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Benefits of High Fiber Dog Food

Whether your dog is battling health problems or just needs to shed some weight, high fiber dog food is the thing you need. Apart from widely available pet food bought in stores, that more often than not need additional supplements, you can also find fiber-rich natural ingredients that would be healthy for your canine.

So, do not worry if your pet food supplies diminish, you just need to invite your pup to the table. This way you can share a meal of a vitamin-filled, high fiber, homemade dog food recipes with sweet potatoes, pumpkin and other high-fiber dietary elements that grow in the garden.

When it comes to a dogs diet, having a good understanding of soluble and insoluble fiber options are the most important thing when trying to add it to the dog's food. You must be informed about how to combine good sources of dietary fiber for dogs, not excluding factors that will help improve the health and quality of the fur.

Veterinarian Recommended : Best High Fiber Dog Foods

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Nulo Adult Dog Grain Free Salmon 4.5lb

Nulo Adult Dog Grain Free Salmon 4.5 lbs

Blue Buffalo Dog Basic Grain-Free Turkey Potato 11 Lbs.

​Blue Buffalo Dog Basic Grain-Free Turkey Potato 11 Lbs.

IAMS GRAIN FREE NATURALS Adult Dog Chicken and Garden Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food 17.2

IAMS GRAIN FREE NATURALS Adult Dog Chicken and Garden Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food 17.2 Pounds

Earthborn Holistic VENTURE Grain Free Pork & Butternut Squash 4 Lbs

Earthborn Holistic VENTURE Grain Free Pork & Butternut Squash 4 Lbs.

Earthborn Holistic Weight Control Grain Free 28lb

Earthborn Holistic Weight Control Grain Free 28 Lbs.

NUTRO MAX Adult Grain Free Recipe With Farm Raised Chicken

NUTRO MAX Adult Grain Free Recipe With Farm Raised Chicken Dry Dog Food 4 Pounds

Grandma Lucys Dog Pure Grain Free Rabbit Chickpea 3 Lbs.

Grandma Lucys Dog Pure Grain Free Rabbit Chickpea 3 Lbs.

Making a Case for High Fiber Dog Food

Some dogs will probably eat anything, while some dogs can be particularly selective when it comes to food. Changing your dog's meals to a high fiber diet in some cases can be as tricky as trying to get an infant to eat vegetables. With just a perception of a new high-fiber pet food's smell, many dogs will know immediately that their dinner menu has been changed.

By changing the situation, you can guide your pup to savor a new diet that is loaded with the best sources of insoluble and soluble fiber in a fresh pet food diet that is also high in vitamins and nutrients.

Health Benefits of Fiber

The reason you have to make sure that your dog has a high-fiber diet with the best dietary fiber foods is to maintain the dog's health. High fiber pet food can help in keeping bowel activity regular, reducing the possibility of colon cancer. Maintenance of healthy blood glucose and blood sugar will prevent diabetes and aid weight loss.

Feeding your dog food that is rich in dietary fiber like vegetables can combat and prevent constipation and diarrhea. The soluble and insoluble fiber combine to soak moisture into your dog's poo. When moisture is taken in from outside the colon, it aids the prevention of constipation. Fiber soaking humidity from inside the colon also controls any diarrhea issues.

Dietary fiber works in the colon to regulate the bowl, and also to help the colon to push the new pet food through the system faster. The high fiber diet not only helps in preventing constipation but also as to guard the colon wall and the digestive tract from elements that could produce cancer during digestion.

Due to its high water absorbing tendency, pet food rich in dietary fiber offers an excellent way to put your dog on a weight loss diet to help your dog shed some pounds. Water will make your dog feel fuller, sooner, as the fiber works to water down food. This is the same as with humans taking water before a meal to keep down caloric intake.

Changing to a High-Fiber Dog Food

When you seek to get your pet on a new high fiber food diet, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate what your dog has been consuming. If you are introducing a new type of dog food, the introduction must be made gradually by mixing the high-quality dog food with the dog's existing food. Increase the level of high fiber food proportionally, meal after meal, until you have transitioned fully to the new diet.

