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doggie sleepy on his owner's arms

Quickly Find Out If Your Pet Is Having Separation Anxiety

Pet owners often complain about the destructive and disruptive behavior of their dogs when left alone. They might defecate, urinate, howl, bark, dig, chew, or try escaping. Even though these behavioral issues indicate the lack of manners taught, they can also be signs of emotional distress. When a dog’s bad behavior is accompanied with signs  Read More…

Beautiful woman with golden retriever

Sunscreen For Dogs – Quick Facts

How to Tell If Your Dog Needs Sunscreen Your dog is losing hair. If your dog is allergic, undergoing chemotherapy, or dealing with hormonal changes, he may be shedding in many areas. This leads to some areas being left  unprotected. In addition, some dogs are naturally hairless and thus require external protection. Your dog loves  Read More…

Pet Sitting in the Couch

The Dos and Dont’s of House Breaking a Pet

Housebreaking a pet is all about patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. The aim is to encourage good manners and habits, and build a loving relationship with your pet. Usually, it takes about 4 to 6 months for a pet to be completely house trained, but can vary depending on the breed and size. For example, smaller  Read More…

dog health

Smoking Isn’t Healthy For Humans or Their Pets

If you smoke, you should have first thought about its adverse effects not only on your health but also on your pet’s health. Second-hand smoke is defined as smoke that is exhaled or otherwise released into the air that can be inhaled by non-smokers, which includes pets. Third-hand smoke is the residue that is left  Read More…

Most Common Mental Health Issues

Most Common Mental Health Issues

Good mental health increase considerably enhances and maintains the emotional wellbeing of any person irrespective of his age. It shows how an individual thinks, feels and acts towards life, and how he handles stress and other associated problems life throws at him. A mental health disorder/disease is an illness that causes mild to severe disturbances  Read More…