Helpful Insights On Emotional Support Animals

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Vet Recommended Dog Food

The Best Vet Recommended Dog Foods

Insert Content Template or Symbol Insert Content Template or Symbol Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility from ensuring it’s well-groomed to keeping it well fed. Contrary to popular belief dogs don’t just survive on leftovers food and bones from family dinners – or at least they shouldn’t. Sure, the occasional snack will  Read More…

Canine Weight Pulling Harness

Canine Harness For Pulling Weight

Dogs have been pulling weight for their human companions for many, many years. There are lots of reasons why a dog would need to pull weight.  Dogs used to pull weight to complete chores such as hauling wood or other materials. Many Northern communities use sled dogs and teams for travel and transport. Dogs also  Read More…

Wheelchairs For Canines

Wheelchairs For Canines!

Pet dogs are an important part of families and, as pet owners, we want to provide the best quality of life for our companions. However, it isn’t easy when a dog starts to lose their mobility.There are many reasons why a dog might lose mobility in their legs. It could be due to illness, old age,  Read More…

Strengthen Your Dog With A Weight Vest

Strengthen Your Dog With A Weight Vest

Walking down the lane with your source of pride makes the day merry. Without a care in the world, a well-trained dog won’t consume more of your energy. However, did you know that there are thousands of overweight and depressed dogs out there? A skilled dog focuses more by eliminating distractions. A challenge to pet lovers  Read More…

Reduce Canine Anxiety With A Vest

Reduce Canine Anxiety With A Vest

If you ever had dogs and cats in your home for at least a few months you would know that a dog’s life is not all happy barks and playing around. Our canine companions get stressed just as much as people. When this stress becomes persistent, it transforms into anxiety in some dogs. Mind you,  Read More…