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Top 10 Healthy Dog Food Brands

May 9th, 2018

Dog food comes in various brands; the challenge is finding that one pet food that makes your dog go whoof! That requires you to spend hours searching through a maze of extravagant promises just to find that one honest high-quality dog food. Luckily for you, there is no need to wade through empty hyperbole because we have put together a list of top 10 healthy dog food brands we believe are trustworthy.

Top Dog Food Brands in 2018

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Blue Buffalo Logo

Blue Buffalo

Working with a leading holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionist, the Bishops developed BLUE Life Protection Formula® for dogs and cats, which has become the #1-selling natural pet food in America.

Daves Pet Food Logo

Daves Pet Food

As of today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in more than 2,000 independent pet stores all across the USA, as well as many online sites. We’ve even been on the Home Shopping Network! How cool is that?!

Earthborn Logo

Earthborn Holistic

We specialize in producing nutritional dog and cat food recipes, oven-baked biscuits and treats. Pet food is all that we do and we love it!

Iams Logo


In the past few years, IAMS™ has stayed busy, introducing Shakeables™ dog treats, IAMS™ Woof Delights™, and IAMS™ Purrfect Delicacies™, and updating package designs for several iconic product families.

Natural Balance Logo

Natural Balance

Our Buy With Confidence® promise comes from decades of experience crafting premium pet food. Because we believe every bowl of food should be tasty, nutritious and safe.

Nulo Logo


When it comes to nutrition and love, we’re all about giving our pets the very best. It’s part of our name (NU + LO) - and the reason we were founded over a decade ago.

Nutro Logo


A pet's food energizes them from the inside out, and NUTRO™ clean recipes are simple, purposeful, and trustworthy - made of real, recognizable, non-GMO ingredients†. Each of our Dry Dog Food recipes is clean, and the same is true for our NUTRO™ Dry Cat recipes.

Pureluxe Logo


At PureLUXE, we make natural, gourmet food for pets in cities all over the world. Sourced directly from America’s heartland, our food gives your privileged pet a superior level of nutrition designed to provide sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Stella & Chewys Logo

Stella & Chewys

Food safety is our number 1 priority. We use a patented food safety process to ensure your furry family member is getting the safest and most nutritious food available in the market.

Weruva Logo


we feed your precious pets like we feed ourselves and our pets: with dishes made by hand, with ingredients and cuts you recognize when you see them, with recipes dialed-in for feline- and canine-specific dietary needs, and crafted in accordance with the strictest standards.

Grandma Lucys Logo

Grandma Lucy's

It takes high quality ingredients to produce high quality pet food products which is why Grandma Lucy’s insists on personal contact with our local suppliers and growers. All incoming meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. are required to meet strict Grandma Lucy’s specifications.

The Honest Kitchen Logo

Honest Kitchen

For veterinarians, food safety experts and savvy pet owners, there’s 100% human grade, and there’s everything else. It’s the best pet food you can possibly buy, ensuring a level of quality and safety no feed-grade product can claim.

Dogswell Logo


Oftentimes, our pets are our constant companions. No matter the occasion, Dogswell dog treats are a delicious way to show your furry friend that you care about them, as well as their wellbeing.

ProPac Ultimates Logo

Pro Pac

Dogs and cats thrive on meat protein and PRO PAC® Ultimates™ provides the highest quality proteins for your pet. These antioxidant-rich formulas boast a balanced ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Honorable Mentions



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Orijen Dog Food


High protein, well balanced and healthy dog food brands.

Stella & Chewy's Pet Food

Stella and Chewy’s

Healthy and shiny coat, 25 .oz bag and familiar brand on Amazon, Petco or Petsmart.

Acana Lamb Okanagan Apple


Processed carbohydrates and meats, balanced and biologically fitting dog food nutrients.

Primal Patties Chicken Formula

Primal Pet Foods

Includes raw and freeze-dried food, 20% protein and healthy dog food brand.

Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food

Eagle Pack

Special formulation for large breeds and low amount of calories.

Formm Gold puppy food


Including Chicken ”au Fromage” and Hasen Duckenpfeffer, balanced dog food.

Nature's Logic Brand Food

Nature’s Logic

Well-tailored nutrition, well balanced and suited for overweight pets.

Wysong dog food bag


It is hypoallergenic, meaning it is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

picture of dog food


Grain-free, 25 percent protein and best for senior dogs.

Hi-Tek Naturals dog food

Hi-Tek Naturals

High quality dog food brand, 20% protein and best suited for overweight pets.

#1 Orijen

This high protein dry dog food is made in the USA and is a high-quality protein kibble for senior dogs, puppies, and overweight dogs.

Orijen retails in most pet food stores such as Petsmart and Petco. A four and a half pound bag is friendly to your pocket and contains most of the nutrients that will get your pet looking all healthy and happy.

There are several products under this brand for your dog and they include original, puppy large, puppy, six fish, Regional red, Fit and Trim, senior dog, and Tundra. All these high protein dog foods are well balanced.

Orijen Dog Food

A pet such as your dog requires a high protein food intake, so it is only sensible to feed her a high-quality dog food from healthy dog food brands.

#2 Stella and Chewy’s

A healthy and shiny coat.

