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bored dog on the carpet

Allergies Can Affect Humans and Dogs Alike!

As the temperature continues to rise, pollen and other microorganisms start floating the air. If your furry friend seems more irritable than usual, perhaps he is suffering from seasonal allergies. These allergies can affect practically every part of their canine bodies including the skin, eyes, ears and your pup’s immune system. Here are a couple  Read More…

doggie sleepy on his owner's arms

Dog Breeds That Don’t Provide Emotional Support

Many dog lovers believe that there is no such thing as a bad dog or a dog that doesn’t provide emotional support. While it is true that good training and socialization makes a world of difference, you still cannot change a dog’s nature and their ability to provide emotional support to their owners/handlers. Here we  Read More…

Tired dog relaxing

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog Alone at Home?

Dogs are social animals, and they would want nothing more than to be by their owner’s side 24/7.  However, of course, that is rarely possible considering we as humans have to deal with a number of things, and that may entail us leaving the house and our dogs home alone.  However, here are top 5  Read More…

girl and her dog on a couch

Top Dog Care Tips For ESA Owners

Even though emotional support animals come with the purpose of offering their owners therapeutic benefits, looking after them can be at times exhausting and stressful. No matter how trying your pet can get, they will always love you and you will always love them. Here are 7 ways you can show your ESA how much  Read More…

dog visiting in the workplace

Common Benefits of Taking Your Pet to Work

Pets at work are comparatively more common today as they were a decade ago mainly because employers are realizing the benefits of a pet on the business’ productivity. Others just show compassion and honor the needs of their employees. Bringing along your cat or dog to work would be awesome, but looking from a legal  Read More…