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playing with dog on the floor

The Dos and Don’ts of Exercising with Your Dog

Just as you need regular exercise to stay healthy, so does your dog. So why not exercise together? The best part is you will find Fluffy to be the most reliable and enthusiastic exercise partner you could ever want. However, it is important to remember that your canine friend won’t be able to let you  Read More…

sick pug covered with blanket

Prevent Bugs & Insects From Bothering Your Pet

While many of us excitedly wait for the warm summer months, for our emotional support animals the increase in temperature could mean bug bites and plain irritation. Most humans are aware of the dangers of Chagas disease or Zika virus, so they know what precautionary steps to take. What you may not know is that  Read More…

Dog eating ice cream

I Scream, You Scream, Your Dog Barks For Ice Cream!

To answer the question, ice cream is bad for your dog. Even though it is not downright poisonous, it is still not considered a good treat. When it comes to dairy products, like yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk – all of them contain lactose. Ice cream especially contains high levels of lactose. And because a majority of the  Read More…

dog days on summertime

Look Out For These Diseases During During The Dog Days of Summer

Ear Infections There is no doubt the summer season is full of environmental allergens, bugs, parasites, mites and whatnot. These are all factors that can increase the risk of your dog getting a bad ear infection. As you take him on a walk on daily basis, you don’t know that kind of bugs and mites  Read More…

dog-walking at the park

Let Your Dog The Fresh Air While Driving

Summer is here and so are the many plans to make it memorable. If you are preparing to spend your vacations hitting the trail with your pooch best friend, you need to be aware of the key safety tips that will make your trip safe, hassle free and memorable for both of you.      Read More…