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Dog Litter Box

Let Your Canine Use THEIR Indoor Bathroom!

Who said litter boxes were only for cats? If you have a small apartment or a dog that just can’t hold his bladder, you’ll need a solution so he can go indoors.

Various factors influence what’s the perfect indoor toilet for your dog, from space and maintenance to potty training. It can be a bit overwhelming, but hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you make a decision. As dog owners ourselves, we’ve even listed the best of the best when it comes to dog litter boxes to make your selection a bit easier.

You never need to fear finding a mess on the floor again. With the right training & the best indoor toilet, you can teach your dog to go whenever he pleases.

Types of Indoor Toilet for Dogs

Several options are available if you’re looking for an indoor toilet for your dog and ensure your dog's health. Before buying one you need to consider cost, maintenance & whether it will actually be effective.

Grass Patch

This option refers to a literal piece of grass you can grow in your home. Although it’s a relatively inexpensive option, these grass patches require constant maintenance or disposal. Their best feature is they provide a natural environment so your dog is more inclined to go to the bathroom.

Fake Grass

Like the grass patch, fake grass, or faux grass, replicates a natural environment so your dog is more willing to go there than on your carpets. They’re also easier to maintain and cleaning takes very little time. It’s one of the best solutions when it comes to maintenance, cost, and longevity.

Grated Pet Toilet

A grated pet toilet helps to keep your pet clean and ensure litter training because it allows for urine to seep through the grate but unfortunately doesn’t do the same for feces. This means it requires constant cleaning to remain hygienic. The grated surface can also be uncomfortable & might actually lead to your dog refusing to go to the bathroom.

Training Pads

These are mostly used for young puppies, but are not suitable for long-term use as the pads must be thrown away after use and you’ll need to keep buying more. They do absorb moisture which prevents foul smell and makes them ideal for house training.

Traditional Litter Box

The litter box is one of the best solutions if your pet needs to go indoors. It’s inexpensive, easy to clean, and provides a hygienic space for your pet to go to the bathroom. Unlike many of the options on this list, it’s also easily attainable & suitable for various pets, not just dogs.

It’s important to help your pet associate relieving themselves with the litter box in the most positive way possible. The more they prefer the litter box, the more they’re inclined to use it.

Now all that remains is finding your favorite new pet accessory in our list below.

Dog Litter Box Reviews

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DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty

If you want your dog’s bathroom time to be as natural as possible, the DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty is the option for you. Real grass makes house training as easy as possible because dogs are already attracted to the texture & smell of the grass.

Everything is natural so it effectively reduces smells that stink up your home. Maintenance is also much easier because it absorbs all liquids. Solids can simply & easily be removed on a daily basis.

Various sizes mean it’s appropriate for any dog breed, no matter how large. If your giant puppy is afraid of thunderstorms, this gives him an option to still use the bathroom despite their phobia.

After a few weeks, this product does need to be replaced. Its disposable design means the grass is biodegradable & the cardboard is made from recyclable materials so you don’t have to worry about the environment. Although it’s inexpensive, it can become a costly option due to being replaced regularly.

Overall, it makes indoor toilet options a breeze for all dogs & their owners. Less time spent cleaning leaves everyone happy.


  • Creates a natural experience
  • check
    Real grass reduces foul smells
  • check
    Sizes available for all types of dogs
  • check
    Biodegradable & recyclable


  • Needs to be replaced every few weeks
  • ban
    Must be cleaned daily
 Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

There’s nothing worse than your pet using the litter box & then leaving messes all over the house from their dirty feet. With the Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, this will never be a problem. It’s a grated pet toilet which means all the urine sinks to the bottom, leaving feet dry.

You can select whether you’d prefer pads or litter in the bottom to absorb smells & moisture, but you can even use absorbent towels to save money. Other than replacing these, this product lasts for a long time so it’s more affordable than other disposable options.

