ESA Letter For Travel

If you or someone you know is traveling and you want to bring your pet for emotional support, an option is an emotional support animal letter for travel. This is usually an important document that states the basics about why you need the animal, how you will be taking it, and how you will transport it in your vehicle.

The important thing to remember is that it needs to be from a medical or mental health professional, explaining your situation and why you need your support animal with you. Your support animal should be loyal and calm, and should enjoy the journey as well as the special people with whom you travel.

Guy Holding Therapy Animal

There is a lot of confusion about the laws about support animals. Some people believe they should have to have a written letter from their doctor before being allowed on the plane with the rest of the passengers. Having a letter from your doctor is fine, but it is best to have one from a therapist or veterinarian.

Travel With Your Emotional Support Animal

You can be in possession of an emotional support animal letter for travel and have your animal travel separately, but if you feel that you would need your pet during your travel, it needs to be indicated in your ESA travel letter ahead of time.

A great piece of advice, however, is to make sure that you include details about your animal with all the information in your itinerary, as this will help your baggage clerk find your documentation and make any necessary changes.

If you are traveling with another animal such as a puppy or a cat, you can still get the ESA letter for travel with them. A great tip is to use photos from previous trips to illustrate your points. Of course, it also helps to write a brief description of your animal in your letter for travel, so that your fellow travelers will know what to expect when they are with you.

If you have previously adopted a particular companion animal and have traveled with them, this will also work in your favor when packing your animal bag.

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As long as you are able to provide your other half with ample amounts of food and water during your travels, taking your emotional support animal with you will not be a problem.

Travel With Your Best Fur Friend

Even if you are travelling for a long distance, or are going abroad for longer than a day, it’s good to have your pet with you for support and comfort. You might feel anxious or depressed at any time. An emotional support animal is a great idea, whether you are travelling for a single day or a week!

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Animals should never be left alone and should be kept safe at all times. If you have questions about your support animal and your accommodations while travelling, you should feel free to ask your airline about it. They should have staff on hand to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your flying arrangements. Contacting the airlines about your support animal before you leave can make things a lot easier.

Many times, animals are not even permitted to fly with humans, so having the proper documentation can really make things easier.