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Cockapoo dog breed

Everything You Need To Know About Cockapoos

If you are anything like us, you are likely to want every puppy you see as a pet. But, getting a pet requires sincere commitment and compatibility.

Not all pets can adjust with your lifestyle and this can lead to negative consequences, like you abandoning the pet (we are not saying that you are cruel, but this happens) or giving it up for adoption.

A Cockapoo

This adorable creature is one of the first sustainable designer breeds. They have a calm, sweet and loving temperament. They are playful little furballs who love an afternoon game of catch with children. Hence, if you have children then Cockapoos for the win!

Cockapoos are a mix of cocker spaniel and poodles, which gives them their signature appearance. They are a lot-of-personality in a small body. So, if you are looking for a puppy that likes to stay calm, this breed isn’t for you.

The Breed

Interestingly, this is an accidental breed, which happened when an American Cocker Spaniel and toy/miniature poodle bred together. The results of this accident were a gorgeous fluffy and intelligent dog. This designer breed originated in the U.S around the 1950s.

Cockapoo Breed Dog Sitting and looking forward

The attitude

The temperament of this breed stems from its parents and if you have any knowledge about cocker spaniels and poodles you will understand that cockapoos are the sweetest creatures you’ll ever adopt. They are people-oriented dogs that are highly intelligent and quite easy to train.

Cockapoos can be described as more of indoor dogs rather than a guard-dog or a watch-dog. They are active creatures with moderate energy levels. They love to play and can get bored if not engaged for longer periods of time.

Emotional support

This wonderful breed not only has a playful and kind temperament but it is also seen as one of the best dogs for emotional support and therapy. They are highly intelligent and will adhere to commands immediately. They form a bond quickly with their owners and get along with other humans and also cats. In fact, they are the perfect breed for anyone who loves poodles and cocker spaniels.

Little girl playing with Cackapoo ESA


Cockapoos may have a short, curly coat or a long straight one. This depends on which parent it takes after. Some cockapoos may not shed at all (this comes from the poodle’s side) while other may shed. In light of this, it is necessary that you first consult the breeder about this characteristic of the dog.

Even if your pet is not shedding, grooming is necessary for a cockapoo. Why? That is because their coats can get tangled quite easily and to prevent that you need to brush your furry companion on a daily basis. They are perfect inside dogs that do not smell pungent even if they go weeks without a bath. But you have to bathe them for hygiene purposes.


They come in a variety of colors such as Tan cockapoos, black cockapoos, red cockapoos, Brown/chocolate cockapoos, Sable cockapoos, cream cockapoos, white cockapoos and beige cockapoos. Some of their coats have a merle pattern and some even have freckles.

Their lifespan

A cockapoo’s life span is around 12 to 15 years depending on how well you have maintained their lifestyle. Healthy food, vaccinations and regular visits to the vet certainly add a number on their scale of life.


Whether you live alone or have a large family with children, cockapoos are the perfect breed for you. Remember to always buy from a reliable and ethically responsible breeder. You can also adopt from a shelter or home for animals, but be sure to check the records for its origins.