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Flying With Your ESA Comes With Certain Privileges

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a pet that has been prescribed to patients who have a mental disorder. ESAs can only be prescribed by a certified therapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist to help people cope with their emotional needs. Aside from offering its owner the emotional support they need to get through the day, ESAs  Read More…

dogs and cats

Have More Than One Pet Comes With Added Responsibility

The question of how many pets are ideal for a home can only be answered by the homeowner. However, if you have already decided on bringing your canine companion his new brother then you should take into account the following factors. The doubled work – Pet owners often assume having two pets will be less  Read More…

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Top Ways To Improve Your Dogs Oral Hygiene

Let’s face it: no matter how much you love and care for your dog, his breath can be downright disgusting at times. Most dog owners neglect the dental health of their pets either because they fail to realize its importance or they believe that feeding them dog biscuits and dry food will solve all the  Read More…

dog treats

Dental Treats and Chews Every Dog Will Bark For

When you have a dog in the family acting just like a family member, you have to be careful about its activities and habits as well. As a pet owner it is in your hands to make your dog’s life boring or interesting. Your dog likes treats just like you do but you have to  Read More…


Sharing Food With Puppys and Adult Dogs

Once a dog becomes part of the family, he usually gets the same quality of love, attention, and treatment around the house. When it comes to sharing food, most of us have heard that giving table scraps or “people food” to dogs is never a good idea. Even though sharing food directly from your plate  Read More…