Helpful Insights On Emotional Support Animals

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ESA Letters Do Expire. Here Is What To Do Next.

Short Answer: Yes! Bad News: The letters do expire. Good News: They are fairly easy to review.  Take the 3 question quiz below to find out if your letter has expired, and if it has, how you can quickly and easily renew it online.   Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are ideal for people in grief. They offer a constant, comforting  Read More…

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How You Can Get An ESA Dog

There have been several studies and observations that show the positive effect of pets, especially puppies, on depressed or anxious individuals. Animals are a blessing, most poets; writers use the reference of dogs and other pets for their unconditional love. There are many mental disorders that require that you have all the emotional support you  Read More…

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How Hard Is It To Obtain An ESA Letter?

Emotional Support Animals are domesticated pets that offer emotional stability and therapeutic benefits in the forms of affection and companionship to their owners or handlers. At present day, more and more people are finding pets helpful when it comes to dealing with their symptoms of various emotional illnesses and disabilities, and more and more people  Read More…

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What Should The Document Say?

Everyone deserves to be happy and psychologically healthy, and animals have proven to be a natural, effective and safe remedy for numerous emotional and mental disorders including depression, anxiety, mood disorder, phobias, PTSD, and more.  However, certain housing, travel, and public place restrictions may prevent you from living life to the fullest with your little  Read More…

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Halloween Should Be A Fun Time For All – Including Your Pet!

Halloween over the years has transitioned from a day of the dead to a festival of parties, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. Halloween may be fun for children and adults, but can be harmful and a rather un-enjoyable affair for your ESA. The candies, trick o treating costumes, lights may be a little overwhelming for your ESA.  Read More…

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