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Everything You Can Do To Find The Perfect Place For You & Your Pet

Finding a pet-friendly apartment may not be easy at times, especially if you are going for rental. Listed below are some important steps that need to be taken in order to better understand how the management will handle the presence of your pets in the apartment.

Steps to Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

  • Start your hunting process way before you plan to move. This will give you plenty of time to browse different options, and you will be able to go through a number of ads and real estate contacts. Start approximately six months in advance to avoid stress and hassle.
  • Utilize all the available recourses. Get in touch with the animal care or humane society serving the area of your interest. The guide may be able to point out apartment communities that allow pets and will also list any restrictions, such as weight limits and species allowed.
  • Collect proof that you are responsible. The more documentation you have that attests your conscientiousness as a pet owner, the more plausible your appeal will sound to the landlord. This may include a letter of recommendation from your present landlord or a written proof that your pet has completed a training session (usually applies for dogs)
  • Promote your pet. Visit the landlord or property manager with your pet or invite them over in your current house for a pet examination. But make sure your pet is in an impressive condition, which will make a world of a difference.

Important Questions That You Should Ask

  • Cute boyfriend and girlfriend with pretty puppyWhat pets do you accept? Some pet-friendly rental apartments only allow cats, whereas others take both dogs and cats. If you own other types of exotic pets, such as snakes, parrots, or other animals, you will need to specify these.
  • What about the breed restrictions? Many apartments forbid particular breeds of dogs, especially those prone to loud barking or have aggressive temperaments. Even if your dog is free of such breed stereotypes, it still may be forbidden from living in the apartment.
  • Are there weight or size restrictions? Some apartment buildings restrict the size of dogs that can live in the apartment. If your dog is still a puppy, find out if the management will approve its size when it is fully grown and not create any unexpected problems in the future.
  • Is there an additional security deposit involved? Besides the basic security deposit, some apartments ask for an additional security for tenants with pets. Inquire the amount of the deposit and the types of damage that would hamper your chances of receiving the deposit back once you move out.
  • What about a pet fee? Some pet-friendly apartments charge renters an individual fee for each pet they bring in. In case there is a fee involved, check to see if it is a one-time thing or a monthly fee that will need to be paid with each month’s rent.
  • What are the noise ordinances? If your dog barks frequently, check out to see if this will prove to be a problem. Make sure to inquire about the limit of barking and how much barking will be considered “too much”, and what will be the warning policies in case your dog gets too loud.
  • Is there a pet-friendly outdoor area on the site? One of the best features of a pet-friendly apartment is the outdoor space where your pet can take care of its business and also run around and play. If there is a pet space involved, see if your dog is supposed to be in a leash in such spaces.

These are some steps that you can follow to find a pet-friendly apartment that suits your needs. For more information on therapy animals, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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