A lot of dog food already possess the needed amount of dietary fiber. Injecting more fibrous elements as a supplement to the existing dog food can be an excellent way to change your dog's diet without the dog snubbing the high-quality dog food with new nutrients rich ingredients. When doing this, it is essential to know your choices. You need to know what are the primary sources of dietary fiber to add, what foods have it, and what is the best fiber supplement option.

Finest Sources of Fiber for Dogs

You don't necessarily have to source high fiber dog food from stores that sell brands of designer pet food. In fact, the finest sources of dietary fiber are found in the produce aisle. Fruits and vegetables are great ingredients that can be added to the dog’s diet to increase fiber intake.

In addition to fresh produce are canned varieties. You may ask if dogs can eat pumpkin? The answer is that the canned pumpkin for dogs offers one of the best options for adding a good source of nutrients rich dietary fiber to your dog's diet.

Ignore the mess associated with mashing vegetables and fruit into the dog's dish and mix in a favored best fiber supplement that can be found in the laxative aisle. Your dog will have healthy regular bowels while maintaining a healthy weight.

Low Fat Diet Dog Food

In a bid to put your dog on a weight loss low-fat diet which includes a low carb diet, you will discover that high-quality, low-fat dog food will also exhibit richness in dietary fiber. These foods use the fiber as an ingredient to help in making your dog feel fuller faster to end excess food intake.

Diets that are grain free are often incorporated into a low carb diet. Feeding grain free often helps with freeing the dog from allergies while offering help in the maintenance of weight and health. Low-fat diet dog food is commonly used for old who are not as active as they were when they were younger, hence, requiring reduced calories.

Supplements such as d-calcium pantothenate and thiamine mononitrate facilitate weight reduction by breaking down carbohydrates and fats into energy. Before injecting additional supplements to your pet food, consult with the veterinarian.

Foods That Are High in Fiber

Since the market offers so many choices, figuring out how to add fiber to your dog’s diet can be somewhat tricky. Most of the time you will be faced with choosing between the simplicity of pouring from a dry food bag and making your fur puppy enjoy some pumpkin for extra taste. Either way, it is nice to try several different options before making the final decision.

High Fiber Dog Food Brands

Feeding your dog new wet or dry dog food that is high in dietary fiber and low in protein can be an excellent and smart choice. Using a dog food brand is a good option for those who depend on pet sitters as all they will have to do is open a can or a dry dog food bag to feed the dog. When looking for a high fiber dog food a right place to start is to ask your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian may place the sog on a prescription diet or recommend a brand based on your dog’s health and needs. Brands to consider while making recommendations are Royal Canin, Nutro dog food (made for weight loss mixed in whole brown rice for a high fiber formula) and Hill Prescription Diet.

In order to buy a food high in fiber, you must endeavor to read dog food ingredients so that you can understand which foods are the best fiber foods compared to others. Common brands usually contain 2-4 percent fiber while a prescription diet high fiber dog food will contain 6-10 percent fiber and exhibit less protein and a low carb diet. Many high fiber food choices include more real fruits and vegetables with meat.

The Foods That Have Fiber

When looking for ingredients to go with the dietary fiber, you need to put on your vegetarian hat. Just as the high in fiber dog food brands have products that are added to increase fiber content, you will want to search for fruits and vegetables to mix in with your dog's diet to make homemade dog food. Below are best sources of fiber for dogs:

  • Apples
  • Paw
  • Paw
  • Paw
  • Paw
  • Paw
  • Paw
    Green vegetables
  • Paw
    Beet pulp
  • Paw
    Sweet potatoes

Top recommended fiber-rich foods are green beans, sweet potatoes and canned pumpkin for dogs.