Stella and Chewy’s recipe is basically whole prey, so your dog gets nutrients from an entire animal, not just the hooves or the ears.

A 25 .oz bag will get you to dig deeper into your pocket and you will definitely find this brand on Amazon, Petco or Petsmart.

Stella & Chewy's Pet Food


If you are looking for a locally sourced dog food whose ingredients include regionally processed carbohydrates and meats, then ACANA is just the brand for your dog. ACANA boasts of balanced and biologically fitting dog food nutrients.

Unfortunately, ACANA does not offer your puppy or senior dog any specialty pet food. A four and a half pound bag is pocket-friendly but you will have to dig deeper if you want a 25 lbs bag. This brand of dog food comes in two major flavors: fish and chicken.

Part of its formula includes oily fish such as mackerel to give your dog a shiny and beautiful coat.

Acana Lamb Okanagan Apple

Also, ACANA is whole prey, so your dog gets nutrients from cartilage, meats, and organ. This product is available at most pet stores including Walmart, Petco, and Petsmart.

#4 Primal Pet Foods

This brand includes raw and freeze-dried pet food. It offers your dog nine varieties including chicken, venison, duck, lamb, beef, rabbit, pheasant, sardine, pork and turkey.

The overall protein content is about 20 percent, which is low considering that Primal Pet Foods is a healthy dog food brand. A fourteen-ounce bag with sardine or turkey is pricier than canned dog food or dry dog food brands.

Also, sardine is considered cheap and some pet owners have complained about its smell. This product is available for purchase at online pet food stores.

Primal Patties Chicken Formula

#5 Eagle Pack

This brand of dog food offers you great value for less. As a pet owner, you have a variety of puppy foods and six senior dry dog foods to choose from.

Eagle pack has gone an extra mile and has included a special formulation for large breeds. If you own an overweight pet, there is a formulation with a low amount of calories so that she can shade that extra weight.

This brand is available in a thirty-pound pack which will cost you slightly more. You can find Eagle pack online or at your local pet store.

Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food

#6 Fromm

Are you a pet owner who wants to give your dog a fine dining experience? Froom is the sort of dog food you should be on the lookout for. In a single pack of Fromm, you will find all sorts dog food nutrients including Chicken ”au Fromage” and Hasen Duckenpfeffer.

Not only do these flavors sound posh, they are also well balanced so your dog has healthy alternatives. Fromm offers you four different types of dog foods for your puppy.

There is one type for giant/Large puppy breeds, two for overweight dogs, and one for formulated for less active and senior dogs.

Formm Gold puppy food

This brand contains a considerable amount of wheat, so if your dog suffers from food allergies, she might find it hard to take to this brand. A four-pound pack will set you back a fair amount. Fromm is available online and also at Petsmart, Amazon, and Petco.

#7 Nature’s Logic

Not only is this brand a logical choice, but it also offers you a well-tailored nutritional profile.

This brand of dry dog food specializes in chicken, beef, salmon, duck, pork, lamb, sardine, rabbit, venison and turkey. All these varieties are well balanced, so a single serving packs up a punch nutrient-wise.

Fatty acids from sardine are good for your pet’s coat while lean proteins from venison or rabbit are best suited for overweight pets.

A fifteen-pound pack is slightly pricey. This brand is available at Petsmart, Walmart, and Petco.

Nature's Logic Brand Food

#8 Wysong

This product does not get your dog to sing the star spangled banner, but there is a wide range to choose from.

There are eight types of dog food including growth for puppies, adult, senior, fundamentals, synorgon, anergen, nurture, and vegan. One of the types, anergen, is hypoallergenic, meaning it is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

A five-pound pack is pocket-friendly, and you will find it at Petsmart, Petco or online.

Wysong dog food bag

#9 Pinnacle

This grain-free dry dog food is a popular brand and comes in six varieties.

Pinnacle makes vegetable, and chicken, trout, turkey, and duck. Other than chicken and vegetables, the others come with a touch of sweet potatoes.

A pack of pinnacle consists of about 25 percent protein. Its recipe is tailored to suit pets of all stages, so pet owners with puppies or senior dogs will find value in this brand.

A four-pound pack sells at a friendly price and it is available online and at your local pet store.

picture of dog food

#10 Hi-Tek Naturals

Hi-Tek Naturals is a natural high quality dog food brand with a variety of dog foods to its name. This brand offers you an adult, senior and puppy formula. Also, your dog has classic, baked, or exotic dog food to choose from all from Hi-Tek Naturals.

Also, there is a grain free alternative which includes starch and potato as a key ingredient. With any of these products, your dog will fill up pretty fast, although the protein content is below 20 percent.

The protein content is slightly higher in the premium version, at 26 percent, and is best suited for overweight pets.

Hi-Tek Naturals dog food

If your dog is sensitive to products with wheat, this might not be the best product for her. A thirty-pound pack is slightly pricey and it is available online and at Walmart.

Final Verdict

There are many brands in the market, and this can be overwhelming if you are a pet owner looking for the best brand for your dog. This is because there is a lot of information to sift through to get to that one brand that meets your expectations and those of your pet. For the best result, why not look at those we have reviewed here and pick one that gets your pet looking healthy and happy?