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Why Start of the Year Is the Best Time to Alter Your Dog’s Diet

The start of the year is a good place to enhance your pet care activities. A few minor changes can only benefit your dog’s health and strengthen your bond with your furry friend. And as your dog ages and become a senior pooch, you will need to be even more vigilant in take care of him.

A grown dog cannot survive on a diet for puppies nor is a young dog’s food suitable for older dogs. The dietary requirements of your dog strictly depend on a few variables such as his age, his level of activity and how fast or slow his metabolism is or how quickly his body absorbs all the nutrients.

Now that we have established that the start of the year can be a good time to make some alterations it is necessary that these changes apply to your entire canine routine. You can reduce the activities for a dog that is entering his senior year or increase the activity for a puppy that is growing up.

Why beginning of the year?

dog activityResolutions are not just for humans, when you have fuzzy friends, making commitments to better their lives is also necessary. Also, your dog might also gain a few pounds during the holiday season. Obesity is as dangerous for your pet as it is for you, now that your dog has enjoyed a few extra treats during the holidays you need to make changes. You can start the year off with a healthier diet to shed those unwanted pounds. Weight gain can affect your dog’s energy levels quite a bit, especially if you have a senior pooch; it can become a serious issue. Starting the new year on a healthy note, after the festivities is a good idea.

Here are a few other reasons why food alterations are needed

  • Puppies grow into adults in around 12 months and require adult-dog food at the beginning of the year.
  • Your puppy might be eating regular puppy food up until now, but as soon as they transition into adults they need to be fed according to their breed and size.
  • If you have increased their level of activity and are incorporating healthier habits, it is best to add a few more calories and supplements to their diet.
  • If your dog has moved on to its senior years, it is better that you choose a suitable diet for it. Choose senior dog food that is formulated for their age and breed.
  • If your dog is having digestion issues because of going on feeding frenzy during the holidays, it is better to choose a diet that is easy on its digestive system.
  • If your dog has developed a medical condition then it is suitable for you to visit your vet and get a recommendation that suits your dog’s health needs.
  • If your dog is expecting, it is mandatory to make a few changes to their diet. Visit your vet to get supplement recommendations and switch their food. Usually, vets recommend changing your dog’s food to puppy food due to the high calcium and minerals contained in them. Again, make sure that it is right for the breed of your fuzzy friend.
  • Start measuring your dog’s food, this is necessary to ensure your dog is not under-fed or overfed. That also makes it easier to ensure your dog is getting the required daily value of nutrients in his diet.
  • Start a new activity with your dog, such as dog or hiking to help them digest food better. This will also prolong your fuzzy friend’s years with you.


Make sure that you are taking small steps towards a full dietary transition. Any sudden changes can be more detrimental than beneficial.

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