Unfortunately, feces will still remain on top of the grate, so it requires regular cleaning to make sure it remains hygienic. It’s also only suitable for small dogs or puppies as larger sizes are not available.

In the long run, it’s an affordable option that ensures your pets & their environment will remain clean. It requires little maintenance, which will save you time & give your pets a suitable space for doing their business.


  • Keeps pet’s feet from getting wet
  • check
    Reduces risk of digging up sand or tearing up pads
  • check
    Doesn’t need to be replaced
  • check
    Prevents mess from litter or feces


  • Not suitable for large dog breeds
  • ban
    Feces still remains above the grate
 Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty Training Made with Synthetic Grass

This faux grass indoor toilet provides a long-lasting solution while still giving your dog a space that feels natural to go to the bathroom. As this replicates the feel of grass, dogs will find it easier to use, thus making house training easier.

It uses a three-layer system so moisture isn’t absorbed into the top layer, meaning your pet can use it freely without building up horrible smells. The synthetic grass is also made form an anti-bacterial design so it doesn’t build up germs, making it a healthy solution for your pet & your family.

Maintenance is incredibly easy. Once your pet is done, simply spray this product with water and it will successfully clean off all the mess. It’s one of the simplest dog indoor toilets to use and without the need to replace sand or pads, it’s also one of the most affordable.

Its only issue is the resemblance to grass may cause dogs to try and dig it up. This rarely happens, so it’s not a serious problem but if this is the case, its low cost means it’s easy to replace.


  • Doesn’t need to be replaced
  • check
    Doesn’t require additional sand or potty pads
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    Resemblance to grass makes training easier


  • Dogs may try to dig up the grass
  • ban
    Doesn’t reduce smells as well as other litter box options
PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan

Traditional methods are often the best way to go. The PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan is a simple litter box that is easy to use and will last for many years. All you need to do is swap out litter occasionally in order to reduce smells and maintain a hygienic environment.

When maintained correctly, it’s a great way of containing messes because nothing lands up on the floor. Various sizes are available so it can suit any dog breed for any situation. You can even buy it in a variety of different colors, so take your pick whether you’re looking for something more sophisticated or a little bit funky.

Recycled options are also available if you’d prefer a litter box that helps to save the environment. The virgin plastic design means no toxins or dangerous chemicals were used in the production of this item. It’s very durable so you won’t need to replace it.

It’s a great option for any dogs who are not able to go outside. It’s even suitable for cats, rabbits & even ferrets. The only additional cost is the litter itself.


  • Easy to maintain & clean
  • check
    Durable design means it doesn’t need to be replaced
  • check
    Variety of colors
  • check
    Recycled materials are better for the environment


  • Dogs can tend to dig up the sand
  • ban
    Doesn’t prevent sand from falling outside the tray
IRIS Pet Training Pad Floor Tray

When your puppy is being house trained, it’s best to get training pads as these will prevent messes and will absorb moisture & foul aromas. The only problem is that training pads tend to slip around and tear which leaves the mess on the floor anyway.

With the IRIS Pet Training Pad Floor Tray, you can clip your training pads in place so they don’t move and are less likely to tear. Each tray is built with non-skid rubber feet so the tray won’t slip around when it’s in use. This creates a more secure environment for your puppy to learn to use the bathroom so they can become more confident.

The best part is it keeps your floors clean. The smooth surface of the tray is easy to clean once your puppy is done. This makes house training easier for everyone involved.

This product is mainly designed for house training which means it’s not the most ideal long-term solution for indoor toilet usage as dogs will soon outgrow it. If you have small dogs, this product may still be useful but it’s better to find an alternative long-term solution.


  • Prevents training pads from tearing
  • check
    Keeps the tray from moving
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    Pads help to reduce the stench


  • Not suitable as a long-term indoor toilet
  • ban
    Training pads must be replaced after every use

Reasons to Buy an Indoor Toilet for Your Dog

There are many reasons why you may need a litter box for your dog. These range from being better for your pet as well as being more helpful for you.

