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Coping With Social Anxiety March 31st, 2017

Coping With Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is one of the many forms of anxiety that a person can experience. Social anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear that center around our interactions with others. When in these interactions, feelings of being judged negatively or looked down upon by our peers tend to creep in. Most times, these feelings  Read More…

5 Benefits Of Pet Therapy March 29th, 2017

5 Benefits Of Pet Therapy

Spending time with your pet has been known to offer several mental, physical and emotional benefits, which can improve your quality of life. Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce fatigue, anxiety and depression including a range of different health problems. Pet therapy is a form of guided interaction between a trained animal and a person. This  Read More…

Debunking Common Myths About Pets And Pet Therapy March 27th, 2017

Debunking Common Myths About Pets And Pet Therapy

Pet therapy includes a range of animal assisted activities and therapies to offer comfort and emotional support to the patient. Pet therapy is a growing field that is now helping individuals recover or better cope with health conditions, such as cancer, mental health problems and heart diseases. The type of animal is selected typically depending  Read More…

Emotional Support Animals Vs. Psychiatric Service Animals March 25th, 2017

Emotional Support Animals Vs.  Psychiatric Service Animals

While Emotional Support Animals are often included as part of a medical treatment plant or are used as therapy dogs, they cannot be classified as service animals. ESAs offer emotional support and companionship to their owners, sometimes helping with symptoms such as anxiety, depression and several kinds of phobias. Additionally, therapy animals are used in  Read More…

5 Types Of Animals Used For Therapy March 23rd, 2017

5 Types Of Animals Used For Therapy

Believe it or not but a large number of animals are now being used for therapy other than your favorite canine friend.  Pets are loving creatures that are known to help patients get through traumatic experiences and illnesses. Whether they have been trained or not, caring and owning a pet offers several therapeutics and proven  Read More…

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