Emotional Support Animal For Anxiety

A single mother living with fear is not the only one that has found that it useful to utilize an emotional support animal as a means of reducing or even eliminating her feelings of sadness, loneliness, and despair. According to recent research, approximately one percent of all Americans suffer from various anxiety disorders such as depression and PTSD, but only six percent receive treatment from a licensed psychotherapist.

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In addition to this, a further eight percent are uncertain as to what kind of treatment they should utilize. The surprising thing about this information is that, according to the American Psychological Association, almost one in seven persons in America suffer from depression or a similar condition at some time in their lives. The good news is that the vast majority of these persons can be successfully treated with the assistance of therapy pets.

How An ESA Will Help You

When you live with a therapy pet, they provide a safe, loving, and supportive atmosphere that can help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety disorder.

Emotional support animals include numerous furry friends that can be found at various establishments including: dog parks, veterinary clinics, schools, hospitals, and retirement centers. In addition to their presence, they provide the non-verbal and mental support that an individual needs when trying to cope with his or her daily life.

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In order to become qualified as an emotional support animal, a person must first undergo a mental health evaluation and then fulfill several criteria based on where he or she will be using the animal. Criteria used by most organizations include:

The number one prerequisite for acceptance into an emotional support animal for anxiety is that an individual suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression must be evaluated by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist in order to determine the cause of his or her anxiety. By doing so, the psychologist or psychiatrist will be better able to determine how an emotional support animal can help to alleviate the symptoms associated with his or her particular case.

Amazing Support From ESAs

Many individuals do not realize that certain things can trigger an anxiety attack. As such, an emotional support animal for anxiety eliminates the possibility of these triggers.

Pets offer the individuals that they are associated with support in their everyday life. It is important that individuals suffering from anxiety or depression consider becoming an emotional support animal for anxiety in order to alleviate their symptoms.

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An emotional support animal provides the needed distraction from their constant thoughts and worries, as well as their fears about how others may react to their situation. This can be especially beneficial when driving, attending social functions, or even while working at a job. Animals have the ability to make people forget about their worries and fears. By harnessing this unique power, an individual can find relief from their daily life and be able to live a more fulfilling life.

Requirements For Emotional Support Animals

The other requirements to qualify as an ESA is that the person must be able to meet all of the requirements for a valid license in their state. Additionally, they must exhibit a significant degree of emotional support for another living creature in their care.

In addition to being bonded, they must also pass a standard psychological evaluation. The individual should always remember that by choosing to become one of these animals that they are showing their support for and will receive the companionship of a special pet.

A poodle is an excellent example of what an ESA that can help a person overcome their anxiety disorder. Poodles are extremely intelligent, loyal, beautiful dogs, with strong loyalty. As such, they offer the perfect companion for someone who suffers from mental state issues.