Where You Live


If you stay in an apartment, it can be very difficult to keep taking your dog outside to use the bathroom—especially late at night, as this is very inconvenient. For this reason, it can be useful to have a litter box so your pet is free to use the bathroom whenever it likes.

No Garden

You don’t have to be living 100 ft above the ground to need a litter box either. If your home lacks a garden or any sort of back yard, a litter box provides a more hygienic option for your pet.

It’s Better for Your Dog

Tiny Bladder

Many dogs are often incapable of holding their bladder, which causes constant tension as they’re prone to relieving themselves on your furniture. By getting a litter box, your dog is able to use the bathroom whenever they like, without getting into trouble.

Old Age

Older dogs also find it very painful or wearisome to go outside, so they’ll relieve themselves wherever it seems easiest. With an indoor litter box, this eases the strain that your old friend requires and they’ll be less likely to soil your carpets or to need a dog diaper.

Fear of Going Outside

A lot of dogs suffer from a phobia of thunderstorms or fireworks, which often prevents them from going outside. An indoor bathroom means they don’t have to fear using the toilet which will ease some of their own tension and equal less cleanup for you.

House Training

Whenever you get a new puppy there’s always going to be a mess. A litter box helps your puppy learn to focus its bathroom breaks to a single space while minimizing cleanup before he or she can go outside.

It’s Helpful for You

Long Work Hours

Anybody who works long hours and has to keep their dog locked inside all day knows there’s always a mess when you get home. As a result, if you get a litter box, your dog won’t have to stress about where to go. You also don’t have to put in extra hours because you need to clean up the mess.

Physical Disability

Dogs have proven to help people with medical conditions but if your mobility is limited due to illness or disability, taking your dog outside can takes its toll. A litter box helps to solve this issue so you can still enjoy the comfort of a canine companion, even if your dog’s bathroom breaks come at all hours of the day.

What to Consider

Before buying your litter box, there are a few topics you should consider.

Size of Your Dog

Litter boxes are better suited for small dogs. Although there are options available for larger breeds, these are often very messy & inspire dogs to dig. Large dogs also need more play space so it’s better they have an available garden, at least during the day.

If you do need a litter box for a large dog, it’s better to save it for evening times rather than treating it as a permanent solution.


It’s important to note that your litter box will become smelly over time. For this reason, you must consider where you place it as you don’t want your small apartment to become stinky. Make sure there is enough space for your dog to go to the bathroom and that the litter box always remains hygienic.

Don’t keep the litter box anywhere close to where you eat or where your children play. This will help eliminate the spread of germs.


Litter boxes require constant cleaning and replacement of sand in order to keep your home & family safe. This means you must be prepared to put aside time so your house remains hygienic & your pet feels free to use the toilet whenever they like.

How to Train Your Dog to Use an Indoor Toilet

Unlike cats, dogs aren’t inclined to use litter boxes. This means it will take time before your dog gets into the habit of using one. Here are a few tips when it comes to training your pet:

  • Whenever your dog gives an indication that they need to go, place them in the litter box. This will help them associate the litter box with relieving themselves.
  • Take them to the litter box after they’ve eaten. This will encourage them to go at selected intervals.
  • Use phrases such as “Go” when they’re using the litter box so they associate these vocal commands with going to the bathroom.
  • Paw
    Always choose to reward rather than punish. Give them treats after they use the litter box so they’re more inclined to go there than somewhere else.
  • Paw
    If your pet does their business in another part of the house, simply scold them in firm but gentle tones & take them to the litter box.


No more mess. No more foul smells. The best dog litter box can make both your life and your beloved pet’s so much easier.

Whether you need to housetrain your puppy or you need a long-term solution, we’ve offered a few ideas to suit every need. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help make your decision easier.

Everyone wants the best for the canine companion. They’re always ready to give you all the love in the world. Don’t you want to do the same for them?

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