Helpful Insights On Emotional Support Animals

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Dog Breed DNA Tests Which Tests Are Best

Dog Breed DNA Tests: Which Tests Are Best?

When you own a mixed-breed dog, you usually have a general idea of what breeds make up your pet’s DNA. After all, if your doggo looks like he’s a cross between a doberman and a beagle, he probably is, right? Maybe. Maybe not. But you can find out exactly what breeds encompass his makeup by  Read More…

Prong Collar

Safety & Buyers Guide to Prong Collars For Dogs

Does your dog always pull at the leash? Are all training methods failing you? If so, then it’s time to get a little strict with your canine friend. A prong collar is a perfect way to train your stubborn friend without ensuring any pain or injury. Unlike a choke collar, it simply pinches the skin  Read More…

Know about Martingale Collars

Everything You Need to Know about Martingale Collars and More

Any dog collar mainly serves two functions. It helps to keep the ID tag attached to the dog at all time in case it gets lost. Also, it is where you attach the leash when you go out for a walk with him. A collar and a leash are crucial devices to ensure your dog’s  Read More…

Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Specialized Dog Carriers For Your Motorcycle!

Who says you can’t take your dog with on your motorcycle for those quick errands? Purchase a dog carrier and your favorite pet can join you. Mind you, this isn’t only for short trips but even the longer ones. The catch is to pick the right one that’s secure & comfortable for both you and  Read More…

Furbo Dog Camera

2019 Review of Furbo Dog Camera

“Puppy dog eyes” is one of the most mainstream expressions that we hear in our day-to-day lives. Its origins trace back to our furry friends (i.e. pet dogs). There’s a reason that dogs are referred to as man’s best friend—it goes back over 15,000 years. Despite the commonality shared between social beings, it is a known  Read More…