décor may startle your ESA as well, and it may become difficult to calm them down.

Although your emotional support animal can join in on the fun, it is necessary that you make Halloween a fun and safe experience for them. You can always dress them up in fun costumes, making sure that they are comfortable. Feed them their favorite Halloween treats that are safe for them. Have a photo shoot with them and create memories.

Here are a few things that you need to look out for during the celebrations:

  • Candies

candiesCandies are not safe for our pets. Most of the candy we find on Halloween has been sweetened with xylitol which is extremely harmful to them. Most emotional support animals are dogs; xylitol can reduce dog blood sugar levels to a dangerously low level which can cause seizures. There are many Halloween themed, pet-friendly treats available which you can keep around the house on Halloween. Baked goods such as cupcakes or gingerbreads are also deemed harmful for the ESA.

  • Costumes

Do not compromise your pet’s comfort in any way. If you want your ESA to be a part of the fun, choose an outfit that is comfortable for them to wear and does not restrict their movement or poses a possible hazard. Try to avoid dying your pet’s fur; the chemicals may cause allergies. Use breathable materials and try to avoid constricting or overwhelming outfits.

  • House parties

Parties are extremely fun and enjoyable even for pets. But, during Halloween attending a party at someone else’s home may be a better idea. This is feasible only if you can leave your ESA at home with someone if you cannot adjust without your pet skipping this party would be a better option.

  • The doorbell

As soon as the doorbell rings, our ESAs (if dogs) will start barking or in other cases respond somehow. During Halloween, the frequency of the doorbell ringing is stressful for your ESA. Try to keep the candy and gifts for the trick or treaters outside the house where they do not have to ring the bell.

  • The lights

halloween glow sticksExcessive blinking lights can damage your pet’s eyes. Decorate your house with pet-friendly objects. Light up the jack-o-lanterns with battery operated lights as real candles can pose a fire hazard. Keep the glow sticks as far away from your house and ESA as possible. If your pet tries to chew them, the toxic liquid inside the glow sticks can be fatal.

Bottom Line

Pets, in general, are precious, but ESAs are special. They help you throw life and are there to support you through tough times. It is necessary that you take all possible measures to avoid any mishaps, make sure your ESA does not get frightened in any case.

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