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Glucosamine Medicine For Dogs October 29th, 2018

Glucosamine Medicine For Dogs

For canines, a dietary supplement called glucosamine is usually recommended by veterinary doctors as an alternative for the treatment of inflamed joints and joint pain. It is also recommended when dogs cannot withstand the adverse effects of add-on therapies or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). Though this compound has been proven to have a very mild adverse  Read More…

The Blue Nose Pit Bull October 27th, 2018

The Blue Nose Pit Bull

A Unique and Lovable Pit Bull BreedA stigma has always surrounded pit bulls, they are often misunderstood as vicious creatures, but it’s time to turn that around.  The blue nose pit bull is one of the most friendliest and obedient dog breeds you will ever come across.Their PersonalityIf you have ever met a blue nose  Read More…

A Guide to the Black Mouth Cur October 27th, 2018

A Guide to the Black Mouth Cur

A true best friend a resilient hunting dog, the black mouth Cur is one of a kind. Known for being as swift as the wind, this is a strong and fearless breed.The Black Mouth CurIt is one of the most adorable dogs you will ever lay eyes on. They adorable dark muzzle, responsible for its  Read More…

Quick Guide: German Shepherd & Husky Mix October 26th, 2018

Quick Guide: German Shepherd & Husky Mix

A German Shepherd Husky Mix is a fascinating breed. If you think German Shepherds and Huskies are stunning, wait till you see this dire wolf-esque breed. Intelligent and fearless, this breed is commonly known as Gerberian Shepsky.There are some speculations that this breed was created in the 1980s just for the aesthetic appeal of this  Read More…

Why These Fully Dogs Are So Popular October 24th, 2018

Why These Fully Dogs Are So Popular

Everyone Loves A MaltipooTime to meet a dog you need, despite you not knowing much about it.The Maltipoo is an energetic ball of sass that will have your heart from the moment you meet. There is no denying the immense adorableness of dogs, but the Maltipoo is a dog that defines the word adorable. Quick Navigation  Read More…

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