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The Best Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Top Rated List of Pet Carriers Approved By Airlines

The stress caused by traveling with your furry friend should not be underestimated. And, yes, we are referring to both you & the animal in question’s stress. Every step of the journey can be an agonizing one. From the car ride to the airport, through check-in and security to the actual flight itself, result in  Read More…

The Best Dog Nail Grinder

Top Rated Nail Grinders For Dogs

Pups like to be pampered too! As with nail clippers, recent pet-care development has seen growth in popularity around the art of nail grinding for dogs. An alternative to the usual method of clipping, nail grinding is said to be much easier and safer. Pet care involves more than just a regular bath every so often. Like  Read More…

The Best Dog Nail Clippers

Top Rated Nail Clippers For Dogs

Most dog owners find the process of clipping their dog’s nails quite intimidating, especially large dogs—and with good reason. One wrong move and you’ll have blood gushing from your dog’s nails. Here’s why. Within the dog’s nails, there’s a nerve and a blood vessel commonly known as the quick. Cutting the nail too short will  Read More…

The Best Dog Muzzle on the Market

Top Dog Muzzles Sold In 2019

There are many benefits to teaching any dog to wear a muzzle. This includes benefits to both the outside world and the animal in question wearing the muzzle. And, of course, you as the owner. First and foremost, a muzzle creates a physical barrier between the energetic (sometimes dangerous) hub of the dog—the dog’s mouth—and the  Read More…

Washable Dog Diapers

The Best Dog Diapers That Are Washable

Who said diapers are for babies only? There are many reasons why pet parents are now considering investing in dog diapers. Your dog’s illness may force you to look around for one. This can be for anything from urinary incontinence due to aging or bleeding by female dogs when on heat. But not all reasons are  Read More…