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How Do I Ask My Therapist for ESA

How Do I Ask My Therapist for ESA?

If you are already in psychotherapy, you just need to ask your psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist to issue you an ESA letter. They will determine whether you qualify for an emotional support animal. To meet the ESA requirements, you must have a disability that an ESA as part of your treatment can improve.

Can Dogs Sense Anxiety

Can Dogs Sense Anxiety?

There are reasons to believe dogs can sense your anxiety, similarly as they can smell fear. When we feel stressed out or worried, our body goes through various hormonal changes – the levels of adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress-related chemicals in our body increase. Some people believe that dogs can sense these changes even before  Read More…

What is the Best Pet for Anxiety

What is the Best Pet for Anxiety?

Owing any pet can be beneficial for your emotional and mental health. However, dogs and cats are considered the best pets for anxiety, so it is really about whether you are more of a dog or cat person. Some people believe that caring for a dog or cat can have incredibly positive effects as one  Read More…

Are Therapy Dogs Emotional Support Animals

Are Therapy Dogs Emotional Support Animals?

If you struggle with mental illness, you may want to consider an emotional support animal to help you manage symptoms. In that case, it is necessary to understand the difference between an emotional support dog, a psychiatric service dog, and a therapy dog. Therapy dogs are not the same as service dogs. They also differ  Read More…

Is Fast ESA Letter Legit

Is Fast ESA Letter Legit?

Fast ESA letter is considered a trusted source for obtaining an ESA letter, as long as your ESA letter is issued by a licensed healthcare professional.