Green Beans

Green beans are nice vegetables as a supplement that is high in fiber. To prepare green beans for your dog's consumption, steam fresh green beans or get hold of a package of steamers from the frozen food aisle. Once the green beans are cooled, then cut them into smaller sizes and blend them with the doggie’s dinner.

Sweet Potatoes

Are sweet potatoes good for dogs? The answer is a big yes. The reason has to do with the fact that potatoes are very high in fiber. There are over 3 grams of fiber in one medium-sized sweet potato. Wash the whole potato clean and prick through the skin many times with a fork. After piercing through, place on a paper towel and cook the potato for 8-10 minutes.

Cut the cooked potato into, scoop out the inside and throw the skin away. Mash the scooped potato with a fork and let cool. Mix in between 1 to 3 tablespoons of the mashed sweet potato with your dog's meal.

Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is a great and straightforward way of adding fiber to the dog's diet. Make sure you buy the real canned pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie mix. The amount of pumpkin you need is a function of your dog's size. A small dog should have only about one teaspoon of pumpkin mixed with food while dogs exceeding 50 pounds can have a quarter cup mixed into a meal.

Fiber Supplements For Dogs

Just like humans encounter constipation, so do dogs. When things fail, dogs will easily have a better bowel movement after the ingestion of an extra dose of fiber.

The best fiber supplement for the dog is the fiber we buy for ourselves. Laxatives such as Miralax are clear and tasteless so can easily be mixed into food. Supplements like Metamucil require a lot of water to function. Ensure to mix with water when adding it to your dog's meal.

Ingredients like bran flakes cereal or brown rice can be mixed and added as an extra fiber supplement to be mashed in with the dog's meal. Be careful to consult with your veterinarian for information regarding exact dosages for extra fiber supplements.

High Fiber Dog Food for Sustained Good Health

If you love your dog and want your dog to live a healthy life, you need to consider high fiber dog food. High fiber dog food aids weight loss and decreases health risks such as colon cancer. High fiber dog food also keeps your dog in great shape. Pet food high in fiber for dogs certainly can be a significant aid for healthy living and behavior.

Ensure that you feed your pet with the suggested amounts of dietary fiber. Consult with your veterinarian before making sudden changes to your dog’s diet.

Benefits Of High Fibre Dog Food

Even though dietary fiber is very important, most dog owners do not realize its full benefits. The two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber can provide significant advancements in the overall wellbeing of your canine.

Soluble fiber manufactures gases by fermenting in the colon. Insoluble fiber on its own absorbs water as it moves through the digestive tract, meaning that insoluble fiber is metabolically inert.

Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber doesn't manufacture intestinal gas. Too much soluble fiber causes gas and diarrhea, which usually occurs when the fiber is first introduced to the diet or is suddenly increased. Commencing with small doses and gradually increasing them in time will help alleviate all these side effects. Insoluble fiber controls intestinal transit time. This means that it increases the speeds during the period of constipation and decreases it during diarrhea. Though insoluble fiber is usually well tolerated in high doses, too much insoluble fiber can reduce the diet's nutrient value by binding minerals, poor coat quality, vomiting, flatulence, and diarrhea.

In general, the benefits of fiber are discussed below.

Dog Eating Fiber Foods


Fibre Aids Digestion

As with humans, fiber is a great tool for your dog’s digestive tract. More often than not, fiber ferments into fatty acids by the beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in your dog’s intestine. This fatty acid then aids the prevention of overgrowth of any bad bacteria and aids the colon's recovery from injury.

Fiber may help stem down the risk of colon cancer in dogs by speeding elimination and therefore decreases the exposure of any carcinogens your dog has consumed. It is not surprising that fiber can also reduce diarrhea and constipation symptoms, in case your dog suffers from either.


Healthy Weight

Fiber is a superb nutrient for dogs undergoing a weight maintenance program. The leading cause of many illnesses in dogs is obesity, but dog owners are unwilling to decrease the amount of food they give to their pets. Fiber makes it possible for dogs to feel full while consuming very few calories. As a result of this possibility, switching to a high fiber food is a good choice for those trying to take the weight off their dogs.

