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ESA Cat in the garden

Top 5 Things You Need To Be Aware

An emotional support animal is a pet companion that provides its handler with comfort and companionship, which in turn helps alleviate their symptoms of an emotional or mental disability. An ESA can be any domesticated animal, including dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, or guinea pig.  Some of the greatest moments in life include the day  Read More…

Dog and Baby

Learn The Top Ways Get Your Family’s Approval For A Pet

You love pets, and may think you are ready for one, but your family may think otherwise. Often, parents are hesitant to allow a pet due to a number of reasons, such as the big cost involved, the reluctance to clean up after them, and fearing the ‘commitment’ that comes along with a living being.  Read More…

Man Caress his cute puppy

Want To Make Your Dog an ESA? Follow These Steps

Emotional support animals (ESA) provide companionship to people who suffer from symptoms of emotional or mental disability. The main purpose of an ESA is to offer emotional support to their owners.  Having an ESA entitles owners to protection against housing discrimination and enables them to take their pets on commercial airlines, free of cost.  Best  Read More…

Labrador retriever dog with a cat

A Quick Overview of The ACAA & FHA Laws

Emotional support animals, commonly known as ESA, are pets that offer assistance and aid to individuals who suffer from psychiatric or mental disabilities. These animals help keep their owners calm in stressful environments and can accompany them wherever they go. ESA pets are mostly cats and dogs but individuals can opt for other animals as  Read More…

esa registration guidelines

ESA Registration Guidelines

Emotional Support Dogs: What’s Required? What is emotional support dog registration and what does it entail? The answer might surprise you. Learn more about the difference between ESA registration and an ESA prescription letter, why one of these is more valid than the other and whether you need to register your emotional support animal online  Read More…