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dog running on the grass

Quick Tips To Make Your Dog Feel More Comfortable

If you own a hyperactive dog, you already know how even the simplest of tasks can become frustrating to deal with. Forget taking him to the park for a walk because he will just end up jumping on everyone. However, how about obedience class? Nope, he is excessively hyper and will only scare other dogs. How about inviting some friends over? Forget it, as he’ll just jump on them too. This is a point where you just sit down and accept the fact that your dog is nuts, but you still love him anyway.

In reality, nobody is nuts. He may be going through a puppy stage or adolescence where this type of behavior is common. On the other hand, if your dog has grown up, the reasons may be lack of stimulation and boredom. Whatever the reason, it would be great to learn some tips that will help you calm your dog down.

Keep Your Cool and Be Gentle With Your Commands

Keep in mind that your dog feeds off your energy, which means if you get excited about his behavior, he will only become more hyperactive. When it is time to hit the park and your dog starts acting as if he has just downed a jug of red bull, it will not help to try to attach him to the leash. Yelling and scolding will not help either. While you are getting annoyed and pulling your hair while repeating, “Fido, sit down and stop acting crazy!”, your dog interprets is as “Mom or dad like it when I hop around at walk time!”

Instead, keep calm and politely ask him to “sit”. If he does not, ask him again. If he still does not, stand still and observe him. He will eventually get the hint that you are not going to move until he sits down. If he does calm down but then starts acting up again when you reach for the leash to walk him, go back to standing still. He will eventually get the hang of it.


hypeIgnore the Behavior

If you are having a nice quite time with a cup of coffee and a book, and your dog decides to become a circus dog, you might want to yell at him. However, don’t. Instead, completely ignore his behavior, no touching, no yelling, and no running after him, nothing! Don’t even look at him. If you stand your ground and pretend to not notice him, he will quickly accept the fact that acting this way will not get your attention. However, when he settles down, be sure to praise him so he can get what you like.

Check Your Own Energy

A dog is usually its owner’s reflection. Whatever energy you project, he will reflect it. If you are always jumpy, excited and enthusiastic about life, your dog is going to mirror those qualities quickly to stay in tune with you. Therefore, be the leader and keep your energy levels in check.


Lack of exercise is probably the biggest reason why your dog is so hyperactive. Like humans, canines need daily exercise and mental stimulation or else they will get bored and with boredom often comes anxiety, hyperactivity, excessive barking, chewing problems and a variety of other problems. It is often said that a tired dog is a good dog! If he is too exhausted after all the exercise, he is likely to feel content and relaxed. Take him out for a run, let him play in the yard for a while, or let him take a vigorous walk with you.

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