You might discover that the majority of weight control dog foods that are commercially available are high in fiber. If you don't plan to switch foods, you can add healthy sources of fiber like green beans to your dog's meal while you give them less than their normal portion. This will provide them with a healthy snack while they consume reduced calories and still feel satisfied.


Eradication of Constipation and Diarrhea

Some fibers slow down digestion, and as such, they prevent blood sugar levels from spiking. This leads to fewer fluctuations in the blood sugar of dogs that eat high fiber diets. This added stability means that these dogs will be able to maintain better management of their illness.

Veterinarians have discovered that fibers can reduce the dog's sensitivity to insulin, though researchers are not sure exactly as to how this works. What is known is that many veterinarians put dogs that are diabetic on high fiber diets. This eating regiment, of course, depends on the individual dog, as some dogs that are diabetic do better with normal or less amount of fiber.

Normally, when we talk about high fiber foods, what comes to mind is constipation. High fiber dog food can help treat this illness due to the fact that insoluble fiber absorbs water thereby creating softer and larger stools. Larger stools activate the colon's muscle contractions. There are many conditions that can lead constipation in dogs, so if it's a chronic problem, you should get your dog checked out by the veterinarian.

It might be surprising to know that high fiber dog food can also help dogs that have diarrhea. Insoluble fiber absorbs excess water that is present in the colon, while the fermenting action of soluble fiber can regulate acidity levels in the colon and produce more friendly bacteria. Again, chronic diarrhea may be a sign of a more complicated problem, so switching to a high fiber food alone is not necessarily the answer.

All dogs possess scent glands which are situated on either side of their anus. The scent glands secrete oils when they defecate. These anal glands offer their poo a unique scent, thereby providing another way for dogs to mark their territory. Unfortunately, these glands can get blocked and this can be very painful for your dog and can lead to anal gland disease. The bulking action of high fiber foods produces bigger stools that press against impacted glands and release them.

In case your dog is overweight, he may need to embark on weight control dog food. Whenever you read the ingredient list, you will probably discover that diet dog food possesses high fiber content. Fiber makes your dog feel full without necessarily adding a lot of calories, meaning that it can help the dog shed those extra pounds.


Improvement of Diabetes Mellitus

Dogs that have been diagnosed with diabetes can also gain from high fiber dog food. The bulk of insoluble fiber slows down digestion. This keeps blood sugar levels from spiking. According to the great veterinarian Denise Elliot, fermentation of soluble fiber can also influence the release of hormones that affect the sensitivity of a diabetic dog to insulin (making the dog less sensitive to it), though research hasn't shown exactly how this works.


Reduction of Colon Cancer Risk

High fiber dog foods can lower your dog's risk of contracting colon cancer. Fiber accelerates elimination, which means a reduction in the time taken by the carcinogens your dog may have consumed to hang out in his intestinal tract. When soluble fiber undergoes fermentation, one of the byproducts is a short chain fatty acid. These fatty acids offer the needed fuel for cells lining the walls of the intestine which help in repairing and cleaning them.

Now you may be highly excited about switching your dog to a high fiber food. You need to know it is important that you consult with your veterinarian first. Too much fiber can bring about frequent stools, diarrhea, and gas. It can also interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. So listen to your vet and gradually execute the transition.

Feeding your dogs with high fiber dog food is a wonderful way of showing him how much you care, but ultimately, apart from giving your dogs the best of treats in terms of food, the best way to care for your dogs is to spend some quality time with them and offer their shelter needs.

You can give your dog a highly comfortable sleeping spot like Tempur-Pedic dog bed which is made of the normal viscoelastic memory foam that is used in producing mattresses. If your dog has short hair or has joint issues, get the dog heated dog beds.

You can be more hands-on by taking a workshop in dog massage. To make this happen, persist with a weekly brushing routine and try out special shampoos and conditioners when grooming your dog.